Mr. MAGA and the End of Western Civilization

Folks in the West are taught that their civilization has its roots in ancient Rome and/or ancient Greece. This is more a case of self-aggrandizement than serious historical research. While it is true that the city of Rome was sacked in 410 AD, the Christian Roman civilization continued in the East for another 1000 years until 1453. The real roots of what we nowadays call the western civilization are to be traced back to the following time periods:

  1. Most ancient (theoretical) roots: the early Frankish Merovingian Kingdom (481–751) and Carolingian empire (751–843).
  2. Formative roots: the so-called “Holy Roman Empire” (800-1806) which was “Roman” only in name (this term appeared only in the XIIIth century; in French it is called more accurately “Saint-Empire romain germanique” but it really ought to be called the “Germanic Empire”, since it was neither “Roman” nor “Holy”).
  3. Modern (ideological) roots: Renaissance, French Revolution, WWI, WWII, Cold War.

But in practical terms, we can say that the western civilization emerged from the Middle-Ages (5th-15th centuries) or, even better, from the times of the Crusades (1095-1410). Far from being the heir to the Roman Empire, the AngloZionist Empire is a direct descendant from the Franks and the civilization they built in the West on the ruins of the Christian Roman Empire. When Muslims nowadays speak of “Western Crusaders” they are absolutely spot on. The only difference between the original Crusaders and their modern descendants is that the former at least pretended to be Christians. The latter wear their crass materialism as a badge of honor.

The true birth of the Western Civilization
The true birth of the Western Civilization

This civilization can be characterized by tremendous intellectual, technological and scientific achievement, arguably the most beautiful music ever composed (especially J.S. Bach) and many other artistic and architectural masterworks. Alas, it also has a darker side: imperialism, racism, genocide, slavery, religious and political persecutions and, of course, two world wars. So that record is checkered, to put it mildly, but it cannot be denied that in spite of its sins and flaws, western civilization also brought the world an immense intellectual legacy which inspired people worldwide. If you ask most western people what they associate with the western civilization they would probably name things like the scientific method, democracy, human rights, civil rights, the separation of powers, equality before the law, etc. People from other civilizations might view the western civilization in a very different way, but we can ignore that for our purposes. But what the so-called “collective West” (aka the AngloZionist Empire) is showing today is the exact opposite of what the West is supposed to stand for. Here are just a few examples:

  1. International law: with the US/NATO aggression against the Serbian nation, a major feature of western civilization died: international law. What began then with bombs on Serbian civilians in the Serbian Krajina and Bosnia continues today with the absolutely disgraceful “alignment” of the key western power and the diktat of the Anglosphere, be it on the Skripal false flag, the many chemical false flags in Syria or, most recently, the AngloZionist coup against the legitimate government of Venezuela. The truth is that nobody gives a damn about international law in the AngloZionist Empire’s ruling class and that nowadays “might makes right”.
  2. Human rights: the sad and outrageous truth is that the West is currently backing a (completely illegal) Nazi regime in the Ukraine, a Takfiri regime in the KSA and a Zionist (and openly racist regime) in occupied Palestine. All these regimes are mass violators of human rights and basic norms of civilized behavior. Needless to say, the US does violate a huge number of international norms and conventions in human rights, labor rights, due process, civil rights, etc. And we all know that the infamous Patriot Act was written even before the 9/11 false flag operation.
  3. Law of War and Geneva Conventions: same here, the US is gleefully ignoring many of the most sacred provisions of the laws of war and the Geneva Conventions either by not ratifying parts of these instruments or by finding ways to circumvent them (think Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram or even the many “black” CIA prisons located in various countries world-wide; think “extraordinary rendition” too, of course). Likewise, the US totally and unconditionally support the Uber-violator of all imaginable legal obligations: Israel
  4. Due process, especially evidentiary rules, have become a farce. Anybody doubting that should look up the following names: “Sami al-Arian”, “Sibel Edmonds”, “Victor Bout”, “Anwar al-Awlaki” or even “Julian Assange”. While nominally independent from the other branches of government, it appears that at least the main US courts are fully controlled by the Neocons and their Deep State.
  5. Respect for the political process: it is absolutely clear that the Clinton Gang never accepted the election of Trump as POTUS and by rejecting this outcome, or by trying to label Trump as a “Russian agent”, the AngloZionist leaders will never accept their defeat. Hillary’s famous “basket of deplorables” comment is a perfect illustration of the immense contempt in which the AngloZionists hold the regular people of the US.
  6. Open, competitive, markets. It is pretty clear that the US has no use for open, competitive, markets and that the leaders of the Empire will use any and all methods to avoid an honest competition with the other countries, hence all the endless lists of sanctions, of threats against countries which might dare purchase non-US systems (the entire S-400 vs F-35 issue with Turkey is a perfect example). When we look at western countries, especially the US, we see what some call “crony capitalism” with absolutely fantastic levels of corruption, huge mega-corporations in control of entire segments of the economy, exports imposed by sanctions and threat of sanctions rather than competitive advantages, feudal labor laws, a ruthless imperialist/colonial policy of systematically robbing those who dare to live above resources the Empire needs or wants.
  7. Respect for alliances and partnerships. The AngloZionist Empire has no allies – only vassal states, puppet regimes and comprador 5th columnists. The US has always treated its so-called “allies” with utter contempt, but until Trump this contempt was hidden behind a thin veneer of diplomatic language. With Trump, even that is long gone.

The list goes on and on, really.

The last emperor is also naked…
The last emperor is also naked…

On January 18th of last year I wrote an article entitled “The good news about the Trump Presidency: stupid can be good!” in which I tried to show that by his illiterate actions, Donald Trump was maybe not making “America” (should be the “US” but never mind that megalomania) great, but he sure was weakening the AngloZionist Empire. But this is much bigger than just one narcissistic person, What we are witnessing today is the agony of a civilization which has outlived itself and now that the Empire is in its dying throes I want to mention another good thing Trump did: he became the emperor who himself shouts “the king isn’t wearing anything at all!!” (in the original story, a child does that, but in this case, we have a “fused” “child-emperor” who does that himself).

What are the “clothes” which I am referring to? Primarily what I would call the “Cold War cloak of imperial benevolence”.

Remember the Cold War?

There was the “Evil Empire” whose Commie-Red agents were about to take over the planet and stick everybody in a labor camp versus the (collective) “West”, which embodied the ideas of freedom, democracy, human rights, equality before the law, fairness, objectivity, economic prosperity, impartiality, tolerance, pluralism, etc. etc. etc.

Then, when Clinton became President and the Neocons finally openly and brazenly seized power, a good friend of mine spoke of a “grand coming out” which would be impossible to reverse. He was right. Not only are the Neocons now in total control of the Empire, but they have completely given up on any pretense of respectability. I am not only referring to Gitmo and torture, or the obscene and unconditional support for the last openly racist country on the planet (aka “the only democracy in the Middle-East”) or, for that matter, a long string of completely illegal wars ranging from the wars against the Serbian nation in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. Neither am I referring to the growing list of treaties, agreements and even organizations which the US has abrogated, denounced or withdrawn from. In fact, I am not even referring to the US alone, but also to the so-called “friends and allies” of the Empire which can be described as “the collective West” or, maybe less charitable, the US colonies overseas.

No more ‘human face’ for capitalism!
No more ‘human face’ for capitalism!

When the Neocons finally came out and showed their true face, they did more than just affect the image of the US abroad, they also gave a signal to their colonial administrators that all pretense of decency could now be dropped. Force, brute force, was now the order of the day. This is why Theresa May could spew out the most ridiculous and self-evidently stupid lies about the Skripals (or about Syria, for that matter) or Macron could ban RT from the Élysée and nobody would peep. This is also why Poroshenko can safely declare that the Russian armed forces have invaded the Donbass or the EU can declare that the Russians are culprits in the recent Kerch bridge incident.

The Cold War forced the masters of the Empire to show a kind of “capitalism with a human face”. That Cold War is over now, and there is no need to pretend anymore.

Will the almighty US join the USSR on the trash-heaps of history?

Many Russians living in the West (such as Dmitri Orlov) have noted the numerous similarities between the late Soviet Union (especially the so-called “stagnation years”) and the modern US . I myself made such a list of similarities as far back as 2014 when I listed the following:

  1. A bloated military budget resulting in an ineffective military
  2. A huge and ineffective intelligence community
  3. A crumbling public infrastructure
  4. A world record in the per-capita ratio of incarcerated people (US GULag)
  5. A propaganda machine which nobody trusts any more
  6. An internal dissident movement which the regime tries to keep silent
  7. A systematic use of violence against the citizens
  8. An increase in tensions between Federal and local authorities
  9. An industry whose main exports are weapons and energy
  10. A population fearful of being spied on by the internal security services
  11. A systematic assimilation of dissent with espionage and terrorism
  12. An all-prevailing paranoia about internal and external enemies
  13. A financially catastrophic over-reach of the empire across the planet
  14. An awareness that the entire planet hates you
  15. A subservient press-corps of presstitutes who never dare to ask the real questions
  16. A sky-high rate of substance abuse
  17. A young generation which believes in nothing at all
  18. An educational system in free-fall, (the Soviet one was much better, btw) inbred and White racist redneck
  19. A disgust with politics by the general public
  20. A massive and prevailing amount of corruption on all levels of power

But even more crucial to the eventual fate of the USSR, I would argue, is the immense chasm between what the official ideology proclaims and what the ruling elites actually really do. Speaking about the Ukraine, I wrote in 2014 that ” what the AngloZionists are openly and publicly defending in the Ukraine, is the polar opposite of what they are supposed to stand for. That is an extremely dangerous thing to do for any regime and the AngloZionist Empire is no exception to that rule. Empire often crumbles when their own people become disillusioned and disgusted with the massive discrepancy between what the ruling elites say and what they do and as a result, it is not so much that the Empire is faced with formidable enemies as it is the fact that nobody is willing to stand up – never mind die – in defense of it.”.

The immense, mind-blowing, obscene hypocrisy of the Empire is not only revealed in its actions in the international arena or by the fact that the Empire does not shy away from allying itself with Zionists, Nazis, Takfiris and any other morally repugnant gang of thugs (see in Kosovo, for example) as long as these thugs are willing to act as the cannon fodder of the Empire. The exact same mentality permeates every political action of the Neocons in internal politics too.

The only acceptable outcome for the Clinton Gang
The only acceptable outcome for the Clinton Gang

The Democratic Party especially, reached a new moral and ethical low when it invited Michael Cohen to testify before Congress even though the man is a convicted felon and liar and every word he would speak would be in total violation of the fundamental right of Donald Trump to keep his communications with his lawyer protected by the client-attorney relationship. What is absolutely amazing is that it is Congress which is violating the civil rights of a standing US President, and yet very few observers seem to be outraged by such actions.

This outrage was just the latest in a long series of actions by Congress which show that Congress considers Donald Trump as a traitor and a thug and we can rest assured that the Democrats won’t stop until Trump is jailed. The fact that he is the person chosen by the people of the US to be their president does not seem to matter at all to the lynch-mob in Congress.

Again, what is so striking here is not only how the US elites are turning against each other (which is a sure symptom of a deep crisis), but also the fact that the open persecution of Trump by Congress and the Ziomedia does not even try to come up with some semi-credible explanation or semblance of respectability. What we see is a lynch-mob which is determined to hang the man they have designated as the ultimate evil.

As for Mr MAGA himself, he is now busy calling Ann Coulter a “wacky nut job” to which she responded by calling Trump an “idiot” and that having him as a President is a “national emergency” (Rex Tillerson would agree with her on that!).

Nobody can predict how this struggle between the Neocons and the Clinton Gang on one hand and Trump on the other will play out, but my personal guess is that Trump is a disposable President: the Neocons will use him to do all the crazy shit they typically are known for, and when the inevitable disaster strikes, they will blame him, him alone, while hiding their own role in what took place. This way Trump first gets to play shabbos-goy for the Neocons for a while, until they decide destroy him like Haman or Amalek (the fates of Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi immediately come to mind). Mr MAGA himself clearly was never told that tob shebe goyyim harog.

A dictatorship of minorities next?

What began with the Crusaders will end with this…
What began with the Crusaders will end with this…

We are often told that in a real democracy minorities should be protected against abuse from the majority and, to some degree, this is true. However, the primary function of any kind of real people-power is to protect the majority, the masses, from the abuse they typically suffer at the hand of various (and often federated) minorities. Whether the Founding Fathers intended this or not, the sad reality today is that the US political system is structured in a way to primarily benefit minorities, financial or otherwise. Hence the 1% meme popularized by Occupy Wall Street. The following are some of the characteristics of the most typical minorities found in the US (and elsewhere):

  1. They are typically far more aware of their minority identity/status than the majority. That is to say that if the majority is of skin color A and the minority of skin color B, this minority will be much more acutely aware of its skin color.
  2. They are typically much more driven and active then the majority. This is probably due to their more acute perception of being a minority. Minorities themselves present their social success as a sign of intelligence, of course, even though in reality this is the direct result of a drive which representatives of the majority typically don’t exhibit.
  3. They are only concerned with single-issue politics, that single-issue being, of course, their own minority status.
  4. Since minorities are often unhappy with their minority-status, they are also often resentful of the majority.
  5. Since minorities are mostly preoccupied by their minority-status linked issues, they rarely pay attention to the ‘bigger picture’ and that, in turn, means that the political agenda of the minorities typically does not threaten the powers that be.
  6. Minorities often have a deep-seated inferiority complex towards the putatively more successful majority.
  7. Minorities often seek to identify other minorities with which they can ally themselves against the majority.
Trump Derangement Syndrome
Trump Derangement Syndrome

The reason why the Neocons and their Deep State love to support all types of minorities is very plain and simple: minorities and their (hyper narrow) political agenda represent absolutely no threat whatsoever to the real, hidden, powers which run the Empire. Furthermore, minorities are extremely easy to manipulate. Thus these various minorities represent the ideal power base for a party like the Democratic Party which can then use its control over minority (identity) politics in its struggle against the Republican Party.

Furthermore, if you look at that list of characteristics above, you will immediately recognize the kind of nutcases suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome which seems to chronically overcome Trump-haters.

What makes this situation particularly dangerous is that the Clinton propaganda machine (through the testimony of Mr Cohen) is now suggesting that Trump might not be willing to accept a defeat in the next elections. I submit that the there is much bigger chance of seeing Trump win again and the Clinton gang trying to play a “Guaido” trick on Trump. The screaming creature in this photo does not strike me as willing to accept that anybody but her own preferred candidate would occupy the White House.

Don’t get me wrong – screaming lesbians are funny, especially when they wear these pink “vagina hats”, but there is also a much more ominous aspect to their antics. They are all based on a categorical rejection of the outcome of the electoral process and, which is even worse, a rejection of the “other”, in this case the “deplorable” who dared to vote his/her conscience and not simply obey the instructions of the Ziomedia.

The truth is that the level of ideological intolerance among the opponents of Trump is much, much, higher than among Trump supporters. It is therefore only logical to assume that the potential for violence is much higher among the Trump-haters than it would be elsewhere. Right now all these folks are content with screaming, protesting and drinking every drop of Cool-Aid the Idiot Box delivers to them on a daily basis. But once in power, this “coalition of minorities” will ruin the US even faster than Trump did and whatever regime (as opposed to government or Administration) they put in power, will be a far cry from the worldwide Empire the US attempted to build after WWII.

Conclusion: Quos Deus vult perdere prius dementat

The true face of western “democracy”
The true face of western “democracy”

What is taking place before our eyes is an amazing sight to behold: an Empire which is collapsing both internally and externally at an accelerating pace and the worse the Empire’s objective situation becomes, the more delusional and out of touch the Neocons and their Deep State appear to be.

Irrespective of all its flaws, mistakes and sins, it is sad to see how a civilization which gave the world the likes of Newton or Bach now rots away while being led by a gang of evil, arrogant, clowns. There have been plenty of villains in the history of Europe, but never such a gang of clueless and yet fantastically arrogant rulers. Just look at Trump, Macron or May – these are non-entities which pale in comparison to such leaders as Reagan, Mitterrand or even Margaret Thatcher (hardly a hero of mine, but the lady was smart, no doubt about that).

Now, with the likes of Pompeo in charge we can only pray that the losers running this dying Empire will not trigger a nuclear holocaust, whether by design or by sheer stupidity.

By The Saker
Source: The Unz Review

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