Trump and Putin Hold a 90-Minute Telephone Call, US Liberals Go Ballistic

Like a pit bull with its favorite chew toy, the Democrats refuse to abandon the debunked ‘Russian collusion’ script, to the point where a simple phone call between Moscow and Washington triggers rabid media hysterics.

When tasked to cover last week’s telephone conversation between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the left-leaning mainstream media had a golden opportunity to prove it had moved beyond partisan politics, above intrigue, and above subjective bias. Predictably, it failed the test miserably. What the media did prove, however, came as no surprise: it is totally incapable of casting a gaze beyond the debris-strewn battlefield field known as Russiagate and report on US-Russia relations in a dispassionate and honest manner.

Instead, it obsessed over petty details, like the duration of the phone call and the fact that it was initiated by Donald Trump instead of the Russians. “Trump Initiated Putin Call, And It Was 90 Minutes, Not 60,” a snooty headline in the Huffington Post screamed, much like dozens of other unhinged outlets as if the world’s myriad problems can be sorted out in an afternoon over Twitter.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told the journalists that Trump and Putin discussed a number of global flash points, predominantly Venezuela, where the US, Russia and even China are jockeying for position as a showdown continues between Washington’s man in Caracas, Juan Guaido and the embattled but duly elected President Nicolás Maduro. Given that the US has long considered Latin America its private hunting grounds makes it all the more unacceptable for Washington policymakers and the media that Moscow and Beijing are nosing around in their backyard.

With no loss of irony, which we’ll come to in a moment, the US pundit class assailed Trump for taking Vladimir Putin’s word at face value when he said that Russia, as quoted by Trump, “is not looking at all to get involved in Venezuela other than he’d like to see something positive happen for Venezuela.”

In one uniformed and very agitated voice, the media bloodhounds demanded to know how it was possible that Trump placed faith in Putin, when just days earlier his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed that Maduro was preparing to flee to Cuba – but was discouraged by Russia.

“He had an airplane on the tarmac, he was ready to leave this morning as we understand it and the Russians indicated he should stay,” Pompeo told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer with a remarkably straight face. “He was headed for Havana.”

Trump himself probably didn’t know exactly who or what to believe since just last month Pompeo the pompous practically fell out of his chair laughing as he told an audience from Texas A&M University about his heyday as CIA chief.

“I was the CIA director,” he began with a smile. “We lied, we cheated, we stole. We had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment.”

When glory moments involve the lowest examples of human behavior it is painful to imagine what a bad day looks like. But I digress.

Regrettably, the young and impressionable students and faculty welcomed the creepy confession as some kind of a big joke, chortling as Pompeo resembled a frat boy discussing last night’s drunken endeavors. It may speak volumes about the American state of mind that no audience member thought to inquire as to what use Mr. Secretary of State was putting those “entire training courses” especially as the United States continues to employ psychological warfare against Maduro. Those methods include suggesting that top officials in his inner circle have secretly betrayed him, while disseminating the ‘news’ that he is about to flee. Such tricks from the regime change handbook may be giving the Venezuelan leader many a sleepless nights, but thus far it has failed to dislodge him from power.

Another point of discussion between the two leaders was on the question of North Korea, where Trump said they “reiterated both the commitment and need for denuclearization.” Relating to those discussions, Trump and Putin discussed the prospects of extending the New START, the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty that expires in 2021, and signing a new nuclear disarmament treaty between Russia, the US and China. On this issue, the media stayed mostly silent, knowing that any major treaty at this date in time would boost Trump’s chances in 2020, a scenario that practically the entire mainstream media machine is working 24/7 to avoid.

The big moment when the media feigned a conniption fit came when Trump said he felt no need to warn Putin not to interfere in the 2020 presidential elections. The US leader was even so reckless as to refer to the Mueller Report, the Left’s golden calf it worships daily, as the “Russian hoax.”

One of the best reactions to Trump and the way he allegedly got manhandled by Putin through the fiber optic cable came courtesy of CNN national security analyst, Samantha Vinograd, who was so alarmed by the US leader’s phone etiquette she suggested removing his telephone privileges, and perhaps even the family sedan on weekends.

“Trump has only proven to be putty in Putin’s hands and the best thing the President’s national security team can do is to limit his phone time at all costs,” Vinograd the analyst suggested.

Last but not least, Trump said that he and Vladimir Putin both look forward to improving trade relations between their respective countries, which suggests that the easing of sanctions may be on the horizon. That would serve as a major boon for the US economy, which is already smoking hot despite some fears that it’s in reality a smoke and mirrors economy. In any event, if Trump can keep that economic train chugging along at a crisp pace until 2020, he will be an easy shoe-in for another term, that is, if he can bear the thought of putting up with another four years of antics from the biggest sore losers the world of politics has ever seen.

By Robert Bridge
Source: Strategic Culture

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