The Restoration of Old National Empires Is Almost Inevitable

Conservative revolt

In the turmoil of the Belarusian non-Maidan events, as well as in the light of the no less sluggish circus performance called “Navalny’s poisoning”, demonstrations in Berlin three weeks ago took place almost unnoticed, which the creative media dubbed the “new assault on the Reichstag.” But this event was, if not outstanding, then very significant, and even, in my opinion, with far-reaching global consequences. In fact, we have witnessed the first ever massive conservative protest against liberal globalism. Yes, it’s conservative.

The protests of left-wing radicals and anarchists, invariably accompanying all the summits of the Big Sevens, Twenty, etc., have become so firmly embedded in our everyday life that they have already begun to be perceived as nothing more than a mandatory show program or a kind of protest attraction, when there seems to be movement, but drive, the real inner strength is no longer to be seen.

Nevertheless, in the minds of the average person, all these representatives of the counterculture and fashionable youth movements of “adrenaline lovers” have become firmly associated with anti-globalism. We say “rebellious leftist”, we mean “anti-globalist” and vice versa. The connection has become so inseparable that almost no one dares to imagine what happens, or at least it can be somehow different.

The editor-in-chief of the second state German channel ZDF, Peter Frey, delivered a fiery speech on the defense of democracy. He literally gritted his teeth, talking about the Kaiser’s “imperials” at the last rally and, as is usual with the “objective” and “truthful” liberal media, he called everyone who went to the protest rallies that day as right-wing extremists and called on the authorities to harsher resist street performances. So that’s it.

And at the same time, he traditionally frightened ordinary burghers with the “Alternative for Germany”, a political party known for its conservative point of view, which is stepping on the heels of the old parties of the Bundestag more and more.

For a better understanding of the situation, it should be said that the editorial policy and information delivery of ZDF on the air is greatly influenced by the so-called Atlantic structures such as the well-known German Marshall Fund and the Atlantic Council, together with other well-known sponsors of Maidans in Ukraine.

Wir sind das Volk

But it was not only the black-white-red banner of the unforgotten German Empire that aroused hatred among the ZDF chief. With horror, he talked about the chants chanted by the demonstrators under the walls of the imperial parliament: “Wir sind das Volk” (“We are the people!”)

For the first time in modern German history, this slogan sounded in 1989 at demonstrations by citizens of the then GDR, who were no longer ready to put up with the Berlin Wall and dreamed of reuniting with their Western brothers. And then the journalists from the Federal Republic of Germany repeated this “statement” by a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people repeatedly did not cause a feeling of fear, but on the contrary – they felt elation and pride in the “values ​​of the free world”, which they considered themselves to be carriers.

Well, of course, because then the freedom-loving German people declared themselves publicly in order to “throw off the yoke of the totalitarian socialist system.” In those years, no one on ZDF, or on other German channels, doubted that they were really people and they had every right to be heard. When, 30 years later, exactly the same people in the same city and even practically in the same place decided to remind themselves and their right again, they suddenly “turned” into extremists and Nazis. What a curious metamorphosis, don’t you think?

However, I don’t have enough time to discuss the deviant consciousness of Western journalist in its split, something else is more important. The very history of the mentioned slogan is very indicative and deserves a separate story.

Back in 1835, the German poet, playwright, scientist, philosopher and revolutionary Karl Georg Büchner wrote a play dedicated to the events of the Great French Revolution called The Death of Danton, in which he put into the mouth of one of the minor characters a phrase addressed to Robespierre: “We are The people, and there is no other law besides the will of the people! “

The slogan was so fond of the revolutionary-minded German youth of those years that it quickly became a password for recognizing “friend / foe”. And later, under this motto, the March revolution of 1848 took place – the first attempt to build a democratic state in Germany. It is also worth mentioning that the famous “Friede den Hütten, Krieg den Palästen” (“Peace to huts, war to palaces”) also came from the pen of Büchner.

For more than a hundred years, the phrase “We are the people” has been the embodiment of the struggle of ordinary Germans for their rights against any attempt to build a totalitarian state to some extent. Moreover, under the Nazis, this phrase could easily end up in a concentration camp.

In the united Germany, up to a certain point, this slogan was quite often used in public and political life, but exactly until the federal government of Frau Merkel began to pursue a policy of de facto destruction of German identity and the massive import of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa to Germany. Outraged by the openly globalist policy of the authorities and defiantly ostentatious disregard for the elementary rules of human behavior and morality of new arrivals (remember at least the events of New Year’s Eve at the Cologne station), the Germans again declared “Wir sind das Volk” and created the PEGIDA movement (Patriotische Europäer gegenlan Islamdesierung Abend die ) – “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West”, which the liberal media immediately dubbed racist, Islamophobic and right-wing radical.

Moreover, since 2014, for uttering that very exclamation aloud, any German received the stigma of a right-wing extremist and, in the blink of an eye, became an outcast without hands of a liberal society. Well, now once again imagine a crowd of thousands under the Reichstag, chanting a virtually forbidden slogan under the imperial flags, and you will understand the degree of horror of the ZDF editor-in-chief.

The Freedom symbol

It’s not that simple with the imperial flag either. Now all the same media smear the imperial banner with mud, frankly putting it on a par with the Nazi swastika, but they stubbornly forget that in 1935, having finally established himself in power, Hitler banned the imperial flag, and it became for ordinary Germans a symbol of the fight against Nazism. the same as a quote from a play by Buchner. Moreover, the National Committee “Free Germany”, created on July 12, 1943 on the territory of the USSR at the initiative of the Communist Party of Germany, chose the banner of the German Empire as its flag, the last one in the history of a free and independent German state without totalitarianism of any form and color.

Globalist stormtroopers

It is easy to see that the left-wing movements, as already mentioned, for many years firmly associated with anti-globalism, with the beginning of the BLM Sabbath openly went over to the side of the most violent globalists. And therefore, the banner of the fight against this, without exaggeration, the world’s evil was taken up by the right-wing conservatives, who realized with horror that globalism had captured not only the politics and economy of their countries.
In the form of a dictatorship of racial, religious, sexual and other minorities of varying degrees of mental perversion, it has already broken into their house, climbed into their bed, destroying their families, faith and all the moral and ethical foundations by which they lived for many centuries. It tells them how to raise children, what to say, what films to watch, what books to read, what to eat and with whom to sleep, and it does so in the worst traditions of totalitarianism and outright Nazism. In fact, we got a new kind of world order – liberal fascism!

And in this coordinate system “Antifa” and the anarchists, while not yet changing slogans and clothes, turned into a modern version of Nazi stormtroopers.

As another illustration, we must recall the “Portland shooter”, and part-time Antifa activist Michael Forest Reynol, who cold-bloodedly killed an unarmed Trump supporter. A real revolutionary and fighter for a “bright” (or already it’s correct to say “dark”) future: 48 years old, did not work anywhere, sat on his mother’s neck, and therefore had extremely bad relations with relatives and a lot of loans. This is the current face of the “left” protest.

All this proves once again: the recent “storming of the Reichstag” is not an accident at all. The pendulum of liberal globalism has swung so far to the left that ordinary people, the very “people”, again demand a national state and want to feel the forgotten taste of imperial greatness. Since, it just so happened, only a national empire in the current world is able to put a barrier to the global monotony that turns countries and peoples into a dull franchise….

Unexpected associates

Surprisingly, other events of recent years and even weeks fit perfectly into this outline. Take a look at Lithuania and its role in the Belarusian political conflict. Do you think politicians in Vilnius are worried about democracy and the pro-Western vector of “brothers” -Belarusians? Nonsense.

For them, it is exactly the same phantom pains for the bygone times of the heyday of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, as for the Germans the memory of the Great Reich. Against the background of the complete loss of their own sovereignty and the impending loss of the remnants of their national identity, due to the massive outflow of young people to richer EU countries, wet dreams of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania are the last straw for the drowning republic to grab.

And the understanding of this fact turns into something more significant when you pay attention to the fact that the main conservative stronghold of modern Europe is Poland, even more openly than Lithuania, recalling the times of the Commonwealth and, through the lips of politicians of the first magnitude, declaring its claims to satisfy its own imperial ambitions.

Conservative Catholic Poland has long become the fifth wheel in the European cart, not wanting to be led by the Brussels liberals and globalists. On the issue of accepting non-religious migrants, gay marriages, gay pride parades and other LGBT rights, Poland stands in the way of “European values”. A strong alliance with Washington, surprisingly, allows Warsaw to ignore Brussels with its policies of multiculturalism and tolerance.

The pendulum of history is a pendulum that has the property of necessarily swinging in the opposite direction, no matter how wide its amplitude is. It may be hard to believe in it now, but, being on the verge of physical disappearance, peoples and nations will return from the construction of a new liberal Tower of Babel with an unchanging subsequent pandemonium to their homes, to their native history, to their national culture and identity. And on this path, the creation of new and the restoration of old national empires is almost inevitable. And that means that such a pleasing variety awaits us again. And so, welcome back to the future!

By Alex Belov
Source: Katehon

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