Pakistani Liberals Should be Ashamed at Being on the Same Side as Foreign Fascists

There are two groups among whom a pathological hatred of Pakistan is becoming ever more pronounced and vicious. The first group are Pakistani liberals themselves, whether those living in Pakistan or those living abroad. The second group are white westerners who identify as neo-Nazis/fascists and/or white supremacists. While modern western fascists and Pakistani liberals would most likely not make common cause with one another if specifically asked to do so in the public sphere, when it comes to what they think and say about Pakistan’s history, state institutions and cultural characteristics, the similarities are all too clear and all too horrifying.

As a nation founded on the basis of sheltering, liberating and offering opportunity to the formerly colonised Muslims of what was the British Raj, Pakistan holds the distinction of being a state formed by and for Muslims. This is something that Prime Minister Imran Khan has rightly stated is a matter of pride that should be shared collectively throughout the Ummah (global Islamic community). Inversely however, Pakistan’s identity as a state specifically formed to guarantee a large Islamic community the right to life, peace and happiness, continues to represent a target of hatred among western neo-Nazis.

The fact that western neo-Nazis have for nearly a century openly associated with Hindutva extremists is not a revelation. Hindutva’s founding father Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was an open admirer of European fascists and Nazis of early 20th century whilst many European fascists continue to oddly claim that they share a common lineage with those preaching the Hindutva doctrine. Indeed it was the growth in the popularity of Hindutva within the British Raj that ultimately convinced Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah of the importance of the two nation theory as a means of protecting the lives of ordinary Muslims against terrorist mobs led by groups like RSS.

But while the mutual admiration between Hindutva radicals and western white supremacists is one that has existed for nearly a century, the supine ideological alliance between Pakistani liberals and western fascists is one that dare not speak its name. The fact of the matter though is that such groups have the same anti-Pakistani talking points which include some of the following defamatory stances against Pakistan:

–“Pakistan harbours terrorism”

–“Pakistan uses religion to promote radicalism”

–“Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are uniquely horrible compared to seemingly every other nation”

–“Pakistan censors secular media content”

–“Pakistan is less democratic than India”

–“Pakistan has threatened Afghanistan”

All of these horrible and despicable lies told about Pakistan are commonplace among the western far right who in their insatiable drive to demonise anything associated with Islam, are happy to spout talking points and even offer direct quotes from Pakistani liberals whose ideology is supposedly opposed to fascism on the European model.

But if for some it is odd to see self-described “white supremacists” ally with Indian Hindutva extremists whose skin happens not to be white, it is perhaps even more peculiar for the European far right to join hands with Pakistani liberals in forgiving the crimes that the far-left post-Saur Revolution Afghan regime inflicted on Pakistan.

It seems that among those who hate Pakistan, the only thing that need be consistent in their ideology is to slander Pakistan at all costs and as frequently as possible. Apart from this singular goal, all further attempts at ideological consistency go straight out the window.

In this sense, Pakistani liberals are even more dangerous to the survival of the Pakistani state than are Hindutva extremists and western Islam hating fascists. This is the case because whilst Hindutva terrorists and fascist terrorists are utterly clear about their wish to eliminate Pakistan as a country, Pakistani liberals claim that they can offer salvation to Pakistan – a salvation that would require Pakistan to forgo all of its organic cultural characteristics and adopt those alien to Pakistan.

Therefore, whilst a Hindutva or fascist attempt to wipe out Pakistan could only be accomplished in a harrowing military battle, the agenda of Pakistani liberals seeks to erode Pakistan from within by destroying that which makes Pakistan, Pakistan. If the Pakistani liberals got their way, people would not even notice their country disappearing from beneath their feet. They would simply wake up after several decades and find that they were living in a foreign country that happened to live under a familiar green and white flag.

Whilst Pakistani liberals constantly bully their fellow countrymen and women into renouncing Pakistan’s heritage and history, they refuse to criticise those who live to slander Pakistan as though for sport. There is no need to ask why this is. The truth is clearly self-evident.

By Adam Garrie
Source: Eurasia Future

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