Operation Occupy White House Enters Final Act

On any given day I vacillate between thinking The Davos Crowd is in desperation mode or believes they’ve got this and can ride the chaos unleashed to their preferred future.

And, sadly, men like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are the ones picked to help us stop them. The White House has been a target since they lost control of it in November 2016.

Brexit has been attacked mercilessly since the June 2016 vote. The acceleration of the populist revolt against this future has, in turn, accelerated their plans to cancel national sovereignty, square the circles of projects like the European Union and activate their shock troops to openly attack the foundations of society.

We’ve all been breathlessly watching this on our iPhones for the past week.

Starting with the operation to lock people in their homes over a cold, they then denied the effectiveness of a cure which was easily found through research into SARS.

The cure was immediately politicized and marginalized by a now retracted study to radicalize people who weren’t thinking clearly.

Their hatred for Donald Trump was so all-consuming they wanted to believe the discredited Lancet Study without actually reading it or asking basic questions like why would people in power be so against a potential cure?

The social distancing, lock downs and mask-wearing short circuited people’s sanity and put them into hyper-emotional states, making them susceptible to a much more insidious virus, that of the mind.

Those who fell for this continue to defend mask-wearing even though the virus has burned out, masks only make healthy people hypoxic, and the cure for COVID-19 is cheap and effective.

Why? Because they are invested in their position emotionally, not logically.

Just like the looting and rioting over George Floyd. As I said in previous articles, no one disagrees about the death of George Floyd. There aren’t ‘Two movies here.” So what is really going on?

Bringing those two operations together into one meme we get this.

Meanwhile, after months of telling us to ‘socially distance’ and putting tape on the floors of all the stores to keep us six feet apart people are out looting and rioting in masks.

They have transferred the image system of mask-wearing Antifa radicals and thugs to normie, conscientious, white people properly outraged by police brutality and the looting by our politicians, bankers, CEOs and institutional office holders — the architects of our misery, in case you haven’t been keeping up.

Now everyone is properly confused between peacefully protesting but not social distancing.

So they show up in masks to virtue signal about COVID-19 while the masked looters and instigators incite insurrection and violence to destabilize further already fragile and overwhelmed public infrastructure.

And it looks from here like a well-executed plan. Or does it? Because at the same time people are asking these basic questions, like, “I thought it was wrong to go to the beach? Why is it okay to march en masse to the White House?”

So that means a cover statement is needed as more than 1200 ‘health care professionals’ (and community organizers, btw) send out the message that Racism is more important than coronavirus.

That is actually true since racism is a real problem and COVID-19 isn’t.

It also means George Soros declaring in his best Bank CEO voice that he has nothing to do with the rioting.

Yeah, and the bank is fully capitalized, right?

He has to do this because now he and his DNC cronies are the targets of official investigations into the funding tentacles behind Antifa.

It’s not that deep really, because that’s what animates the desire to believe the narratives coming from The Davos Crowd.

You know, Orange Man Bad.

Because ultimately what we’re seeing here is the evolution of Occupy Wall St. into Occupy White House, nothing more, nothing less.

And they are trying to create the Hobson’s Choice between a Joe Biden presidency which will restore their order to the White House to continue their plans or allow Antifa to storm D.C. and complete the color revolution started morning after the 2016 election.

The mask is the new black.

And looking at how sloppily this operation has played out over the past few months, despite the insane destruction engendered, it still isn’t likely to work.

Because no matter how bad things get, it’s clear little of this is Donald Trump’s fault. COVID-19 wasn’t anything close to bad enough to discredit Trump. It was the wrong virus but it was convenient.

In the end, they’ve just televised the wrong revolution, folks.

Every single issue that the Democrats used to control the moral high ground on, except abortion, has been burned up in the past week. Any good will Black Lives Matter had with working class white and Hispanic Americans is ash.

These people don’t want this chaos. And they are the vast majority of voters.

College students don’t vote and small cadres of soft soy boys playing revolutionary will not over run the suburbs and rural communities. They’ll just get shot.

The best this mind virus of late stage Comintern-inspired, fetishistic Marxism can do is get soft-headed soccer moms and celebrity victims of Harvey Weinstein to shave their heads.

Oh, sure, things have fundamentally changed and there will be people who will never feel comfortable going out in public again without a mask. But that will progressively be seen as them covering their fragile psyches since they can’t admit they’re losers.

Better to hide behind the virtue signal that they care about your health or your inequality, which, by the way, no one actually believes, Karen. So, take off the mask and just apologize already.

Better yet, shut up because the grown ups are talking and you might learn something.

It’s pathetic, but what do you expect from an infantilized society brought up to believe the Magic Money Tree can absolve us of the responsibility of our mistakes.

And the worst part about all of this is that these very people who think they are protesting against a system they are right to think is unjust, unfair and anathema to human civilization, are doing the heavy lifting for the people who run that very system.

Here’s the trailer for their future:

And, Trump, for all of his myriad faults, is the best shot we have of avoiding their totalitarian future. Not because he’s not a liar, a vane prick or even a good president, but because he knows The Davos Crowd is all even more full of shit than he is.

So, go forward with your Operation Occupy White House ye men of Davos. You pulled the trigger on this too early. Gun sales in the U.S. alone are enough to ensure Trump gets re-elected in November.

But it may be the 70 million people to date that watched Candace Owens own the bully pulpit surrounding the hypocrisy of George Floyd’s murder that now has them in a real panic.

Not that I think for one minute this will dissuade the people pushing this Operation forward will listen to a word of it. They are in too deep now. They are pot committed and will continue to stoke these fires until election day.

They are hoping for that magic moment that will turn the majority of the country away from Trump and back towards them. But with a majority of Americans believing the police are being too lenient on the rioters and 40% of black voters approving of Trump’s handling of the situation, good luck with that.

Numbers like that have Trump winning in an electoral college landslide.

This is why I’m torn between ascribing malice and incompetence for 2020 so far. Events have been coordinated to achieve a particular end, ending Trump, but so far they’ve done nothing other than push things in the exact opposite direction of that goal.

By Tom Luongo
Source: Gold Goats ‘n Guns

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