Is the “Extinction Rebellion” a Scheme Cooked Up by the Alt-Establishment?

The so-called “Extinction Rebellion” set to begin later this month with “Global Climate Strikes” could be a scheme cooked up by the Alt-Establishment, which refers to the con game being played by the current power brokers who deceptively misportray themselves as the “anti-establishment” through the various proxy organizations that they bankroll.


The Mainstream Media has started promoting the so-called “Extinction Rebellion” in recent weeks that’s set to begin later this month with “Global Climate Strikes”, which are being presented as a “global revolution” of sorts carried out by people from all walks of life and cultures uniting for the sake of the planet’s future.

The idea, as it’s being sold to the masses, is that walking out of one’s school or job to participate in these “historic” events will somehow or another convince one’s educational administrators or employers to throw their support behind the “climate change” movement through active donations and other means in order to ensure that this general agenda is eventually advanced by every government across the world “before it’s too late”.

The climate campaign has become extremely popular in recent years as inclement weather adds credence to the claims that the climate is indeed changing despite the disagreements (some of which are obviously politicized) about who or what is to blame, but there’s no doubt that it’s become an all-inclusive worldwide movement that by its very nature is vulnerable to exploitation, and therein lies the problem with the “Extinction Rebellion”.

At risk of sounding what will be smeared as “conspiratorial” by critics, there’s a very conceivable chance that the many well-intended but extremely gullible people participating in these planned events might be manipulated by what can be described as the “Alt-Establishment”, which refers to the con game being played by the current power brokers who deceptively misportray themselves as the “anti-establishment” through the various proxy organizations that they bankroll.

To be more direct, it wouldn’t be surprising if links were discovered between Big Oil and some of the “NGOs” involved in organizing the “Global Climate Strikes”. For as counterintuitive as this might initially sound, it would make sense from their perspective to want to groom, co-opt, and/or control legitimately anti-establishment sentiment as manifested in the “climate change” movement for their own ends which could include eventually discrediting them or even using them as a “bargaining chip” with lawmakers (e.g. offering to reduce pressure on them in exchange for certain concessions, whether public or secret).

The reason for this speculation is that groups such as “Black Lives Matter” and other movements/organizations supported by establishment foundations will be participating in some of the “Extinction Rebellion’s” events, and as the cliched saying goes, “birds of the same feather flock together”.

To be clear, that’s not to imply “guilt by association” for everyone associated with any of those entities, but just to challenge folks to think outside of their comfort zone and attempt to understand the larger dynamics of social movement manipulation, “classically” manifested through Color Revolutions but having evolved over the past two decades into seemingly apolitical movements like the “climate change” one that nevertheless rely on the same pressure tactics pioneered by Gene Sharp.

Having said that, legitimately anti-establishment and revolutionary movements can cleverly use those to advance their own interests, but they become part of the establishment or a “useful idiot” thereof if any financial link can be establishment between vested interests and them and/or their partners, which is why the “Extinction Rebellion” is so suspicious and should therefore be treated with the utmost caution by all.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Global Research

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