Walking Into a Nuclear Nightmare

The world faces the very real prospect of a nuclear war. That this can be said after a century of world and regional wars, most of them begun or instigated by the USA and its puppet states, and 75 years after the United Nations was created to ensure that world wars could never happen again, reveals the complete moral bankruptcy of the west.

For the threat of nuclear war comes from the west, not the east, a threat that was almost turned into reality right at the end of the Second World War when the USA and Britain considered a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union, to solve the problem for them of the defeat of Nazi Germany. They had hoped that Hitler would destroy socialism in the USSR and then reduce Russia and the other soviet republics to western colonies for exploitation of their resources, markets, and lands. Hitler and the German fascists failed, their forces were destroyed, and Germany and most of Europe was reduced to ruins.

But though the German fascists were defeated the world fascist order was not. Dressed up for the western public as democracies, as nations of freedom and liberty, the USA, and the other NATO states continued the fascist programme in other forms. The “freedom’ they allowed was to live as dictated, as sold to the people by Madison Avenue. They even allowed, under pressure of the example of the USSR, some benefits to working people, while using any and all criminal methods to defeat real socialism wherever it was located. Above all, they sought to destroy the Soviet Union, and China. They succeeded against the USSR and thought they had attained control of Russia. But forces emerged in Russia who retained Russian pride and honour, a sense of history, of humanity, of Russia as a nation of diverse peoples. They realised the trap they had been led into, found a way out and re-established Russia’s to sovereignty and independence. These forces have become an obstacle to the colonial and imperialist ambitions of big capital that controls the governments of the NATO countries. They are an obstacle to their profit and so have to be destroyed, one way or another.

China is viewed in the same way and treated alike. All the nations that try to be independent face the same aggression, from Myanmar to Belarus, from Iran to Venezuela, from North Korea to Cuba and Syria. Africa has been decimated by years of wars to exploit its resources; the whole world has felt the flames of war.

Just this month the Americans threatened to sell military equipment to the Chinese renegade province of Taiwan, and sails its ships into the Taiwan Straight as if they own it, provoking a very strong reaction from China which has warned of imminent war over Taiwan every day for several weeks.

The USA has shifted the majority of its naval and air forces to the Pacific for an attack on China. These are explained as defensive moves against “China’s aggression,” which does not exist except in their propaganda. The US Secretary of State, Mr. Pompeo, is travelling non-stop to bully the reluctant puppets in Europe and Asia to support the American aggression. China warns that if the US does not pull back they will take Taiwan and if attacked by US forces will defend itself with all means. The warnings have been stronger with each week that passes but the Americans seem to want war, think they can win it and so will push China into acting. The consequences for world are unimaginable.

And there is a strong smell of racism about it all. Canada has illegally arrested Meng Wanzhou, chief financial office of the Chinese technology company Huawei. Her crime? Allegedly breaking the illegal American sanctions, or economic blockade against Iran. The anti-Chinese, anti-communist statements by the government and media are approaching hysterical levels. In Australia, at recent government hearings on immigration Chinese living there called as witnesses were grilled and ordered to deny that they support communist China. Pompeo has demanded that the popular Confucius Institutes in the US be closed for supposedly spreading “communist propaganda” and Chinese influence. Joe McCarthy is back.

Also this month NATO is conducting nuclear war drills in Germany, in Operation Steadfast Noon, during which pilots from several countries practice firing nuclear tipped cruise missiles and dropping B61 nuclear bombs on Russian targets. It is know that the US had nuclear weapons positioned in Germany and Belgium as well as Turkey. The NATO pilots practice using these weapons and lower yield “tactical” nuclear weapons. And as reported in German Foreign Policy the objective is to use nuclear weapons on regional battlefields, but not have the war escalate to all out devastation. Officially, this capability is merely meant to serve to enhance deterrence by convincing Russia or China not to opt for “limited” nuclear employment, according to the review. However there is no guarantee that the USA will restrict its posture to deterrence in the heat of battle and it atomic bomb attacks on Japan show that it ruthless and capable of using them to create sheer terror as well as destruction.

It is also reported that NATO has recently intensified preparations for a possible nuclear war. A German foreign correspondent with good connections reporting from Brussels reported in June that at the July 2018 summit, NATO’s heads of states and governments took note of a “‘secret’ document,” that “for the first time” confirmed that “conventional defense and nuclear deterrence” are no longer to be seen separate from one another “as was previously the case in NATO.” In the future, they “both must be considered together.” The article goes on to say that at their meeting in mid-June 2020, NATO’s defense ministers approved another “Top Secret” document, formulated by Supreme Allied Commander Europe (Saceur), US Gen. Tod D. Walters, that stipulates that NATO will defend against every threat to its entire realm of operation – on land, at sea, in the air, in both cyber and outer space – with all “defensive and offensive capabilities” at its disposal, “from missile defense to nuclear first strikes.” The alliance also reserves the option of stationing conventional medium range missiles in Europe. They could, if needed, be “nuclear upgraded” at any time.

At the same time the US has reactivated its V Army Corp which is a combined armoured, infantry, paratroop formation that was activated in every major US war since World War I. It will be based in Poznan, Poland where it will create a logistical headquarters and increase the pace of preparation for the combined use of American and European forces against Russia.

The Russians are forced to intercept daily NATO reconnaissance planes testing their systems and defences from the Baltic to the Black Sea and in the Pacific region. The hostile propaganda, already intense for several years now, has also stepped up with the Navalny episode which the Germans are heavily involved in escalating. German interests in Russian resources, markets and lands has not decreased because of Hitler’s defeat and we must remember that high-ranking Wehrmacht officers who served under the Nazis, were placed in high positions both in the NATO and German army commands after the war and trained the new army. In fact, it is interesting to note with respect to China that General Gehlen who led Nazi forces in the attack on Moscow in 1941 was enlisted in 1951 to support the Chinese Kuomintang forces in Taiwan to attack Beijing after the Americans dropped nuclear bombs on Chinese forces. Gehlen was to use his former army elements to help the KMT to march through radiated territory to seize Beijing and exterminate any opposition using the same techniques of mass murder they had used in Russia. It never took place but China is well aware of these threats and the techniques that are being used to subdue it, the same techniques used against Russia, internal subversion, ethnic conflict, propaganda to undermine intellectuals, and military aggression.

We cannot know when the hybrid warfare now being used by the west against Russia and China will become a shooting war. But, unless the governments of the west change their inhuman ambitions and learn how to be moral beings, war is a certainty. China warns it could happen at any time. Russia hopes cooler heads will prevail but the crude propaganda campaigns being used to create hatred for Russian among the peoples of the west, to a large extent successful, indicate that Russia too could be under attack at any time.

The people of Yugoslavia know how quickly NATO can start a war. The people of Libya know. But few in the west know or care. That is the worrying and dangerous thing. Of those that read the news, many support war on Russia and China. The western citizen is a propagandised citizen, is Citizen Zero, a nothing, an irrelevant entity, an unthinking somnambulist sleep walking into nuclear nightmare. One only has to look inside the United States the past weeks to realise the reality. Will they wake up? I doubt it. Or, perhaps, just for a second, as the nuclear flash sears their eyes an instant before they are vaporised.

By Christopher Black
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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