India’s Waging a State-On-Citizen Hybrid War to Build Modi’s Hindu Rashtra

New Delhi, the capital of the self-professed “World’s Largest Democracy”, has turned into a dystopia after anti-government protests during the time of Trump’s geostrategically pivotal visit quickly descended into Islamophobic attacks and a state-backed killing spree as a direct result of the latest iteration of Prime Minister Modi’s infamous “Gujarat model” of state-on-citizen Hybrid War.


Dystopia In The Capital Of The Self-Professed “World’s Largest Democracy”

The Self-Professed ‘World’s Largest Democracy’ Is Experiencing A Real Uprising” as the author wrote late last year in response to the nationwide protests that erupted there against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), which expedites the granting of this political privilege to religious minorities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan who moved to India in order to supposedly flee persecution for their beliefs but which adds an overtly religious element to what’s constitutionally supposed to be the secular nature of the Indian state. Last month’s “Jawaharlal Nehru University Attack Showed Just How Fascist The ‘Modi Mob’ Is“, with the author using the neologism “Modi Mob” to describe the nationwide network of BJP supporters that actively works to intimidate all who are opposed to them on social media and increasingly in the streets. Seeing as how “India’s Building A ‘Hindu Rashtra’ Through Large-Scale ‘Demographic Engineering’“, it’s conceivable that a large-scale massacre against the Muslim minority had been planned for some time, especially since “India’s Doing Everything That Israel Wishes It Could Do, But Few Seem To Care” following its de-facto annexation of Kashmir last August. That’s exactly what’s happening in New Delhi nowadays after anti-government protests during the time of Trump’s geostrategically pivotal visit quickly descended into Islamophobic attacks and a state-backed killing spree as a result of the latest iteration of Prime Minister Modi’s infamous “Gujarat model” of siccing Hindutva paramilitary death squads against Indian Muslims for political-religious purposes.

The Modi Mob Might Be Planning A Massive Anti-Muslim Massacre

The capital of the self-professed “world’s largest democracy” is in such a state of dystopia at the moment that a so-called “prohibitory order” has just been imposed by the police. According to Sputnik, “Carrying weapons or any incendiary material is prohibited. Printing, circulation or dissemination of communally sensitive, provocative material even on social media is prohibited. Assembly of more than four persons and any kind of demonstration without any permission of competent authority is prohibited.” Upping the ante to unprecedentedly dangerous levels, the police have been ordered to shoot on sight in one of New Delhi’s districts, with the city’s Chief Minister calling for a military intervention and a citywide curfew. For all intents and purposes, that would amount to martial law and the possible imposition of the feared “Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act” (AFSPA) that’s been abused to carry out arbitrary detentions and even extrajudicial killings for over the past half-century. The state might predictably “justify” this move on the basis of its unproven claims that “the violence in some parts of Delhi appears to be orchestrated so that those involved in it get wide publicity” during Trump’s visit, something that new RT contributor and senior Indian journalist Ashish Shukla speculatively claimed beyond all reason is proof of a “time-tested Western modus operandi” in spite of India nowadays being one of the US’ main military-strategic (“junior”) partners anywhere in the world whose stability is central to achieving America’s grand strategic objectives in the New Cold War.

Tricky Infowar Tactics

The narrative that the Indian government, its Mainstream & Alternative Media supporters like Shukla, and the Modi Mob are propagating is heavy with innuendo that the latest events might part of a “terrorist conspiracy” that might have even been “plotted in Pakistan” (given their propensity to paint their neighboring rival as the bogeyman anytime anything whatsoever at all goes wrong inside their country), hoping that this will earn them the “international community’s” sympathy which could then be exploited as a “carte blanche’ for carrying out a massive anti-Muslim massacre. Should any criticism arise during the course of that killing campaign, then it can be expected that India will simply blame “liberals” like new RT contributor Sanjay Patrakar preemptively did last month in his op-ed titled “Protests over citizenship law in India prove liberal elites only like democracy if they agree with the results“. Shukla, for his part, titled his previously cited article “Sorry, Western Media: Delhi violence is unlikely to upset Trump or Modi”, confirming that there’s indeed a visible trend of pro-government commentators using publicly financed Russian international media as a means for covering their government’s tracks in advance of what the author strongly suspects is a preplanned massacre, taking advantage of RT’s editorial policy of criticizing liberalism and the Western media to trick this globally respected and extremely reputable outlet into publishing their discredited infowar pieces.

Debunking The Modi Mob’s Narrative

The problem, however, is that there’s credible evidence that the “official narrative” of implying a “terrorist conspiracy” is entirely fraudulent. A mosque was set ablaze by the Modi Mob and members of this death squad even torched the homes of several Muslim families according to the online Indian media outlet “The Caravan”, an Indian magazine, also published a piece headlined “Delhi violence: Cops shouted “Jai Shri Ram” with armed Hindu mob, charged at Muslims“. It’s for this reason why Udit Raj, a politician from the Congress opposition party, told India’s ANI that “The Police, RSS and BJP have orchestrated the riots in Maujpur, Jaffrabad and Karawal Nagar”. The three aforementioned news reports are from Indian media, not the foreign press, and ANI is known to be close to the BJP. This “politically inconvenient” fact immediately discredits Shukla’s completely unsubstantiated infowar claim that there’s an “international conspiracy” brewing against India since the dystopia that’s taken over New Delhi in the past few days is a natural outcome of the country’s preexisting identity differences that were deliberately exacerbated by the ruling party per its unstated but heavily implied envisaged goal of creating a “Hindu Rashtra” (Hindu fundamentalist state) at the expense of the hundreds of millions of its non-Hindu people.

State-On-Citizen Hybrid Warfare

Pakistani Prime Minister Khan tweeted that “Today in India we are seeing the Nazi-inspired RSS ideology take over a nuclear-armed state of over a billion people. Whenever a racist ideology based on hatred takes over, it leads to bloodshed. As I had predicted in my address to UN GA last yr, once the genie is out of the bottle the bloodshed will get worse. IOJK was the beginning. Now 200 million Muslims in India are being targeted. The world community must act now.” Truth be told, he’s absolutely correct, having presciently predicted this development last September during his keynote speech at the UN General Assembly that the author analyzed at the time in his piece about how “Pakistan Just Warned The World About The 21st Century’s Munich Moment“. Going even further, considering that the author is literally an internationally recognized expert on Hybrid Warfare (having even been cited twice by the NATO Defence College on page 2 of their November 2015 research paper on “Russia’s Renewed Military Thinking: Non-Linear Warfare and Reflexive Control” and page 10 of their December 2015 book about “NATO’s Response To Hybrid Threats“), he can confidently assert that the latest events in New Delhi bear all the hallmarks of state-on-citizen Hybrid Warfare per a variation of the model that he elaborated on in his August 2015 book titled “Hybrid Wars: The Indirect Adaptive Approach To Regime Change” (available on Kindle here and as a free PDF here) and its follow-up e-book “The Law Of Hybrid Warfare” (available in full on Kindle here and for free on a chapter-by-chapter basis here).

Concluding Thoughts

As it stands, the capital of the self-professed “world’s largest democracy” is sliding faster than ever into dystopia, with Modi Mob violence completely out of control as the state sits back, stokes the flames, and signals to its death squads that an anti-Muslim massacre might be the most “patriotic” thing that any “true believer” in Hindutva could do at the moment to show their support for India’s goal of transforming into a “Hindu Rashtra”. The situation is extremely disturbing but wasn’t at all unpredictable since it was only a matter of time before Modi’s “Gujurat model” of state-on-citizen Hybrid Warfare spread to New Delhi, having been inspired by his forerunners’ killing campaign against the Sikhs of Punjab in 1984 and then recently “perfected” by the man himself against the Muslims of Kashmir in 2019 like the author wrote in his analysis last September about how “1984 Punjab Was The Template For 2019 Kashmir“. Prime Minister Khan made an important point in saying that “the world community must act now” because the scale and scope of the potentially imminent massacre that might take place in New Delhi could set the entire subcontinent of over 1,5 billion people ablaze, though it’s entirely foreseeable that the Modi Mob will disingenously rebuke this principled call for a diplomatic intervention as nothing more “Western” and “liberal” meddling despite it being an issue of serious concern for the whole world.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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