Feminism is a Disease – And Masculinity is the Cure

It seems these days like everyone and their genderfluid grandma has some “profound” insight into the minds and world of men. Men and masculinity are spoken of in the media with sharp tones of fear mixed with disdain, as if we are a dangerous aberrant genetic anomaly that needs to be studied under a special microscope that will protect the observer from being influenced by our vitriolic pheromones. The problem is, most of these “experts” on manhood are not men at all, or, their observations of male behavior are tainted with deep-seated resentments. That is to say, they are hardly objective.

I recently came across an article by The Atlantic titled ‘Psychology Has A Healthier Approach To Building Healthier Men’. Written around the same time as the embarrassing failure of Gillette’s “Toxic Masculinity” ad campaign, I assume The Atlantic like many other mainstream media outlets was privy to this coming propaganda push and is attempting to rally the leftist troops to defend an ideological partner in crime. YouTube itself has even been aiding Gillette by removing dislikes from the video’s vote count, which just goes to show that YouTube (owned by Google) is not a business but a propaganda machine, pure and simple.

As I’ve noted in past articles on the psychology not only of globalists, but the useful idiots on the political left they like to exploit, these kinds of people often exhibit many of the traits of narcissistic sociopaths. It has been my observation that narcissistic sociopaths tend to come to the aid of other narcissistic sociopaths when they are facing discovery or prosecution. They are not as isolated from each other as many assume. They do in fact “organize”, and act to help each other as long as there is mutual benefit. If one vampire is hunted down by the villagers with their pitchforks, they know that ALL vampires might eventually be hunted down.

There is nothing particularly special about The Atlantic’s analysis of men; it merely regurgitates all the typical feminist misconceptions and fallacies, but more subtly and in a way that might appear “rational” to the unschooled.

I do ask readers to study the article, because it is a perfect all around example of the kind of advanced propaganda men are facing: The dangerous mixture of pseudoscience and cultism. It presents itself as scientific while lacking any scientific foundation. It presents itself as fair while being ideologically biased in the extreme. It acts as if it wants to “help” men while treating men as if we are suffering from a mental illness called “traditional masculinity”.

The fact is, feminism itself is so disjointed from observable reality that nearly every viewpoint the floundering movement adopts is the exact opposite of the truth. Often this is by design – these people are not interested in being scientifically or morally correct in an argument, they only want to “win” the argument by any means necessary. Leftist Gatekeeper Saul Alinsky’s method of debate and revolution has always been about removing all morals and principles when pushing an ideology. The goal is to slander your opponent in the manner most effective, even if the slander is entirely fraudulent, while avoiding the facts at all costs if the facts are not in your favor.

That said, I also think that social justice warriors have so immersed themselves in cultism and zealotry they have truly lost sight of the real world and concrete evidence. In many cases they may not even understand that the lies they promote are actually repelling the public rather than indoctrinating them. This works to our advantage; their delusions are our gain, for now. But delusions can be powerful, and they can sometimes take on a life of their own. What if one day soon the lies about men and masculinity become so entrenched that our society is enraptured by the anti-man religion?

Well, we can already see some of the damage done today. So, what are these lies about masculinity? Why not start with the Atlantic article’s suggestive title and manipulative content…

Men Must Be ‘Built’ Or ‘Molded’?

The social justice cult has an obsession with molding society. Not just molding public opinion on a large scale, but molding each individual to a specific ideological standard – a perfect cog in a perfect machine. They want full spectrum control of people’s minds and they would do anything to get it. The problem is men are not “built”, they are born. There is no such thing as “traditional masculinity”, there is only biological masculinity.

The brains of men and women are different. This is biological fact. We are not only different in terms of hormonal effects, but our brains function differently at a neurological level. The social justice cabal spends an immense amount of time and energy attempting to deny genetic realities using junk-science presented as fact. A little tip for feminists: If a group initiates a study with a preconceived outcome in mind, then their study is in no way scientific.

Masculine traits are a product of our biological imperatives. These imperatives manifest psychologically in the majority of men as a desire to protect, to provide and to leave a lasting legacy. These male standards are predominantly inborn, they are a product of millions of years of evolution, not some arbitrary product of “society” as feminists claim. Masculinity has always been a survival necessity for humanity, which is why it exists in the first place.

Only in the past 30 years or so has biological manhood suddenly been treated as if it is an anomaly, or unnatural.

Male Drives Are ‘Social Constructs’?

The biological drives inherent in most men lead to certain behaviors: For example, we tend to be more likely than women to take life threatening or life changing risks, which means we might do something rather stupid, or we might do something rather brilliant that improves our world for many years to come. Many men are constant gamblers in every aspect of life; women, not so much. Her biggest gamble in life is usually which man she chooses to spend her future with.

When pursuing legacy, men often seek to build a better mousetrap. They want to create something that they can put their stamp on and say “I added to the world, I made it better, remember me…” Women are more biologically inclined to develop legacy through the nurturing of children and family (hence the “biological clock” we always hear about).

Men also desire family, but first and foremost in the sense of continuing our genetic line. A preoccupation with sex has been painted as one of the defining “offenses” of men in general, but biologically, men are designed to pursue, and frankly, this is a necessity.

Western male testosterone levels are in steep decline for at least the past 30 years. The source of this problem is up for debate, but I would note that psychotropic drugs like anti-depressants are well established as testosterone killers. Ritalin, prescribed to boys by the millions today for ADHD to suppress what might otherwise be described as normal male hyperactive behavior, has also been linked in some studies to reduced testosterone and interference in puberty. Finally, opioids have also been identified as culprits for testosterone reduction. With the US enveloped in an opioid crisis, is it any wonder that boys are having so much trouble developing into men?

I would cite the feminist ideal of controlling male behavior (often with drugs) as part of the problem. Combine this with the demonization of masculinity in society and you have a recipe for the collapse of civilization as we know it. The results are becoming highly visible.

While feminist propaganda often presents women as the new “pursuers” and arbiters of all sexual activity in our modern times (the lie of role reversal), the results of less confident and aggressive men are becoming evident. In the West and in countries like Japan with heavy western influence, the admonishment of male virility has apparently led to extreme consequences. Population is no longer being replenished and some countries are even suffering abrupt declines.

In societies where leftist ideology has produced militant feminism as well as economic socialism, the irony of the consequences can’t be denied. In socialism an aging population requires ever larger youth replacement in order to economically support those who retire from the workforce, yet population reduction has created a growing void in the socialist framework. In response, leftists in these nations have suggested mass immigration to solve the problem. Yet, much of this immigration is coming from Eastern cultures which hold beliefs completely contrary to feminist ideals.

Feminist derision of masculinity has led to them importing the very “rape cultures” they originally accused western men of perpetuating. It’s okay to laugh, I know I have to.

Only under a politically socialist and collectivist setting can people survive at all without a strong masculine presence. Take away a consumer based economy where production has been cast aside, take away welfare and entitlement programs, take away the extreme helicopter nanny state and force people to be self reliant, and all that feminist nonsense goes straight into the garbage. When the system is no longer the provider, people always look to men and masculinity to save the day.

Masculinity Is Unhealthy?

Evidence suggests that we should reverse this claim entirely and say that masculinity is entirely natural, and feminism is unhealthy. Feminism is a disease, and masculinity is the cure.

As mentioned above, unlike feminism, masculinity is NOT a social construct or an ideology, it is an inherent biological reality. What feminists often present as “unhealthy” behaviors in masculinity are simply fabricated or exaggerated, and I am speaking from a Western perspective specifically.

While men are designed to be more sexually aggressive, there is no “rape culture” in western society. Nowhere in the western world is rape advocated as acceptable. Nowhere is it protected by law. The #MeToo movement is yet another propaganda initiative which is meant to take criminal actions of a select few men and apply them to ALL men and masculinity in general. The lie of rape culture is promoted through false and rigged statistics. The fact that a large portion of reported sexual abuse is perpetrated by women is also ignored. Clearly, rape is not the exclusive domain of masculinity.

Beyond the lie that “all men rape”, masculine energy and aggressiveness is admonished as ugly and disruptive. Everyone knows of course that men are savages. But after a long day of raping, how could we possibly have the energy to go out looking for a steady supply of fistfights? Apparently we do according to feminists, and we encourage our sons to do the same, which continues the cycle of violence that plagues the world.

In truth, male aggressiveness is channeled into many healthy things that help society. The competitive edge drives men to accomplish more – to succeed. And though in some cases this might be a selfish pursuit, it still benefits others as men continue to produce and build. In terms of physical violence, men are biologically evolved to protect and provide for others. The problem is not men or masculinity, but a minority of men AND women with inherent narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies.

Unless I missed something, the world is still a very dangerous place because of a minority of psychopaths. Men with protective natures will always be needed to defend against such criminality. Feminism is actually seeking to diminish the very masculine traits which make society safer and more balanced.

Masculinity Is The Cure

The western world overall is becoming a very unhappy place. Male suicide is spiking, but let’s not forget about how feminism is also hurting women. While men are more likely to successfully kill themselves, women are more likely to make the attempt. Even in the wake of the women’s rights movement, women’s happiness has continued to drop.

I would suggest that it is actually feminism and the social justice cult that has caused the misery of both genders by pushing them away from their biological roles. Men are no longer supposed to be providers and protectors, and their natural energy is attacked as destructive to society. Women are no longer supposed to be nurturing people with nesting instincts and a desire for children; they are supposed to abandon all of that to take on the roles of men. The loss of our biological imperatives is driving us to depression, suicide and the downfall of our civilization.

The only solution I can think of is for men to start acting like men again; to even organize around masculinity and to support each other in our efforts to achieve our goals We must return to our roots as producers, providers, builders and protectors and we have to ensure that we do this for the right reasons rather than reasons given to us by the establishment.

If you are wondering why many governments have taken such an active interest in supporting feminist aims and in some cases turning their ideology into law, consider this:

Masculinity can be independent, unruly and aggressive. A society in which masculinity thrives is a society that is harder to rule. A society that has made masculinity a taboo would be easier to dominate. Socialist governments in particular support feminism because it serves their interests – keeping people docile and dependent so that the ruling elite are forever secure in their positions of power.

What would happen, though, if masculinity was actually celebrated again? What if men organized as feminists have organized, into groups that promote the resurgence of masculinity as a natural part of a balanced society? This might not only help men, but also women who have been wrongly infantilized by the feminist movement for decades. What if victim politics was finally and fully abandoned like an unfunny joke or a meme well past its prime? This would be an utter nightmare for feminists, and a potential cure that could eventually reverse the damage their ideology has done.

By Brandon Smith
Source: Alt-Market

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