The Three Humiliating Ways That India Made a Fool Out of Iran

India made a fool out of Iran by allying with its American & “Israeli” enemies, victimizing it with the blowback from its Hybrid War on CPEC, and crippling is budget by depriving it of its second-largest oil customer.

India, true to Modi and his National Security Advisor Doval’s commitment to the Machiavellian-like tricks of their civilization’s ancient strategist Chanakya, made a complete fool out of Iran over the past year in three main ways that saw the South Asian state take full advantage of its so-called “partner” in order to advance its own interests at the Islamic Republic’s expense:

* Allying With Iran’s American & “Israeli” Enemies:

Nothing could be more disrespectful to the Islamic Republic than India’s newfound alliance with its hated American & “Israeli” enemies, which has recently taken the form of an anti-Iranian military deployment to the Gulf and the massive purchase of arms from the self-professed “Jewish State”.

* Victimizing Iran With Blowback From The Hybrid War On CPEC:

India’s employment of feudalist Baloch terrorists as proxies for sabotaging CPEC — a vicious HybridWar campaign that was previously managed by convicted RAW agent Kulbhushan Jadhav — finally blew back into Iran after it created the regional conditions that enabled last December’s suicide bombing in Chabahar.

* Depriving Iran Of Its Second-Largest Oil Customer:

New Delhi used to be Tehran’s second-largest oil customer until it submitted to Washington’s unilateral sanctions regime against the Islamic Republic and discontinued purchasing this resource, which threatens to cripple the country’s already-fraught budget and facilitate more Color Revolution unrest there.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Eurasia Future

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