Hijacking Terrorist Acts for Political Gain—Where Propaganda Ends and Reality Begins?

Few Americans can really get the gist of what is going on these days, pipe bombs being sent to key opponents of the Trump administration, or are they able to tell you what is a false flag, and with this in mind, it is necessary to question if some “alleged attempted terrorist acts” may have been hijacked for political gain. It is interesting to read such statements:

Acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the United States of America, says Trump.

Too bad neither he nor anyone else in Washington will say the same about US threats and use of violence against other countries. In light of what is going on elsewhere, an underlying agenda is starting to surface, not necessarily out of planning but out of political expediency.

Even Trump himself may be taking advantage of his own failures in an act of self preservation—and coincidence or not, the recent mail bombs to politicians may be just another well-timed distraction. Nowadays terrorism is fast becoming a domestic tool and close to the same scenario on the international level.

Naturally it is more political correct to blame Sunni violent extremists—most notably ISIS and al-Qa‘ida—and whose existence pose continuing terrorist threats to US interests and partners worldwide. But it is US-based homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) will likely become the most prevalent extremist threat in the United States—and that is not by happenstance.

Consequently the US is under threat, not by the people but certain elites and special interests—much the same now with Trump and the mainstream media. Bells ring whenever something is over-reported, and this takes me back to 9/11 and how that terrorist act was used to take away the rights of US citizens under the various provisions of the so called Patriot Act.

Watching the news conference and hearing officials vow they will not allow “terrorism” to change them will be put to the test when those who orchestrated it or who seek to cynically use it attempt to change America just like 9/11 was already used to permanently scar American society (TSA/Patriot Act/endless wars).

It is almost impossible, at least in the last 10 years, to tell where propaganda ends and where reality begins. Even when the comedy of Sarah Silverman is blown out of proportion back in 2017 over her calls for the US military to topple the alleged Trump regime.

Tongue in cheek, too bad we don’t have any founding fathers that can time travel and really start a modern-day revolution based on natural rights. Political change, if not by democratic means, is justified by any means necessary should the government become so tyrannical that it resists legal change, and that the bed rock that that America is founded, a revolution is possible is a country that was born from a revolution—at least as what I was taught in the 8th grade. However, not all teachers know about natural laws, and the inalienable right to change or abolish governments that are no longer accountable to the people.

This begs the question if Americans becoming so oppressed that a revolution will happen in the United States, sooner or later, and it will not matter they are really united or not. We are already seeing the crackdowns and manipulation of the social media, and how censorship is eroding fundamental freedoms that Americans fought so hard to secure.

Who will be among the first ones to be rounded up? If a real coup would occur from where would it come, perhaps from the states themselves, refusing to pay taxes and evoking their rights under the US Constitution and other enabling documents?

For most it will be “wait and see” – waiting for the MSM to tell us about it, and all the while the alternative media will be further marginalized and right further diminished. Already we have prisons that are storehouses of blacks and other minorities, those that the system is destroying.

But in reality America can only have what it advocates to others when its own core values are respected. It has to reestablish the connection between the US government and its people (sovereign individuals). It is as all what is going on is “somehow” designed to break any mutual trust and turn Americans against each other.

The result will be that the REAL forces who want to further enslave Americans would be in complete control.

“American political discourse is phrased in Jeffersonian terms as a conversation about sovereign individuals who only grudgingly and in special circumstances are prepared to compromise that sovereignty for larger social purposes.”

All the while the US continues to blame Russia and other countries, Iran, etc., for engaging in activities that the US itself actually has a competitive advantage, claiming “how President Putin is likely to increase his use of repression and intimidation to contend with domestic discontent.”

Who will be next?

Many Americans can actually see what is going home; at least much of what the black and indigenous (Native American) community in the US discovered long ago, if your cause is associated with one particular political party or set of socio-economic circumstances it can easily be easily marginalized.

If activists or bloggers with the aim of gaining back what we lost in the wake of 9/11 are purged, no room to let off some steam and removed from the political, economic and social spectrum, the just case becomes much more legitimate.

Now Trump is facing similar threats, not from the Army or Sarah Silverman but from his own core of supporters, once they realize that they have been hoodwinked (deceived by various means of trickery, especially by the media and the political establishment).

People will soon identify with those who espouse the betrayal, rather than thinking them as “other” and easy to profile in a dismissive way.

All the while, they want to paint those as myself and others in the alternative media as lacking any semblance of credibility or coherence, “conspiracy theorists” and block the ability to share information easily.

Most fail to recognize anymore what it means to be an American. It is necessary to have to right to make ideological connections with anybody we dam-well-please. That vested right is what binds most Americans together, independence and love of freedom. And until lately, most Americans accepted such truths without question and view growing opposition as something from the liberal and angry left.

I did not want to have been one of the first to predict a possible coup, as we are seeing the PR machine in motion, attacking current policies—turning our backs on core American values, as seen by the initial response to the murder of a journalist in Saudi Arabia.

The greatest causalities of all will be among average Americans, and this will be achieved by restricting freedom of speech, association and the right to have and to bear arms and forced the country into a state of lockdown.

That creates an association in the public mind between what they have been taught and what is the current reality, and where or not there will be violent opposition to an elected government. It has not drawn people to think that the only way to preserve democracy is to embrace extreme views, but that is the logical next step, and will come in time.

With the too cozy for comfort mix of vested interests, bankers, military-industrial complex, private prisons, charter schools, etc, and when buttressed with a wide array of hidden agendas, “real or perceived”, it is just a matter of time before all these conflicting/competing interests turn into the perfect storm.

Only Americans can save themselves from being stripped of their rights and keeping the American Dream alive.

By Henry Kamens
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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