PayPal’s Punishment of InfoWars Is Part of Big Tech’s Censorship Campaign

PayPal terminated Infowars’ account and gave it ten days to find a replacement.

The company basically jumped on the censorship bandwagon being led by other Big Tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Apple, YouTube, and Spotify which earlier blocked Alex Jones on the pretext that his allegedly “hateful” broadcasts violate their terms of service. Without the easily accessible means to sell Infowars merchandise from his website, the radio host will undoubtedly lose precious revenue that could in turn hinder his business, which is exactly what PayPal probably intended when it made this decision. At this point, it’s undoubtable that the so-called “powers that be”, or the “masters of the universe” like some have recently taken to calling them, are colluding with one another to shut down Infowars because it goes against their “politically correct” Liberal-Globalist dogma.

Infowars was also thought to have played an important role in the 2016 elections, so it’s no surprise that it’s being censored in the run-up to this November’s midterms in a desperate bid to derail the electoral prospects of Trump’s political surrogates, which Infowars is known for unabashedly supporting.

The larger lesson, though, is that Big Tech is behaving monopolistically within the “global information commons” and abusing its leading position across several of the world’s main platforms in order to engage in political bias that realistically runs the chance of having very real consequences. The “masters of the universe” are meddling in America’s political processes through their selective censorship practices (including so-called “shadow banning”), which is why the White House reportedly drafted an antitrust Executive Order to look into this. Even in the “best-case” scenario that these problems are one day rectified, that’ll only be a relief for Americans because the US will probably turn a blind eye to these very same companies interfering in its rivals’ political affairs like they’re doing in Iran.

The harsh reality is that “the genie has already been let out of the bottle”, so to speak, and short of a worldwide movement away from these platforms – which could also have the unintended consequences of disrupting activist outreaches and reinforcing groupthink – nothing will probably ever change much.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Oriental Review


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