White Flight or Fight? Either Way, the American Dream Is Turning Into a Nightmare

Amid rampant violence, urban decay and racial strife across much of the ultra-Liberal heartland, more and more Whites are migrating to the suburbs and rural areas. However, as disaffection for the pale-face tribe continues to climb, this demographic is facing some unexpected hurdles along the road.

For even the most progressive liberal, the daunting problems plaguing America’s inner cities – homelessness, homicide, racial tensions and of course Covid lockdowns – is becoming too much to bear. Now, an increasing number of Americans are pulling up stakes out of Dodge for some semblance of peace and security. But there’s just one rusty catch to this great migration – the White escapees, together with long-term residents – may no longer be welcomed with open arms as they once were. After all, the White man is becoming a second-class citizen in the country of his ancestors.

In scenes more reminiscent of apartheid South Africa, Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters have been flocking to the posh suburbs of Portland and Seattle, demanding that its gentrified citizens make amends for the original sin of being born ‘White and privileged’. Aroused from their slumber by the Faustian chant of ‘Wake up, motherf**kers!’ suburbanites are getting gratuitous lectures on the brand new woke version of American history, which says that the land where they now reside was, in the words of one agitator, “Black people land.”

“Do you know that before your White -ss came here, this was all Black people,” the young man asked his bleary-eyed audience peering through their blinds. “Do you know that people like you came in here and basically bought all the land from the Black people for less than what it was worth and kicked them out so you could live here?”

The homeowners were then instructed by the foul-mouthed Soros-funded protester to “do something about it.” Apparently that means handing over the deeds of their domiciles to the mob.

Had the activists conducted a door-to-door survey, however, they may have been surprised to learn that the demographic makeup of these neighborhoods – Black, Asian, Korean, Jewish, etc. – roughly corresponds to the total number of representatives from any respective race across the country. Since Whites of European heritage, for example, still make up around 70 percent of the total population of the United States, it should come as no surprise that their numbers would stand out.

In any case, this scenario places the average White American, who is ‘guilty’ of purchasing property on the marketplace at an agreed price, into a very precarious situation. On the one hand, they, like all people, want to provide the safest and most livable conditions for themselves and their families. Yet, the left-leaning politicians in control of many of these major cities – New York, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles and Portland, for example – heeding the demands of radical activist groups and progressive politicians, are working at cross-purposes of the status quo.

Amid the George Floyd protests, activists began to make some shocking demands on the authorities, which included defunding and disarming the police. The politicians were only too happy to comply with their wild wishes. To add injury to assault, the citizenry were put on notice that they were at risk of running afoul of the law if they took any actions to protect themselves. That is something that Mark and Patricia McCloskey discovered the hard way after BLM protesters trespassed onto their property and the lawyers flashed firearms. St. Louis Circuit Attorney, Kim Gardner, who was catapulted into office with some support from George Soros, ignited a constitutional firestorm when she charged the couple with a felony for the “unlawful use of a firearm.” Incidentally, the McCloskeys will be among the guest speakers at the Republican National Convention.

Meanwhile, aside from declaring war on the Second Amendment during the hot riot season, liberal mayors and governors, under the guise of “protecting Americans,” have cranked up the heat on their Covid pet projects, prohibiting exactly those activities that matter most to conservative Americans, like attending a baseball game, cutting grass and observing the Sabbath. On the other hand, looters and vandals get a free pass to destroy property, attack police and act like your average thug. And if by some chance the police actually arrest a looter or vandal, you can be sure a Hollywood celebrity will very publicly fork over the bail.

Perhaps the authorities do not take such disturbing trends seriously because the playing field, so to speak, is not even. Consider, for example, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a liberal Democrat, who ordered the city police to keep protesters away from her home.

“I make no apologies whatsoever for that,” Lightfoot said. “We are living in very different times and … I have an obligation to keep my home, my wife, my 12-year-old, and my neighbors safe. … I have a right to make sure that my home is secure.”

No sane person would question that statement. We all want to feel protection on our streets. The problem, however, is the glaring double standards and hypocrisy that grants violent protesters carte blanche, while punishing ordinary citizens who wish to protect themselves. And when push comes to shove, and ‘White flight’ becomes the only alternative, yet another hurdle has been thrown up.

Today, gentrified suburban homeowners, many of whom have taken the knee in support of BLM, are now being asked to put their money where their yards are.

“To achieve real equity … white allies will have to move beyond symbolic displays of solidarity and actually help Black Americans get into their neighborhoods,” Noah Y. Kim, advocating on behalf of radical zoning reform that threatens to eradicate the tranquility of suburban life, wrote in the pages of the Boston Globe. “This would entail the elimination of single-family zoning, a receptiveness to building affordable developments, and increased tenant protections for low-income residents.”

In other words, the urban escape hatch is being gradually slammed shut, indefinitely, not just for White Americans, but for any person regardless of color, creed or religion looking for a slice of peace and tranquility in a world gone slightly mad. If this were allowed to happen, the United States would quickly collapse – not from any racial reasons – but from under the weight of its own internal contradictions.

By Robert Bridge
Source: Strategic Culture

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