It’s Time to Employ ‘Democratic Security’ Strategies to #StopTheSteal

Trump and his supporters must now employ “Democratic Security” strategies such as staging large-scale but very peaceful rallies in his support in the remaining undeclared states in order to stop the steal that the Democrats are conniving to commit, but even if (or rather, when) he’s declared the victor, the “deep state” and their proxies might have already thrown the election’s legitimacy into doubt through their last-ditch attempt to defraud the vote, thus setting the stage for a possibly unprecedented intensification of the decades-long Hybrid War of Terror on America.

The decades-long Hybrid War of Terror on America might be about to experience an unprecedented intensification after it first went kinetic over the summer as a result of the Democrats’ last-ditch effort to defraud the vote by temporarily suspending the release of ballot counting in the remaining undeclared states. As it stands, Trump is correct in stating that it’s almost statistically impossible for them to steal his victory, yet he’s taking those states to court in order to defend the integrity of the country’s democratic process despite declaring that he already feels like he won. It’s not the incumbent that’s taking America to the brink of domestic disaster, but his opponent, or rather the Democrat candidate’s handlers (since it’s visibly obvious that Biden doesn’t have full control of his mental faculties) who are desperately trying to throw Trump’s re-election into doubt for the purpose of providing ammunition for the next four years of their information war against him.

Delaying what convincingly appears to be Trump’s inevitable victory is intended to provoke widespread civil unrest as led by the “deep state’s” de-facto street militias of Antifa and “Black Lives Matter” (BLM). The forthcoming course of events could powerfully shape Americans’ perceptions of the outcome, which is the point since they’re now manipulating the public with an eye on the 2024 presidential election. It’s therefore time for Trump and his supporters to employ “Democratic Security” strategies such as staging large-scale but very peaceful rallies in his support in the remaining undeclared states in order to show the rest of the country that they won’t tolerate this attempted voter fraud by the Democrats to falsely steal a victory from their factual defeat. Institutional measures such as the threatened legal challenge are already in place, but grassroots ones are a must in order to preemptively counteract the next stage of the “deep state’s” information war.

It’s already clear to all that the polls were once again wrong, which speaks to the “deep state’s” arrogance in attempting to pull from their failed 2016 playbook to demoralize Trump’s supporters. That didn’t succeed since Americans are now more skeptical of the mainstream narrative than ever before, hence why Trump pulled off such important victories in practically all of the states that people were wrongly told should be considered “battlegrounds” in this election. A “Great Awakening” is evidently occurring, hence why it would be a natural and spontaneous reaction for his supporters to gather all throughout the remaining undeclared states to show their support for the President. Trump can heavily publicize these rallies by physically attending them, which would break through Big Tech’s “firewall” that had been applied in contravention of democratic norms during the campaign to suppress all visible evidence of his strong grassroots support throughout the country.

It would be especially powerful if such images were contrasted with what appears to be the inevitable violence that’s poised to break out in some of America’s major cities as the “deep state’s” de-facto street militias of Antifa and BLM threaten to terrorize average Americans as punishment for them refusing to break ranks with the President. It might even end up being the case that Trump is compelled to partially invoke de-facto martial law in the most affected areas so as to restore law and order there in the interests of national security. He already has such rights vested to him through the Constitution but had up until this point declined using them in order to not set what might have been a very disturbing precedent had he lost and Biden’s backers abused what he would have earlier done in order to violently suppress Trump supporters with the full authority of the state. In any case, it’s unquestionably his legal prerogative to do so if he finally feels the need.

It’s difficult to predict how long America will remain limbo until Biden’s backers finally concede that it’s impossible for them to defraud the election and pull off a false victory from their factual defeat. Nevertheless, it’s all but certain that they’ll formally surrender at some time or another, but the question is how much damage will they inflict on America’s democratic process before that happens. All responsible Democrats must condemn the party that’s acting in their name if they truly care about respecting America’s political system and call upon Biden to finally admit defeat. The worst thing that they could do is lend their support to another wave of urban terrorism that might soon sweep the country if the “deep state” completely unleashes their de-facto street militias of Antifa and BLM on America’s cities. As that might happen, however, Trump’s supporters will likely be peacefully protesting in his support and showing their compatriots which side is the most responsible.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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