Seattle’s CHAZ is a Recipe for Civil War

Antifa’s declaration of the so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ) in a six-block area of Seattle is a recipe for civil war since it pushes the US closer to the brink of a lethal confrontation between this terrorist group and the country’s security services, one which is almost certain to lead to massive “collateral damage” to the people who are volunteering themselves as de-facto “human shields” to protect the insurrectionists for ideological reasons, thus likely intensifying the ongoing Hybrid War of Terror on America beyond the point of no return.


Background Briefing

Antifa recently took over an abandoned police precinct in Seattle and declared the so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ) in a six-block area, which is a recipe for civil war since it pushes the US closer to the brink of a potentially lethal confrontation between this terrorist group and the country’s security services. The author explored the origins, development, and future course of this conflict in his extensive piece about how “The Hybrid War Of Terror On America Was Decades In The Making“, which should be reviewed by any readers who aren’t already familiar with it in order to better understand his perspective on this overall situation irrespective of whether they ultimately agree with it or not. In addition, his analysis about how “The Syncretism Of Economic Leftism & Social Fascism Is The World’s Newest Danger” should also prove insightful for interested readers as well. The gist is that this leftist-terrorist organization and its institutional (media, pop culture, political, and other) allies have have spent years slowly but steadily usurping control over various levers of influence and power in the US, only to now come out of the shadows and take their war to the streets following the “trigger event” of George Floyd’s death during his arrest late last month in a desperate effort to prevent Trump’s re-election and thus complete their seizure of the state.

CHAZ Is Part Of Antifa’s Two-Step Dance Towards Chaos

Antifa’s carving out of CHAZ in Seattle as a lawless insurrectionist bastion is occurring in parallel with its attempt to lead African-Americans to their slaughter in order to provoke a “race war”, both of which are part of their and their allies’ campaign of chaos intended to create the so-called “revolutionary conditions” for a nationwide uprising. Both tactics aim to provoke a lethal confrontation between the “deep state’s” foot soldiers and the security services, one which is almost certain to lead to massive “collateral damage” to the people who are volunteering themselves as “human shields” to protect the terrorists for ideological reasons. The outcome of that scenario could prospectively take the US beyond the point of no return whereby anti-state sympathies could surge to unprecedented levels, manifesting themselves not only in further acts of terrorism but also in support for radical policies such as dismantling the police. The latter could effectively cede control of America’s cities to Democrat-controlled political militias, essentially replicating the CHAZ model across the whole country to anarchic ends. After all, the apolitical “community enforcers” among them could be intimidated by mob violence targeting their homes, and their Democrat overseers running this scheme could copy-and-paste the “sanctuary city” model to create a “legal” challenge to the federal government’s law enforcement efforts.

“Martyrs For The Cause”

Trump has already threatened in twotweets that the federal authorities will restore law and order in the CHAZ if the city and state ones don’t do so first. One of his messages made the point that “radical left Democrats” run Seattle, which strongly hints that they’re facilitating this chaos as part of the previously mentioned HybridWar of Terror on America. To explain, there was no reason in the first place why the police abandoned their precinct that Antifa later took over. It’s unclear who issued the order to withdraw without a fight, but whoever that individual is was arguably motivated by the desire to strategically worsen the situation all while portraying it as a “peaceful tactic” intended to “limit the loss of life”, which is disingenuous since more lives will likely be lost as a result of the security services’ seemingly inevitable operation to liberate the terrorist-occupied CHAZ. These naturally include the many voluntary “human shields” who are willing to sacrifice their lives as “martyrs” for “the cause” in order to raise global awareness of the manifesto that Antifa’s “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) proxies published, which includes such radical demands as abolishing the police, “reparations” for African-Americans, and the creation of “restorative/transformative accountability programs as a replacement for imprisonment” (presumably also for racist hate crimes, gang violence, sexual abuse, murder, terrorism, espionage, etc.).

Trump’s Last Chance To Save The US From Civil War

The strategic state of play is therefore extremely explosive at the moment following Antifa’s dramatic escalation with CHAZ and the passive (if not active) facilitation of these plans by the terrorist group’s “fellow travelers” in the municipal, state, and possibly even federal governments. The terrorists and their “useful idiots” are ready to die at the hands of the security services for the sake of “the cause”, which will almost certainly result in more nationwide riots, sprees of urban terrorism, and international condemnation (not that the latter matters any when it comes to shaping the on-the-ground situation), especially if any African-Americans are killed during the course of events. Trump is facing the most pivotal choice in American history where he either stands down and submits to the “deep state” and their proxies in the interests of “peace” and thus allows the US be taken over by left-wing terrorists without any meaningful resistance, or takes a valiant stand fighting against terrorism in order to protect the hundreds of millions of innocent people from this threat while doing his utmost to save the country after everything has already spiraled almost entirely out of control over the past two weeks. Standing aside and letting the CHAZ model mushroom throughout America will lead to the greatest threat to unity since the Civil War and potentially invite direct foreign intervention if these so-called “autonomous zones” are also established along the already porous borders with Canada and Mexico.

Concluding Thoughts

The Second American Civil War can still be averted (however narrowly in the best-case scenario) if Trump orders decisive action to be taken as soon as possible against Seattle’s CHAZ in order to stop this Hybrid War model from being being emulated all across the country. Truth be told, Trump should have already done so two weeks ago before it even got to this point, but he seems to have been somewhat hamstrung in his ability to do so considering just how deeply entrenched this “deep state” “revolutionary” network has become after decades of its “long march through the institutions”. That observation doesn’t inspire any optimism whatsoever since it strongly suggests that this coup is rapidly approaching its climax. Trump is damned if he doesn’t act by de-facto surrendering the country to left-wing terrorists but equally damned if he attempts to since his military (or at least some elements of the security services) might mutiny and/or tens of millions of misled Americans might dangerously rally in the streets in support of the terrorists (who many might be deceived into thinking were “innocent unarmed martyrs” that were “murdered by a racist-fascist dictator”) and thus worsen the on-the-ground situation unless martial law is declared and enforced (key variable). Trump is therefore forced to make the important decision in American history that will also shape the future of the whole world as well.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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  1. Mr. Korybko, do you have any idea of how ridiculous you sound when you call a non-existent movement that generally opposes fascism like Antifa a “terrorist group”? You sound like Trump. But Trump is not accusing “Antifa” of being a “terrorist group ” because it is true. Anyone can see that. Instead it is a strategy to deflect the public’s attention away from his horrible handling of the COVID-19 emergency and the of the public outcry over George Floyd’s murder.

    I hold your commentaries in high regard. Your commentaries on international issues are very well versed and show a high level of knowledge of histoty and international politics. You are able to connect dots that seem unrelated because politicians and intelligence agencies planned to present them that way.

    But your discussions on US domestic issues are simply absurd. You sound just like Fox News, and that’s not a good thing. Actually it is a very bad thing. You are hurting the good name you had created for yourself. So please, please, please, stick to international affairs. Thank you.

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