A Few Simple Arguments Which Cast Serious Doubt on the ‘Holocaust’

Sit the students down and explain slowly: “According to the World Jewish Encyclopaedia there resided 2.4 million Jews in German-Occupied Europe. After the war, 3.8 million Jewish ‘holocaust survivors’ were receiving pensions from the German government. Tragically, the remaining six million were lost.”

Let us see if the students have been paying attention and now ask the class how many Jews died during World War Two.

Six million, sir!”

Okay, let’s start again: “Doctor Charles P. Larson, one of America’s leading forensic pathologists, in 1945 was assigned to the US Army’s Judge Advocate General’s department. As part of a US war crimes, investigation team Dr. Larson performed autopsies at Dachau and some twenty other camps examining more than 100 corpses on some days.

Dr. Larson confirmed that none of the autopsies he performed showed any evidence of death by poison gas. But, his conclusion was that death had occurred by typhus and starvation (as a consequence of USAAF and RAF saturation bombing).”

Testing the students to see if attention is being paid, the question is again asked and the knee-jerk Pavlov response is, “Six million, sir.”

It is exasperating, I know, but let us persist.

“Poland has cut its estimate of the number of people killed by the Nazis in Auschwitz from four million to just over one million. According to Jewish media in Tel Aviv, “The revised figures support claims by Israeli researchers that Poland’s former (Communist) government exaggerated the number of victims.”

Deep breath: “Students; how many Jews were gassed at Auschwitz?”

The six million figures are again parroted and the lesson on truth awareness becomes a surreal experience.

You try again: “Students, Norman Finkelstein joins others, including prominent Jews, in conceding that the holocaust is a criminal deception: the prominent Jewish researcher says; “Indeed, the field of holocaust studies is replete with nonsense if not sheer fraud.”

Exasperated you repeat your earlier question and again the reply is that six million died. Yes, it is wearing, but surrender to gormlessness simply isn’t an option. With a thin smile, the straightening of your spine and your patience at low ebb, you press home your point.

“I see you have been paying attention (eyes roll). “Germany is trapped in a defensive war, not of its making. Caught in a pincer movement by three world empires, this nation, smaller than the State of Texas, is fighting for its very survival against hopeless odds.

Throughout Germany the basic necessities of life are exhausted, life is in disarray, its outnumbered near defeated armies are out of ammunition, schoolboys are conscripted to defend German cities. Yet, despite these tribulations, Germans find the time to identify three times as many Jews as are known to exist. They then transport them thousands of miles across war-torn Europe in rail cars they don’t possess. These millions are delivered to a score of camps scattered across remote areas of Germany and Poland. There they are fed, tattooed and then afterwards gassed in gas chambers that have never since been discovered. Nor have the remains of six million corpses. Students, this is what you believe?”

“Yes, sir.”

Do you give up at this point? No, let’s try another direction: “Any normal court of law requires evidence of a crime. However and bizarrely, Articles 19 and 21 of the Nuremburg Statute of Court dispensed with any requirement that evidential proof of deliberate homicide be provided. Now, tell me again, how many Jew were killed?”

“Sir, six million”

Your fingers are now drumming on your desk: “Did you know, students, 9 million of the 16 million Jews world-wide are collecting ‘reparations’. Benefits extend to children and dependents born to ‘survivors’ even though they had been born after World War Two. On registering their claim they are handed $35,000, receive $2,000 per month and receive free health care for life. Tell me again, how many Jews died?”

“Six million, sir.”

“According to the Jewish World Almanac, the Jewish world population in 1933 stood at 13,315,859. By 1938, one year before the outbreak of war, the census showed a total of 15,748,091 Jews. Residing in the Third Reich were 210,000 Jews, some refugees fleeing Polish pogroms.

In 1948, three years after the war ended, the census reveals a total of 15,753,638 Jews world-wide. In 2017 the figure is still under 16 million. Now, let’s repeat my question; how many Jews died in the holocaust?”

“Er, six million, sir!”

The aforementioned explains the power of what Hitler accused the Jews of; the power of the big lie. If a lie is big enough and it is repeated often enough the gullible will continue to believe the lie even in the total absence of proof.

Now you know why Winston Churchill remarked; “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

Douglas Reed Could Not Understand Either

“Gentile worship of, kowtowing to, servile deference toward, and desire to be led by Jews baffles me. Their maniacal, frenzied, foaming-at-the-mouth hatred and bloodthirsty cruelty, their endless Big Lies, I don’t get the worship.” ~ Douglas Reed (1895-1976), Chief Central European correspondent for the London Times, later the author of classic Politically Incorrect and books of dissent (e.g., The Controversy of Zion).

By Michael Walsh
Source: The Ethnic European

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