Coronavirus: What the Western Media Doesn’t Tell You: High Recovery Rates in China

Western media hype: Fear and panic, disruption of the global economy. That makes the headlines.

But not a word is mentioned that the COVID-19 pandemic in China is under control: people are being treated in hospitals and they are recovering. 

On February 28, China reported 36,157 out of a total of 78,961 reported cases as having recovered.

China has reported (March 1st) a 52.1 percent recovery rate, which signifies that more than half of the patients (confirmed cases) have been discharged from the hospitals. And the Chinese hospitals (which are very strict) will not release them if they are still infected or could transmit the COVID-19 coronavirus.

What this means is that the number of “reported infected cases” in China (out of total of 80 304 cases) (WHO data, March 3, 2020) has fallen to less than 40,000. But that does not make the headlines. 

If this trend continues in the following weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic in China will be resolved.

UDPATE (March 5, 2020). According to  Mi Feng, a spokesperson for the National Health Commission (NHC), (press conference on March 4 (Beijing time). 

The cure rate, i.e. proportion of patients who have recovered from COVID-19 is as follows:

  1. The city of Wuhan: 50.2%
  2. Other places in Hubei Province: 76.8%
  3.  Chinese provinces (excluding Hubei): 87.3 %

By Tuesday, March 3, a total of 49,856 patients have recovered from COVID-19 and were discharged from hospitals in China.

What this means that the total number of  “confirmed infected cases” in China is 30,448.

Namely 80,304 minus 49856 = 30,448 (80 304 is the total number on confirmed cases in China (WHO data, March 3, 2020)

The 10,566 confirmed cases outside China (WHO data, see below) also include the cases of patients who have recovered and who have been released from hospital. But we do no have data on recoveries. And the Western media has not taken the trouble to differentiate between the total number of “confirmed cases” (which includes people who have recovered and have been released from the hospital) and “confirmed cases with infection”.

With regard to China, according to Xinhua (March 1)

The recovery rate of COVID-19 patients in Chinese mainland continues to rise as the favorable effects of the prevention and control measures and medical treatment become obvious, said Chinese authorities.

The proportion of Chinese patients who recovered from the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and were discharged from hospitals continued to rise in the past week to reach 52.1 percent, a health official said on Sunday (March 1)

The following data on COVID-19 was confirmed on March 3 by the WHO

SITUATION IN NUMBERS total and new cases in last 24 hours


90 870 confirmed (1922 new)



80 304 confirmed (130 new) 2946 deaths (31 new)

Outside of China

10 566 confirmed (1792 new) 72 countries (8 new)

166 deaths (38 new)

WHO, data for March 3, 2020 released on March 4

Total coronavirus confirmed cases tops 94,000. Breakdown by country excluding Mainland China (John Hopkins, March 4, 2020)

The largest number of cases outside China is South Korea.

South Korea: 5,621

Italy: 2,502
Iran: 2,922
Others: 706
Japan: 304
Germany: 244
Spain: 193
Singapore: 110
France: 212
Hong Kong: 102
U.S.: 128 

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Source: Global Research

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