Circuit Break? Give Me Strength!

Does anybody in British Politics ever take responsibility for their actions and mistakes and do the decent thing and resign anymore?

Dido’s performance yesterday was a master class of buck passing and was laughingly embarrassing.

However, the Track and Trace debacle she has presided over these past few months is no laughing matter. People have died, many others might die and of course our economy is dead and practically buried.

I didn’t think anyone could dare to be as so arrogant and embarrassing as Matt Hancock but ‘Diddy Dido’ rose to the occasion with her Comical Ali style of denial and obfuscation.

Evidently she’s an ex-jockey but she would have made a perfect rugby scrum half with all the sidestepping of questions yesterday as she passed the buck quicker than the All Blacks.

However, she really dropped the ball when she admitted that she was surprised by the surge when the kids went back to school!

What planet do these clowns live on? A five-year-old could tell you that the return after summer is always the moment at which kids pick up all kinds of bugs and coughs.

Just like her boss, Hancock, she seemed to want to blame us, the public, for this latest surge.

Let’s be clear, we the British public have played our part and by and large we have completely followed their instructions even when they have appeared ludicrous.

It’s an affront and insult to everyone that these incompetent berks are now trying to shove the blame on to us and just as I predicted months ago they are also using the ‘we are following the science line’ as a defence too.

They all make me sick and they have literally made thousands of Brits sick and ill.

They were too slow out of the blocks on this pandemic and since then the tactics have been worse than a drunk pub rugby team.

Now Hancock says that the virus is accelerating but will not admit how close we are to a lockdown. Watching him being interviewed this morning by Kay Burley was cringe worthy. She completely outclassed him and skewered him.

The last thing I wanted to write about today was bloody Covid 19 and this incompetent Government but I simply have no choice.

Give us Facts without spin

Two days ago, in this column, I called for Hancock to be sacked but at the rate these buffoons are going we will be running out of P45’s faster than Covid Tests!

Last week we all laughed at Boris creating an army of Covid Wardens in the style of Air Warden Hodges from the classic comedy Dads Army to count how many people we have round for Christmas dinner.

Today we have Matt Hancock channelling his Corporal Jones (Don’t panic, don’t panic) with an additional touch of Private Frazer declaring that “we are all doomed.”

Hancock is now warning that a new national crackdown is on the cards as he says that infections are ‘accelerating across the country’ and more people will die.

But in true Tory incompetence style the plan is to do this in ‘a few weeks’ time during the October Half Term break!

The spin has started and they are now stressing it won’t be a lockdown but a ‘circuit break’?

Have they not seen the pictures of young people drunk as lords celebrating their last night of freedom in Newcastle last night?

There are now so many local lockdowns that we are in a virtual national lockdown anyway? 10 Million Brits are already under a lockdown.

Boris needs to take control of this situation. Evidently he has had a meeting with his scientific advisers this morning but he needs to address the nation tonight at the latest and tell us the full facts with no spin, no bull and no blame being shoved on to us.

Forget circuit breaks, the house is already on fire! We need action now and if that means a national lockdown let’s do it today and not delay.

We should have had a ‘circuit break’ before the Cheltenham Festival but of course Boris dithered and delayed but if things are as bad as Hancock says, why are we now waiting until October?

Let’s do it now and let’s have a proper short sharp shock of a lockdown this time.

Let’s close the schools today and stop students going back to University next week. They are going to be taught by zoom so why do they need to have to actually be resident in their University town? Answer they don’t.

But there are other things to sort out today too. If he does close down he needs to extend the furlough. Thousands of renters are in limbo and repossession courts are meant to be restarting on Monday so he needs to extend the ban on evictions until next year as they have done in Scotland and Wales. He needs to sack Dido and consider using the army to track and trace.

Today Sadiq Khan cancelled the fireworks for New Year’s Eve but Christmas will be cancelled unless Boris acts today and provides real clarity on the policy and real support for businesses and individual families.

By Jon Gaunt
Source: Sputnik News

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