Macedonia’s About to Become the World’s First “Politically Correct” Police State

George Orwell’s dire warning about a “politically correct” police state is about to become a reality in the Republic of Macedonia if the country implements its recently signed agreement with Greece, as there are many provisions within that document which obligate Skopje to suppress its citizens’ freedom of speech under pane of being taken to the UN and/or the International Court of Justice, and to top it all off, Athens will have the authority to jointly determine what Macedonian children are taught in school as well as what “politically incorrect” expressions & concepts should be banned by the authorities.

There’s no “polite” way to phrase this – the Republic of Macedonia is on the brink of becoming a “politically correct” police state if it capitulates to the Liberal-Globalists and their regional Greek proxy. This isn’t an exaggeration but a statement of fact considering the Orwellian clauses contained within the recently signed name deal which obligate Skopje to essentially suppress its citizens’ freedom of speech otherwise the entire country could potentially be taken to the UN and the International Court of Justice. Whatever one’s personal views may be about the legitimacy of the country’s constitutional name and its peoples’ use of the adjectival term Macedonian to describe their identity, history, culture, and language, it’s undoubtedly an unprecedented totalitarian step for a foreign government to impose its “political correctness” on another country, which represents nothing less than a post-modern occupation of what’s supposed to be a sovereign state.

This isn’t hyperbolic fear mongering like some critics might reactively accuse it of being either, as the recently published text of the agreement itself proves that the author’s earlier claims about the Republic of Macedonia being the testing ground of a new socio-political experiment designed to perfect the Liberal-Globalist elite’s weaponization of identity were correct. This analysis in particular aims to draw attention to the most disturbing clauses contained within this deal and then describe their implications, using the simplified Article (Clause) (Sub-Clause) as a means of citing each relevant passage and facilitating the reader’s verification of the aforementioned if need be. After the most alarming aspects of the deal have been highlighted and explained, the next and final section will summarize the findings in explaining the main concepts behind the “Macedonian Model” of identity erasure that was warned about in the previous piece.

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(all underlined emphasizes are the author’s own)

* Preamble – Macedonia Disowns Any Reference To Its Name

“The First Party, the Hellenic Republic (the “First Party”) and the Second Party, which was admitted to the United Nations in accordance with the United Nations General Assembly resolution 47/225 of 8 April 1993 (the “Second Party”), jointly referred to as the “Parties”…”

Macedonia isn’t even officially referred to by its existing constitutional name nor openly described by the humiliating FYROM UN “compromise” acronym within the text, instead implicitly recognizing itself simply as an entity described as “Second Party” in a symbolic opening sign of just how far the sitting authorities are willing to go in erasing their country’s national identity.

* Article 1 (3) (h) – Strong-Arming Private Businesses

“In relation to the abovementioned name and terminologies in commercial names, trademarks and brand names, the Parties agree to support and encourage their business communities to institutionalise a sincere, structured and in good faith dialogue, in the context of which will seek and reach mutually accepted solutions on the issues deriving from the commercial names, the trademarks, the brand names and all relevant matters at bilateral and international level. For the implementation of the abovementioned provisions, an international group of experts will be established consisting of representatives of the two States in the context of the European Union (“EU”) with the appropriate contribution of the United Nations and ISO. This group of experts shall be established within 2019 and conclude its work within three years. Nothing in Article 1 (3) (h) shall affect present commercial usage until mutual agreement is reached as provided in this subsection.

Not only will the Macedonian government disturbingly be obligated to “encourage” businesses to adhere to the Greek-imposed “political correctness” that the state voluntarily agreed to, but Athens itself will be directly involved in the “joint” verification mechanism for this.

* Article 1 (4) (e) – Fast-Tracked Implementation

“The Second Party shall conclude in toto the constitutional amendments by the end of 2018.”

The assumedly “democratic process” that’s supposed to go into changing the constitution – let alone about such an emotive issue as this one which rests at the very heart of Macedonian identity itself – is being rushed along and Greece is pressuring elected representatives in the neighboring state to finalize this process by the end of the year, a condescending and patronizing demand that the Macedonian government nevertheless agreed to in a show of fealty to its new overlord.

* Article 1 (12) – Abandoning Ethnic Compatriots Abroad

“The name and terminologies as referred to in Article 1 of this Agreement shall be incorporated in the Constitution of the Second Party. This change shall take place en bloc with one amendment. Pursuant to this amendment, the name and terminologies will change accordingly in all articles of the Constitution. Furthermore, the Second party shall proceed to the appropriate amendments of its Preamble, Article 3 and Article 49, during of the revision of the Constitution.”

The emphasis here is on Article 49 of the Macedonian Constitution which states that “The Republic cares for the status and rights of those persons belonging to the Macedonian people in neighbouring countries, as well as Macedonian expatriates, assists their cultural development and promotes links with them”, something that’s normal for any self-respecting country such as Russia, Hungary, and even the US to do, though which is prohibited per Article 4 (3) of the examined name deal that will be described shortly.

* Article 3 (4) – Suppressing The Self-Expression Of One’s Identity

“The Parties commit not to undertake, instigate, support and/or tolerate any actions or activities of a non-friendly character directed against the other Party. Neither Party shall allow its territory to be used against the other Party by any third country, Organization, group or individual carrying out or attempting to carry out subversive, secessionist actions, or actions or activities which threaten in any manner the peace, stability or security of the other Party. Each Party shall communicate without delay to the other Party any information in its possession regarding any such actions or intentions.”

This vaguely worded clause opens up the door for “politically correct” censorship and the suppression of private citizens’ freedom of speech in wearing patriotic apparel representing natural/geographic Macedonia, flying the former Veringa Sun flag, or in any way reaffirming their self-described identity as Macedonians and the presence of their people in Aegean Macedonia prior to its incorporation into the modern-day Greek state after the Balkan Wars of the early 20th century.

* Article 4 (3) – Greek Hypocrisy

“Each Party hereby commits and solemnly declares that nothing in its Constitution as it is in force or will be amended in the future can or should be interpreted as constituting or will ever constitute the basis for interference with the internal affairs of the other Party in any form and for any reason, including for the protection of the status and rights of any persons that are not its citizens.”

This clause is ironic because Greece is already interfering in the internal affairs of the Republic of Macedonia by the existence of this very document, to say nothing of the provisions within it which make the landlocked country Athens’ post-modern protectorate irrespective of whether these terms are included in the Greek Constitution or not, and it also specifies what was hinted at in Article 1 (12) of the deal when referring to Article 49 of the Macedonian Constitution which gives Skopje the responsibility to protect the cultural rights and status of its ethnic diaspora abroad.

* Article 6 (1) – Banning Patriotic “Propaganda”

“Aiming at strengthening friendly bilateral relations each Party shall promptly take effective measures to prohibit any hostile activities, actions or propaganda by State agencies or agencies directly or indirectly controlled by the State and to prevent activities likely to incite chauvinism, hostility, irredentism, and revisionism against the other Party. Should such activities occur, the Parties shall take all necessary measures.

“Propaganda”, “agencies…indirectly controlled by the State”, and “chauvinism, hostility” are very loose words and concepts that could easily be abused just like the first-mentioned two have been in the context of the fake news Russiagate scandal, with the definition of “chauvinism” and “hostility” also up for grabs but likely being understood in terms of the “political correctness” being imposed upon the Republic of Macedonia and its citizens by Greece and therefore implying the censorship of any patriotic statements by any media agency or NGO that receives even a single denar from the state.

* Article 6 (2) – Outlawing Free Speech

“Each Party shall promptly take effective measures to discourage and prevent any acts by private entities likely to incite violence, hatred or hostility against the other Party. If a private entity in the territory of a Party engages in such activities without that Party’s knowledge, that Party shall, upon such acts coming to its attention, promptly take all necessary measures as provided by law.”

Any act of patriotic expression whatsoever by any private person (which could ambiguously be taken to also mean tourists) that could even remotely be interpreted by Greece as violating the “political correctness” that it’s imposing on the Republic of Macedonia will be dealt with through legal means, confirming that the country is being turned into a 1984-style police state.

* Article 6 (3) – Greek Oversight

“Each Party shall prevent and discourage acts, including acts of propaganda, by private entities likely to incite chauvinism, hostility, irredentism and revisionism against the other Party.”

It’s not clear what, if any, substantial difference exists in this third clause when compared to the second one, but in any case, it’s worthwhile to emphasize that the three passages that comprise Article 6 prohibit “actions or propaganda” that are “likely to incite chauvinism, hostility, irredentism and revisionism”, all of which are entirely subjective for the most part and therefore dependent on interpretation, raising the question of whether it will in fact be Greece who will indirectly police these expressions of free speech through the “joint” implementation committees that it’s poised to be a part of.

* Article 7 (2) – Erasing Aegean Macedonians From The Pages Of Time

“When reference is made to the First Party, these terms (author’s note: ‘Macedonia’ and ‘Macedonian’ as per Article 7 (1)) denote not only the area and people of the northern region of the First Party, but also their attributes, as well as the Hellenic civilization, history, culture, and heritage of that region from antiquity to present day.”

Athens set the parameters of the “political correctness” that it will subsequently impose on the Republic of Macedonia, erasing the latter’s people from the pages of time by pretending that they never existed within the modern-day borders of Greece despite the pre-Balkan War and –Greek Civil War presence of hundreds of thousands of them having been objectively documented by multiple sources, thereby paving the way for Skopje to outlaw any public reference (potentially even including on the internet) to its citizens’ family members who fled from this historic region of their homeland unless they openly identify as Greek.

* Article 8 (1) – Greek Snowflakes

“If either Party believes one or more symbols constituting part of its historic or cultural patrimony is being used by the other Party, it shall bring such alleged use to the attention of the other Party, and the other Party shall take appropriate corrective action to effectively address the issue and ensure respect for the said patrimony.”

Confirming the author’s suspicions of Article 6 (3), Greece will indeed be policing the public expression of free speech by Macedonian citizens (potentially even including on the internet) to ensure that nothing that they say or do (e.g. fly a Veringa Sun flag or display a map of natural/geographic Macedonia) violates the Athens-imposed “political correctness” that Skopje has agreed to enforce upon its people (and possibly even tourists) by law.

* Article 8 (2) – Taliban-Style Measures Against “Politically Incorrect” Monuments & Buildings

“Within six months following the entry into force of this Agreement, the Second Party shall review the status of monuments, public buildings and infrastructure on its territory, and insofar as they refer in any way to ancient Hellenic history and civilization constituting an integral component of the historic and cultural patrimony of the First Party, shall take appropriate corrective action to effectively address the issue and ensure respect for the said patrimony.”

The physical accomplishments of Prime Minister Gruevski’s Skopje 2014 signature series of infrastructure projects will be undone, potentially through the dramatic demolition of buildings and toppling of monuments (as in most cases it’s impossible to simply rename them), all for the purpose of satisfying Greek-imposed “political correctness” in proving Macedonia’s full and total tutelage to its southern neighbor.

* Article 8 (3) – Vergina Sun Flag Ban

“The Second Party shall not use again in any way and in all forms the symbol formerly displayed on its former national flag. Within six months of entry into force of this Agreement, the Second Party shall proceed to the removal of the symbol displayed on its former national flag from all public sites and public usages on its territory. Archaeological artefacts do not fall within the scope of this provision.”

Exactly as the author feared in his interpretation of Article 3 (4), the Veringa Sun will be completely banned from public sight.

* Article 8 (4) – The Concept Of Aegean Macedonia Ceases To Exist

“Each Party shall abide by the recommendations of the United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names in relation to the use of the official geographical names and toponyms in the territory of the other Party thus giving priority to the use of endonyms over exonyms.”

Greece is tacitly forbidding Macedonians from referring to Athens’ northern region of Macedonia as Aegean Macedonia, with this presumably becoming yet another of the many banned expressions of free speech (whether in public and possibly even online) that are deemed to be “politically incorrect”, making violators subject to legal punishment if Greece becomes aware of what they’re doing and notifies its subordinates in Skopje.

* Article 8 (5) – Managing The Post-Modern Occupation

“Within one month of the signing of this Agreement, the Parties shall establish by exchange of diplomatic notes, on a parity basis, a Joint Inter-Disciplinary Committee of Experts on historic, archaeological and educational matters, to consider the objective, scientific interpretation of historical events based on authentic, evidence-based and scientifically sound historical sources and archaeological findings. The Committee’s work shall be supervised by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the Parties in cooperation with other competent national authorities. It shall consider, and if it deems appropriate, revise any school textbooks and school auxiliary material such as maps, historical atlases, teaching guides, in use in each of the Parties, in accordance with the principles and aims of UNESCO and the Council of Europe. To that effect, the Committee shall set specific timetables so as to ensure in each of the Parties that no school textbooks or school auxiliary material in use the year after the signing of this Agreement contains any irredentist/revisionist references. The Committee shall also study any new editions of school textbooks and school auxiliary material as provided for under this Article. The Committee shall convene regularly, at least twice a year, an shall submit an Annual Report on its activities and recommendations to be approved by the High-Level Cooperation Council, as to be established pursuant to Article 12.”

This is probably the most important clause in the entire document because it creates the mechanism (the “Joint Inter-Disciplinary Committee of Experts”, JICE) that Greece will use for managing its post-modern occupation of the Republic of Macedonia in carrying out the Liberal-Globalists’ Orwellian erasing Macedonians’ identity, literally going as far as rewriting schoolbooks and possibly taking a page from Fahrenheit 451 in maybe even burning the “bad” ones too (as well as banning their online access within the country’s territory) in order to ensure that future generations are fully under their control. JICE will meet twice a year, every year, prior to giving new yearly orders to the puppet government, therefore ensuring that “any actions or activities of a non-friendly character”, including “propaganda” (possibly also shared online), that they deem “likely to incite chauvinism, hostility, irredentism, and revisionism” are responded to by Skopje through “all necessary measures as provided by law”. This will eventually entail imprisoning Macedonians if they dare to publicly share the history of their family members’ struggles in the implicitly banned concept of Aegean Macedonia that the government recognizes per its agreement of this deal as being solely in the realm of “Hellenic civilization, history, culture, and heritage…from antiquity to present day.”

* Article 12 (2-3) – Macedonia’s Own “High Representative”

“The Parties shall establish a High-Level Cooperation Council (“HLCC”) of their Governments, jointly headed by their Prime Ministers. The HLCC shall convene at least annually and shall be the competent body as regards the proper and effective implementation of this Agreement and the ensuing Action Plan. The HLCC shall take decisions and promote actions and measures for the improvement and upgrading of bilateral cooperation between the Parties and shall address any issues that may arise during the implementation of this Agreement and the ensuing Action Plan, with a view to their resolution.”

The HLCC will function within the Republic of Macedonia as the country’s own version of Bosnia’s “High Representative”, albeit with the illusion of “joint” sovereignty via local quislings’ participation in this alongside the Greek post-modern occupation authorities, all with the purpose of implementing an ominous “Action Plan” (likely in reference to the enforced censorship campaign) and bypassing parliament in perpetually ceding all manner of sovereignty to Athens.

* Article 17 – Teaching The Tools Of The Trade

“The Parties shall reinforce and expand their cooperation in the area of defence, including through frequent visits and contacts between the political and military leadership of their armed forces, the appropriate transfer of know-how and capacity-building, the cooperation in the areas of production, information and joint military exercises. Special emphasis shall be placed on personnel training which the Parties could provide to each other.”

Greek special forces units, soldiers, and regular policemen will train their Macedonian counterparts in suppression techniques so that the post-modern occupation can be more effectively implemented on the ground, which might see the Hellenic Republic dispatch its forces to Macedonia for “live-training exercises” in showing them how they’re supposed to militantly respond to any citizen who dares to violate any of the “politically correct” concepts stipulated within this document and subsequently agreed upon by the occupation authorities through JICE and the HLCC.

* Article 19 (2-3) – UN and ICJ Punishments

“In the event that a Party considers that the other party is not acting in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, this Party shall first notify the other Party of its concerns and shall seek a solution by negotiation. If the Parties are unable to resolve the matter bilaterally, the Parties may agree to request the Secretary-General of the United Nations to use his good offices to resolve the matter.

Any dispute that arises between the Parties concerning the interpretation or implementation of this Agreement and not resolved according to the procedures referred to under Article 19 (2), may be submitted to the International Court of Justice. The Parties should first seek to agree upon a joint submission to said Court regarding any such dispute. However, if agreement is not reached within six months, or such longer period as the Parties shall mutually agree, then any such dispute may be submitted by either Party individually.”

Greece will take the Republic of Macedonia to the UN and even the ICJ in the unlikely event that it defies the demands of the occupation authorities, which could possibly be through refusing to carry out the full and complete totalitarian revisionism regarding Aegean Macedonia or declining to arrest well-known public figures whose imprisonment might spark nationwide protests.

——————————————— ———————————————————–

The controversial name deal is nothing more than a ruse for turning the Republic of Macedonia into a post-modern protectorate of Greece, with the intent of experimenting on its people as lab rats in order to perfect a weaponized model that the Liberal-Globalist elites could then roll out all across the EU in systematically erasing each and every one of its member states’ national identities. Three separate but interconnected institutions – the unnamed one from Article 1 (3) (h), JICE, and the HLCC – are tasked with simultaneously carrying out this policy and managing the occupation, with their Orwellian authority being enforced by Greek-trained special forces, soldiers, and police (which might even see the direct intervention of Greece’s forces in “live-training exercises” against Macedonian citizens).

The future is bleaker than ever for Macedonians because they’ll soon be banned from publicly expressing any patriotic sentiment whatsoever, whether in real life or online, including any mentioning of their families’ history in Aegean Macedonia, which the ruling authorities implicitly agree through their collaboration in clinching this deal is and always has been Hellenistic and populated solely by Greeks since antiquity until the present day. It’s also inevitable that Zaev will end up outlawing the World Macedonian Congress and imprisoning its members because of their raison d’être in promoting the forms of Macedonian patriotism that will soon be suppressed by the state. Furthermore, high-profile patriotic civil society representatives within the country might even be muzzled under pane of prison if they dare to defy these draconian “politically correct” measures.

Should the Macedonian government at any time in the future (e.g. after a peaceful and democratic populist-patriotic revolution) refuse to implement any aspect of this agreement and begins to liberate its institutions from Greece’s post-modern occupation, then Athens will immediately take it to the UN and fast track a case against it in the International Court of Justice, doing everything that it can to lobby for sanctions against the landlocked state in order to cripple it the moment that it begins doing anything to free itself from the Liberal-Globalists. The implementation of the name deal will therefore doom Macedonia and its people to an eternity of submission and inevitably lead to the erasure of their identity, therefore representing a crisis of existential proportions.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Eurasia Future


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