Offense the Best Defense

Well, that’ll be a sight to behold. Russian President Vladimir Putin being given the red-carpet treatment at the White House. US President Donald Trump has invited the Russian leader to Washington DC in the coming months. However, the Kremlin has yet to confirm the information.

The BBC reports that there is “incredulity” among Trump’s domestic opponents over his welcome to Putin. You can say that again!

This week, Trump was being vilified as a “traitor” by large sections of the political class in Washington and the corporate-controlled news media over his landmark summit in Helsinki with the Russian president.

For most people around the world the summit was an outstanding and welcome success. Friendly relations are a good thing, right? Not so it seems for some Americans.

The US media outpouring was astounding. It was like the American political class had collectively gone insane and were jumping off into the abyss of their anti-Russia paranoia.

Trump was roundly accused of “betraying” Americans and consorting with a “criminal leader of a hostile state”. The fever pitch was like that of a lynch mob.

The wonky premise for the entire hysteria is the hollow allegation among Trump’s opponents that Russia interfered in US elections.

The American president appeared to buckle under the barrage of brickbats when he offered a sort of retraction about what he had said in Helsinki during a press conference with Putin. In Helsinki, Trump seemed to accept Putin’s assurances that Russia had not meddled in US politics.

However, within 24 hours, on his return to Washington amid furious criticism “for siding with the enemy”, Trump did a U-turn, saying that he did in fact believe US intelligence claims that Russia had interfered.

Nevertheless, what Trump has done since proves the adage that “offense is the best form of defense”.

Rather than completely rolling over for the hysterical McCarthyite-like Russia-haters, Trump has now invited Putin to the White House, sometime this coming autumn.

And don’t you know, the Russia-haters and Trump-bashers are set to go from raving to total seizure in their demented frenzy.

You have to hand it to Trump. He is putting it up to the rabid Russophobes, and, in effect, saying, “Come on, what have you got?”

For the past two years, Washington politics have been gridlocked with the so-called Russia-gate scandal, whereby President Putin has been accused of authorizing hacking into the 2016 presidential elections.

This week, the FBI again accused Russia of ongoing malign activities.

Two congressional investigations and a special counsel probe led by Robert Mueller have produced nothing substantial, in spite of year-long digging and muckraking, costing millions of dollars to the American taxpayer.

Mueller’s latest indictments of 12 members of Russian military intelligence are yet more candy floss instead of meat and potatoes.

The Russia-gate narrative is a fatuous fantasy, contrived by the American political establishment and their dutiful news media because they refuse to accept Trump’s democratic mandate. An essential element of Trump’s mandate was his avowal to normalize relations between the US and Russia. Those relations were trashed by the previous Obama administration as part of an agenda by the US establishment to pursue a geopolitical confrontation with Russia.

For American imperial strategists, it is anathema that Russia, as well as China, are independent global powers that check US hegemonic ambitions. The Europeans are merely auxiliaries to US global power. So they can be tolerated or even treated with contempt. But not so Russia or China. No, for US planners Russia and China present unacceptable obstacles to full spectrum dominance.

For whatever reason, Trump is not of that “deep state” ideological mindset. He’s a businessman and sanguine about doing business with everyone – apart from Iran, doubtless showing his bought-for relationship to wealthy Zionist Americans likes Sheldon Adelson.

Anyway, the Democrat-aligned haters of Trump and the Russia-haters of the imperial deep state in Washington have found common cause by using the McCarthyite-like hysteria over “Russian interference” as a way to hobble Trump’s presidency. Or moreover, to get rid of him altogether.

This week upon his return from Helsinki and his successful summit with the Russian leader, Trump was assailed with a tidal wave of outrage.

The ferocity of the media attacks suggested that a “palace coup” was being orchestrated to topple him from the White House. What else can you conclude when prominent news media like the New York Times and Washington Post are running editorials denouncing him as a “traitor” and “enemy of the state”?

But what Trump has done is a masterstroke in fighting back. Instead of capitulating to the intimidation and demands, he has maintained an amicable, respectful view of Putin. Trump may have thrown his detractors a bone this week by saying he accepted allegations about Russia interfering in elections, but perhaps the decisive response is how he went on to say that he is looking forward to having a second meeting with Putin and to continue working together on various global issues, like nuclear arms controls, terrorism, cybercrime, and finding political settlements to conflicts in Syria and Ukraine.

In other words, Trump is holding firm to his convictions about normalizing US-Russia relations. He is not kowtowing to his opponents’ agenda to demonize Putin and Russia.

That was one of the reasons why Americans voted for Trump. They are fed up with imperialist scheming and war-making. They want to live in peace with a decent living. Polls out this week show that ordinary Americans don’t care about “Russia-gate” and all that jazz. They care about how to put food on the table and pay for their homes or their kids’ education. All the stuff about Putin being “Hitler”; and Russia “threatening Europe”; or “interfering in elections” is rightly seen by ordinary Americans as a frivolous fantasy afflicting rich political and media elites.

The US establishment knows that the people are no longer susceptible to their machinations and manipulations in the way they might have been during the previous bad old days of Red-Baiting and McCarthyism.

The deep state can’t implement a coup against Trump because they know it would backfire big time, perhaps in a social meltdown or revolution against the elite rulers.

By inviting Putin to the White House, Trump is, in effect, daring the Russian hysteria-crowd to put up or shut up. They are in paroxysms that the alleged Russian villain is coming to Washington to be accorded the full respect of an international statesman.

The Russia-haters are being challenged to stop their bluffing and to lay down their cards. What hand have they really got against Russia and Vladimir Putin in particular? Where are their aces “proving” the sensational allegations against Russia? For two years, American politics and international relations have been wasted on nothing but hate-filled fantasy. Trump is daring the psychotics in Washington and their psychotic propaganda media to show their cards.

Going on the offensive, Trump just pushed a stack of money on the table, and is demanding, “Ok, boys, what ya got?” The bet is that the Russia-haters have nothing but a lousy hand of dud cards.

By Finian Cunningham
Source: Sputnik News


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