The War on Police, Blue Flu, and Calculated Chaos in America

The War on Police, which is part of the ongoing Hybrid War of Terror on America, has predictably prompted cops to call off of work (“Blue Flu”) out of fear that they’ll be sacrificed by their chiefs for purely political reasons in the event that the fulfillment of their duties is manipulated by the media to spark another manufactured scandal like the Rayshard Brooks incident, thus inadvertently advancing the preplanned scenario by “deep state”-backed leftist-racists of unleashing calculated chaos in America in pursuit of ideological ends.


“Blue Flu”

The police are under attack, both physically and legally, as part of the ongoing Hybrid War of Terror on America. The War on Police has taken the first-mentioned form of Antifa and allied “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) rioters injuring over 400 law enforcement officers by the beginning of June alone, while the second relates to politicized police chiefs sacrificing their subordinates whenever the fulfillment of their duties is manipulated by the media to spark another manufactured scandal like the Rayshard Brooks incident. In response to the recent charges against Officer Rolfe, credible reports have circulated of many cops calling off of work in Atlanta out of fear that they aren’t able to properly protect the public under these hostile conditions without being assured of support from their superiors. This predictable response has been described as “Blue Flu” and could very well spread to other police departments across the country, thus inadvertently advancing the preplanned scenario by “deep state”-backed leftist-racists of unleashing calculated chaos in America in pursuit of ideological ends.

The Dilemma

The cops have every right to refuse to work under these circumstances since they’re essentially being exploited by political forces as pawns in the Hybrid War on America. Their dilemma is that continuing to do their duty without any credible assurance of support from their superiors means that they risk being personally sacrificed the next time that they’re compelled to use force in responding to a violent African-American suspect, though their sudden lack of presence on the streets makes America more dangerous by contributing to the breakdown of law and order during these already tense times. They’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t, but can’t be blamed for putting their and their family’s personal interests first under these circumstances. It’s “politically incorrect” to acknowledge this, but that’s simply the way that most Americans of any profession are inclined to act in such a scenario. There’s no point putting one’s life, both physically and legally, in jeopardy for the sake of the public’s safety when some of that same public’s representatives are willing to sacrifice them so easily.

“Fellow Travelers”

Atlanta’s mayor, public prosecutor, and recently resigned police chief are doing so in order to advance their own personal interests related to deflecting pressure on themselves and their families for standing by officers who simply fulfill their duty under the line of literal fire, but it can’t be discounted that some of them also have ulterior political motives. After all, they and many of their colleagues are Democrats, which raises suspicions that they’re also “fellow travelers” who support the Hybrid War of Terror on America. This unconventional warfare campaign relies on the weaponization of preexisting identity tensions between Caucasian-Americans and African-Americans through viral videos of police violence (whether unjustified in the case against George Floyd or justified in regards to Rayshard Brooks) in order to provoke a nationwide crime wave and spree of urban terrorism that manifests itself through rioting, looting, ransacking, and burning carried out by a combination of Antifa, BLM, and their “useful idiots”.

Required Reading

The purpose is to terrorize innocent people simultaneously with destabilizing the state so as to reduce the likelihood of Trump’s re-election and ultimately replace the US economic system with a leftist one. Seven of the author’s recent articles explain this scheme at length and are required reading for those who aren’t already familiar with them:

* 1 June: “Mayhem In America: Masks Off, Molotovs Out!

* 2 June: “America Has The Right To Defend Itself From Urban Terrorism

* 4 June: “Antifa Wants To Lead African-Americans To Their Slaughter To Spark A Race War

* 5 June: “The Hybrid War On America Was Decades In The Making

* 11 June: “Seattle’s CHAZ Is A Recipe For Civil War

* 11 June: “The Syncretism Of Economic Leftism & Social Fascism Is The World’s Newest Danger

* 15 June: “Atlanta: Rayshard Was Wrong, Rolfe Was Right, And The Incident Wasn’t Racist

In summary, the long-planned and extensive campaign to overthrow the American government has finally gone kinetic in the run-up to the November elections because the orchestrators know that it’s literally now or never since Trump will almost certainly devote himself to totally dismantling these networks during the next four years if he wins a second term in office.

Calculated Chaos

Bearing all of the aforementioned insight in mind, the cops’ predictable response to the dilemma that’s been forced upon them advances the scenario of calculated chaos. Per the precepts explained in Steven R. Mann’s “Chaos Theory and Strategic Thought“, the initial conditions of any complex process (in this case, the Hybrid War of Terror on America) disproportionately influence the ultimate outcome, so the withdrawal of law enforcement officers from one of the country’s larger cities due to “Blue Flu” will likely play an immense role in shaping forthcoming scenarios. More to the point, the expected worsening of crime, riots, urban terrorism, and even the possible establishment of copycat CHAZs will either plunge the country into further chaos or provoke a heavy-handed response by the security services, be it by the Governor’s authority through the National Guard or Trump’s if the former is a “fellow traveler” that’s decided to passively facilitate the calculated chaos by refusing to intervene to protect innocent people.

“Communism” vs. “Fascism” = Totalitarianism

An admittedly over-simplistic depiction of the dichotomy at play is that it basically boils down to a potentially inevitable climax in the ever-intensifying series of clashes between the country’s “communist” and “fascist” forces (provocative generalizations of left-wing and right-wing forces that also acknowledges the existence of racist elements in both). The “revolutionaries” and their “deep state” backers want to reverse Trump’s right-wing socio-economic reforms of the past four years so that they become much more leftist in nature (including to the point of promoting so-called “Cultural Marxism”, which is the deliberately incendiary term used by non-leftists to describe the liberal attempt to apply the left-wing economic vision of “equality” to the social sphere), while the President’s supporters want a strict law and order crackdown that could easily lead to martial law (which many people associate, whether rightly or wrongly, with fascism). Either way, the outcome is practically predestined to be totalitarian, whether in general or mostly for the opposing partisan side in this conflict.

Concluding Thoughts

The US is in for dark days ahead no matter what happens. Parts of it, of whichever size, or even the entire country might soon experience what is admittedly over-simplified as either “communism” or “fascism”. The emergence and spread of “Blue Flu” (which is occurring solely in response to the War on Police) will take America to the next phase of calculated chaos in the ongoing Hybrid War of Terror against it. There’s no “vaccine” for “Blue Flu” either since so many police departments, city governments, and state governments across the country have been infiltrated by “fellow travelers” of the “revolution” through their “long march through the institutions” over the decades. In the places where hostile elements rule, the police will either submit, meekly defend themselves but ultimately fail without the support of their superiors, or succeed in the event that the President formally intervenes by taking control of the National Guard or deploying the military. In any case, the situation is extremely dangerous for average Americans, who are bound to suffer as a result.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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