Don’t Laugh: Salvini’s LoL Is the Greatest Threat to EuroLiberalism

Matteo Salvini proposed the creation of a “league of Leagues” in Europe to combat illegal migration.

The Italian Interior Minister and proud populist declared at a party gathering that “I think of a league of Leagues in Europe, which unites all the free movements that want to defend their borders and the wellbeing of their children… I will tour capital cities, and not just European ones, to create an alternative to this Europe founded on exploitation … and mass immigration.” To this end, he vowed to turn next year’s European Parliament elections into a “referendum on the elite, the banks, finance, immigration and job security” where people will have to choose between the polar opposite visions of “a Europe without borders … and a Europe that protects its citizens”.

From an ideological standpoint, Salvini’s plans represent the spread of Orban’s EuroRealist Revolution beyond Central & Eastern Europe and into the Western heart of the EU following the breakout of this values- and security-based model from its confines in “New Europe” behind the Old Cold War’s “Iron Curtain”. Interestingly, freedom and democracy are now moving in the opposite direction from East to West in the New Cold War after the game-changing event that took place when the EuroRealists triumphed in the latest Italian elections. The cumulative effect of these fast-moving changes is that Soros’ EuroLiberal plans for the continent might be irreversibly ruined by none other than his own ally’s methods.

Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis founded the so-called “Democracy In Europe Movement 2025”, or DiEM25, in 2016, an extreme leftist-liberal network of aspiring politicians whose official goal is to democratically take over Europe. Later that year, Varoufakis published a piece on Soros’ “Project Syndicate” website justifying the need for what he called his “Progressive International”, which he said was created to defeat a so-called “nationalist international” composed of the likes of “Trump, Le Pen, Britain’s right-wing Brexiteers, Poland’s and Hungary’s illiberal governments, and Russian President Vladimir Putin”. Salvini is now turning this originally made-up “nationalist international” into a reality through his “League of Leagues” (LoL) proposal that copies the international franchise model originally spearheaded by Soros-ally Varoufakis’ failed DiEM25.

If his continental-wide effort is successful in next year’s European Parliament elections, then there’s a very real chance that the Italian EuroRealist will be able to redirect the EU’s inevitable post-Brexit “decentralization” reforms away from the scenario of an identity-less “federation of regions” that turns each country into an indistinct blob of “politically correct” liberals and towards an identity-assertive “union of nation-states” that proudly celebrates the uniqueness of its members’ heritages. Western Civilization is faced with the irreversible epochalchoice of rejecting its richly diverse identities in favor of accepting the partially foreign imposition of an artificially created composite one or strengthening its collective resolve in resisting these elite-driven undemocratic efforts to demographically reengineer the continent.

The outcome of this Soros-Salvini face-off will determine the future for half a billion people, and while the left thinks that the Italian leader is a modern-day Lucifer, the right sees him as their savior.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Oriental Review


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