Genocide Washington Style – Venezuela Next?

Why does nobody dare to pronounce the term “Genocide” in connection with the Washington committed atrocities around the globe? – If there is one nation that is guilty of mass-murder it is the United States of America and her Zionist handlers. But nobody seems to pay attention. Or, rather, nobody dares to say so. It has become the new normal. Enshrined in people’s brains. The exceptional nation can do whatever they want, whenever they want and wherever they want – sowing wars and conflicts, killing millions and millions of people, blaming Russia and China – and of course, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Cuba, North Korea and the list goes on.

When Mr. Tillerson is openly calling for a military coup in Venezuela, he is inciting genocide in this peaceful southern neighbor. This means, for those who are listening, like the Capriles and Co., that they can count on US support, which of course they knew all along. But now its official, when the US Secretary of State openly calls for a military intervention – he calls for blood – he is provoking a blood bath. That’s genocide. By definition, he is a murderer. Yet, he goes free.

You imagine, anybody else who would do that throughout the globe – any other politician of Tillerson’s ranking, who is not bending to Washington’s wishes, will be on Washington’s hit list, and might expect a deadly drone, or poison potion – or whatever else the CIA does best to ‘neutralize’ inconvenient people. Yet, nobody dares even thinking of putting Tillerson before an international tribunal, let alone of neutralizing him.

In the totally illegal US bases at the north-eastern triangle of Syria, bordering Iraq and Turkey, near Raqqa, at Tabqa, where the US forces have taken over a Syrian airbase and at al-Tanf, Rex Tillerson calls for increasing the current contingent of about 2,000 soldiers by 30,000 – recruited mostly from Kurds. This sounds and probably is like an expansion of the Kurdish YPG ‘rebel’ army, or rather US-sponsored terrorist army, fully financed, armed and trained by the US. They actually support the also newly US-trained ISIS with the goal of eventually achieving “Regime Change”, ousting the legitimate and democratically elected President Bashar al-Assad.

One may also ask, how come President Assad tolerates these illegal bases in his country. He could call on the UN security council to have them expelled. It would, of course not happen, since the US has a veto right, but it would make plenty of publicity and would let the world know that the US is occupying any country it wants – illegally of course.

“Regime Change” by whatever means – this is the name of the game – that’s the end goal of the Masters of Genocide – before a country is dumped into chaos, eternal war, eternal occupation for eternal usurpation. – Why do those peace-loving westerners not see this? Why do they not cry out against such crimes? Because their media tells them differently? – Perhaps so. But it is humanly impossible that humans have brains so weak that they can no longer distinguish what is morally, ethically correct – and what is just sheer falsehood.

It’s the western “comfort zone” – stupid! – Sitting in our armchairs, watching sports and dumb and degrading Hollywood-made sitcoms and comedy shows, while sipping beer, is easier than questioning ourselves – what are we allowing to happen to totally innocent people? – Does it occur to anyone that those who do not stand up and protest against these massive killings, including this latest threat by Tillerson of “Regime Change” in Venezuela by a foreign induced military coup, are complicit by association, by doing nothing, by letting this US imposed genocide happen? How much does it take for the comfort zone to be broken? – Maybe, when we are hit ourselves, in Europe, in the US in the western armchair-MSM-news-consumption world – will we wake up then? By then it may be too late.

It is our obligation towards humanity to stop this onslaught of genocides around the globe, always by the same perpetrator and his puppets and mercenaries – The United States, her vassal, Europe and NATO.

Be sure of one thing, the US will never let go. They have a target and they pursue it to the end – and the end can only be Full Spectrum Dominance, or, else, the end of empire. The dark commandeering forces behind the US and allied military have no scruples whatsoever to commit gigantic genocide in order to reach their objective. They have been demonstrating it for the past 20 years with the endless ‘war on terror’, devastating the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria – and many more – millions of people were killed or maimed, or made refugees, homeless, nameless, sick and dying of disease and famine – no roof over your head for years – being expulsed from the very countries that destroyed your homes and livelihood in the first place … and the world is too timid to call this genocide in biblical proportions?

Now Tillerson, the arrogant multi-billionaire, ex-Exxon chief, become diplomat for the Donald – or the long arm of the Anglo-Zion-Dark State, is calling for nothing less than genocide in Venezuela. Just a few days ago, this inhuman monster has expressed pleasure and satisfaction at North Koreans suffering and dying from famine, because the ‘sanctions’ are working. Can you imagine – to what level humanity has sunk? – Nobody even blinks with an eye at such atrocities pronounced by the evil-emperors front-man, let alone people going on the barricades. Killing and pleasure of killing and suffering – and, not to forget, corporate maximized profit from all of it, has become the new normal. Its incorporated genocide – and most in the west live quite comfortably with it.

World wake up! – Its High Noon! – Even if Tillerson doesn’t pull the trigger himself, he is a mass-murderer by association, by ordering others to do it. People like Tillerson and all his predecessors, Pentagon and CIA chiefs and of course the chief executioners, Trump himself, and his predecessors, belong to be put before a Nuremberg type Tribunal, where the same type of justice is dished out as was the case by the allied forces which directed the Nazi trials after WWII.

In fact, many of the Nazi crimes pale when compared to what the United States and NATO forces, plus its European vassals are doing – and have been doing during the past century – throughout the world, in Africa, Asia, South America – genocide in over-drive. Trump saber-rattles with “fire and fury”, Tillerson incites to military coup in Venezuela, and over-throwing the legitimate and democratically elected Syrian Government – and of course, Iran is always in the cross-hairs, no matter a nuclear deal signed and sealed by the 5+1 on 14 July 2015 in Vienna. No agreement, no contract, no promise is honored ever by Washington. Who is next? Maybe Bolivia, and of course, Cuba, where the newly established diplomatic relations with the revamped US embassy in Havana is but a faintly veiled Trojan Horse?

Take the endless insults and provocations by Washington on Russia, with US and NATO forces along the Baltic, Eastern Europe and the Black Sea borders with Russia. If it wouldn’t be for President Putin and his equally wise and savvy Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, a hot and bloody US-Russian clash may have already occurred.

When Nikki Haley called openly to overthrow the Palestinian Authority’s President Mahmoud Abbas, a senior Palestinian official at the United Nations called her to “shut up”. Well said. It is time that the world musters its guts and tell war-monger-criminals like Tillerson to shut up, when they call for military coups in counties they want to subjugate, like Venezuela and Cuba, the only true democracies in the western Hemisphere. The only true democracies – these are not my words, though I fully subscribe to them – those are the words of intellectual prominence, nobody less than Professor Noam Chomsky.

If anybody would care to understand what the sophisticated process of people’s representation democracy in Venezuela involves, surely it would hit them that our one-person, one-vote western style democracy which is totally manipulatable, and is categorically being manipulated, is a long-past gimmick from fairytales. Similar articulate and clean processes are commanding Cuban elections.

The CIA in tandem with Mossad and other secret forces, plus NATO, recruit, train, fund and arm terrorist mercenaries to do Washington’s dirty job. The Pentagon, CIA, State Department and NATO will not stop before ‘regime change’ in Syria is achieved, and before Venezuela succumbs to the constant slander, blackmail, currency manipulations and myriad other pressures from outside; and before Russia and China are subdued – unless this ever-weakening empire is stopped in its tracks. And it eventually will. But how many more people will have to die before the monster bites the dust and lets life and nature evolve and develop to bring equality and peace to the globe?

Let’s call it out again – the only country in the world that commits constant genocide and gets away with it, is the self-styled exceptional nation, the United States of America. We, the People, must and still can stop this.

By Peter Koenig
Source: The Saker Blog

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