“Israel” and Saudi Arabia Are in the Throes of “Deep State” Civil Wars

Long regarded as being among the most stable governments in the Mideast in spite of their many faults, “Israel” and Saudi Arabia are being shaken to their cores by “deep state” civil wars, the resolutions of which will determine whether they continue to move towards Russia & China or revert back to being American vassals. 

“Israel” and Saudi Arabia are presently in different states of domestic political crisis at the moment that defy their stereotype (whether deserved or not) of having supposedly been among the most stable governments in the Mideast. The former is facing the specter of early elections that could remove Netanyahu from power while the latter is under tremendous international pressure to depose Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) for what the CIA reportedly claims is his direct complicity in Khashoggi’s killing.

The common denominator between them is that the figures largely responsible for these entities’ fast-moving and full-spectrum strategic partnerships with the multipolar Great Powers of Russia and China might be sidelined in favor of forces much more agreeable to America, both in the geostrategic sense and particularly in terms of the preferences of the Liberal-Globalist faction of the US “deep state” that’s most firmly opposed to Trump. This might initially strike the reader as surprising or even “conspiratorial”, which is why a few of the author’s previous pieces should be referenced for the necessary background context into all of this:


Saudi Arabia:

The main idea is that Netanyahu and MBS are working closely with Russia and China in their own respective ways as they seek to adapt to the paradigm changes brought about by the emerging Multipolar World Order, which has resultantly created some friction between them and the US. At the same time, though, both leaders play integral roles in Trump’s Mideast foreign policy, specifically regarding the “containment” of Iran and the so-called “Deal of the Century” that his administration is coming up with to present to the Palestinians.

It can be presumed that Trump begrudgingly accepts that his “Israeli” and Saudi partners are slick dealmakers just like himself who will accordingly try to play everyone off against one another in pursuit of the maximum benefits that can be reaped through this competitive process, meaning that while he may not approve of their newfound relations with Russia and China, he probably doesn’t want to overthrow either Netanyahu or MBS because they’re nevertheless much too valuable to his envisioned Mideast policy. Trump’s “deep state” foes, however, likely see the situation somewhat differently.

The elements of America’s permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”) that are against him probably agree with the assessment that “Israel” and Saudi Arabia’s growing closeness to Russia and China are latent threats to US interests, but unlike Trump, they want to unseat those two leaders precisely because of how much the President needs them for his plans to succeed. Netanyahu is Trump’s good friend, while MBS has bonded with the his son-in-law Jared Kushner, which would thus make their removals personal defeats for the President.

It should be noted in this context that there are rabidly pro-American “deep state” factions in “Israel” and Saudi Arabia that are opposed to their governments’ partnerships with Russia and China and more than willing to conspire against their leaders in order to return their entities back to the “good old days” of full-on US tutelage. This certainly shouldn’t be interpreted as meaning that Netanyahu and MBS are anti-American, but just that they’re not as pro-American as some of their wannabe replacements who would do away with the important multipolar vectors of their entities’ foreign policies if they ever assumed power.

Naturally, the anti-Trump faction of the American “deep state” therefore has an interest in collaborating with its counterparts in “Israel” and Saudi Arabia who are against Netanyahu and MBS, seeing as how they all want to unseat those leaders for their own reasons. This in turn explains the tension between Trump and the CIA when it comes to MBS’ alleged complicity in Khashoggi’s killing, and while no such analogous example exists at this moment when it comes to Netanyahu, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Trump inherited thousands of Obama-era “deep state” bureaucrats who allegedly funded an unsuccessful opposition campaign against the “Israeli” premier in 2015 and could conceivably renew their efforts against him during his most politically vulnerable time in the event of early elections.

Before concluding, one must acknowledge that the roots of “Israel” and Saudi Arabia’s “deep state” civil wars are “naturally occurring” due to the extreme polarization that both of their leaders provoke among influential elements of their societies, but that Trump’s “deep state” foes are capable of exploiting this for their own regime change ends. It’s true that the “deep state”-backed overthrow of Netanyahu and MBS would be met with thunderous applause among the many who detest those two men and the systems that they represent, especially because their removal from power would also probably destabilize their respective entities, but it’s also the case that Presidents Putin, Xi, and Trump have a stake in ensuring that “Israel” and Saudi Arabia remain stable and that their leaders survive their worst-ever political crisis.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Eurasia Future

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