NATO’s Quack Journalists Shill for Total War

The hot war is in the hands of the Russian Armed Forces and NATO. There is nothing, besides joining up, we can do about it.

Here is transexual CIA “journalist” Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, dressed in the uniform of Ukraine’s Nazis, holding his weapon sideways (ha ha) denouncing Chilean-American Gonzalo Lira, who should really have fled Zelensky’s rump Reich months ago and echoing Ukrainian warlord Kirill Budanov in threatening to murder all “Russian apologists” both inside and outside Ukraine. Whatever about the journalistic qualifications of Lira and pretend warrior woman Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, one must note that Nazi apologist Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, with “her” NATO issue weapon, indicates the Frankensteins NATO’s journalists are mutating into.

Ashton-Cirillo is far from the only such transitioning NATO journalist as this white-washing process has been evident from at least the Iraqi genocide, where NATO’s journalists were embedded with NATO’s invasion forces and in Syria, where the BBC and VICE worked hand in hand with ISIS. Lira and CIA freak Ashton-Cirillo are but the latest canaries in our mines, weathervanes as to where NATO wishes to bring its doomed empire. If Ukraine is our era’s Sarajevo moment, then Gonzalo Lira and countless other victims of Zelensky’s rump Reich are our Arch-Duke Ferdinands, preludes to NATO’s leeches once again visiting total and totally avoidable war upon us and not even God in heaven possibly knowing where it will end. Still, we must plod on by first getting the hot wars out of the way before moving on to their accompanying soft war currents, of which LGBTQRA++ woman warrior Ashton-Cirillo is an integral part.

First off, check out this fine video from the highly recommended Defense Politics Asia (DPA) stable, which gives us an update on Army Group South’s planned offensive to the Azov Sea as well as the Wagner Group’s redeployment to the rear to replenish themselves before once again entering the fray. Note also DPA’s excellent homework mentions the threats Transnistria and Moldova face, as well as Ukraine’s deployment of V rockets into Russia. Europe, it seems, is back to what it does best, to self-immolating itself for Uncle Sam.

Africa and Western Asia are not much better. Because NATO has again stirred the pot in Sudan carnage, on a scale we have never seen before, or at least till we look backwards at NATO’s last genocidal campaign in the Horn of Africa, has once again been visited upon those unfortunates. Expect hordes of Sudanese to run to wherever they can run for survival. As Revelations 9:6 tells us, in those days men shall seek death, and shall not find it; and they shall desire to die, and death shall fly from them.

Verily! Although China seems to have brokered peace of a sort between Iran and Saudi Arabia and there now seems hope for those Yemeni and Syrians, who survived NATO’s savagery, because such pipes of peace sit uneasily with NATO’s business model, they best watch out. As, of course, should Mexico, Haiti and a host of other countries wishing to live in peace with themselves and the world.

The CIA, lest we forget, has been involved in attempted coup d’etats in about a third of the countries in the world, most of them democracies. So even if American national policy is, as its parrots say, to promote democracy, the CIA’s policy has always been the opposite.

As has that of its most loyal lapdog. As MI5’s BBC network has, for example, recently launched an emergency pop-up radio service for Sudan and, as the Yanks are bleating about human rights, democracy and their usual cheat sheet list in Sudan, we deserve no prizes for seeing their blood-stained hands behind Sudan’s apparent mayhem. It is what the CIA and the BBC do best.

Speaking of the BBC, did you catch their coverage of the Coronation of King Jug Ears? Their correspondents did a splendid job on that bore fest, trying to infuse life into that moribund corpse which was akin to watching Antarctic penguins staring listlessly at a cricket match. Although the British Armed Forces literally put their best foot forward and they looked resplendent to those who do not know better, their marching and choreography is as nothing compared to that of the heroic Vietnamese Army, the North Korean Army and, most especially, the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, whose marching skills not only match those of Japan’s syncronised marchers but are a very strong indication of China’s emerging hard and soft power.

The point there is because Eastern Asia has Western Europe totally outgunned when it comes to pomp and circumstance and all without Albion’s museum piece frills, NATO’s circus is obsolete and the hordes of insufferables who attended the Royal Coronation, a pantomime the more enlightened Spanish abandoned in 1494, won’t change that.

Clogging London with nobodies like Clown Prince Zelensky’s wife and driving them in gas guzzling convoys (hello MI5’s Extinction Rebellion) to meet British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s billionaire wife in Downing Street cuts no ice. What was the point of all that? Have MI5 never heard of Zoom?

Or Luton airport? If these Mafia molls, with their track records in shady deals, must meet, why do they not get together out of sight and out of mind at Luton or some other British regional airport, where the locals could scoff at these revamped circus freaks? Why do they crave the human adulation?

Of course, a female freak show would not be complete without Ursula von der Leyen, that utter imbecile, serial plagiarist and selfie Queen, throwing her Botox Colgate smile into proceedings. But such Forrest Gump muppets are not worth dwelling on.

For there was also that total bell end, Zelensky, who fecked off to the ski slopes of Helsinki before dropping into Rotterdam, which is the nerve centre of Europe’s heroin and cocaine industries. What is it with that guy, his GI Joe regalia and his nose candy habit?

Fancy you are a NATO Special Forces soldier and that coke-addled idiot drops in to give you one of his plagiarised Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more speeches. What are you supposed to make of the nose candy, the plagiarised speeches, the stolen valour, the Robin Hood uniform and the sheer nothingness of this oaf?

In between his Finnish and Dutch snorts, Zelensky tapped up Africa’s tiny Comoro islands before being summoned to a meeting with the leaders of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management company, presumably to assure them their Ukrainian investments are in safe hands. For, make no mistake about it, this is what the war in Ukraine and all its collateral ethnic cleansing is about. Journalists like Yankee Boy Tucker Carlson targeting BlackRock’s criminal collusion in Zelensly’s war crimes get the Gonzalo Lira treatment; they are cancelled, not least because, in his case, BlackRock own 45.74 million shares, about $1.5 billion worth, in Fox Corporation, which is run by Rupert Murdoch who, busy fossil that he is, is currently plundering Syria’s Golan Heights with his Israeli chums.

Although the British and Australian blue rinses had a good Coronation Day of it, so too did NATO’s real shot callers as they got to inspect Zelensky and their other plastic Robin Hoods. And, irrespective of whether Zelensky finishes his days upside down like Mussolini or on an SS funeral pyre like Hitler, the boys from Fox News and BlackRock know they will, as always, win.

When, not if, the Ukrainian rump Reich is forced to negotiate on Russia’s terms then, as Zelensky has repeatedly parroted, there will be investment opportunities galore in Ukraine, NATO’s giant money laundering hub, for those Western investors.

Ukraine, like nineteenth century Africa, is a buccaneer’s dream, all upside and no immediate downside. Backing up Julian Assange’s claim of what outrageous scams are these endless NATO wars, here is CIA insider Alan Greenspan explaining how this Ponzi scheme works. “The U.S. can always pay any debt it has because we can always print money.” BlackRock, Vanguard, Fox News, the BBC and the CIA’s other assets have their tentacles firmly wrapped around Zelensky’s rump Reich and they will get their pound of flesh and more, as they always do. Once the war ends, and all wars do end, Zelensky or whoever replaces him, will dance to Uncle Sam’s tune, to BlackRock’s endless quest for more riches, more power, more influence. That, and nothing else, is why Ukraine has been destroyed.

And you don’t have to take my word for it. Here is Clown Prince Zelensky explaining the rump Reich’s scam and Tucker Carlson and other American commentators tearing stripes off it.

Let’s bring all this Royalist bullshit, these car cavalcades, these bio-labs, brown envelopse, nose candy aficionados and black sacks of cash back to first principles. NATO’s media decree that Russia bombs a nuclear power plant it controls, that it bombs its own gas pipelines, and even the Kremlin for good measure. As with Syria, how can we have a sensible debate and avoid nuclear war when NATO hires unhinged folk like Zelensky and Ashton-Cirillo to blanket the airwaves with that tripe, to spray paint an LGBTMC2 sheen on hard-core fascism, which is manifested not only in Kiev’s Kristallnacht but also in the rump Reich lionising such despicable creatures as Vladimir Kubiyovich, founder of the SS Galicia Division; Yaroslav Starukh, organiser of the SS Galicia Division;.Ivan Poltavets-Ostryanitsa and Vasiliy Galas, organisers of Jewish pogroms; UPA commanders Vasiliy Levkovich and Vasiliy Sidor; Ulas Samchuk, Ukraine’s own Julius Streicher; and Andrey Melnik, Ukraine’s Adolf Eichmann.

Ukraine, as this informative article explains, is every bit as bad as the original Third Reich the CIA modelled it on, and Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, who holds his arms side-ways, is as guilty as anyone who gave Hitler, Himmler and their Ukrainian cronies a leg up. Though I have no idea what will happen to Lira or anyone else Zelensky’s Gestapo are currently torturing, I do know this. There can be no lasting peace in Europe, Sudan or anywhere else until Zelensky’s Nazis and all those BlackRock, Fox News, BBC and British Royalist charlatans who under-write them are kicked once and forever into the trash bin of history.

Though it is a tragedy that so many Russians have to die to rid the world of their Nazi venom, there is, at day’s end, no other way to end it. And, though the CIA continue to cause so many totally avoidable deaths in Ukraine, in Palestine, in Syria and, again, in Sudan, those deaths, along with the nonsense of Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, the Zelenskys, the BBC and the CIA’s other apologists, will continue until they lose both the hot and soft wars.

The hot war is in the hands of the Russian Armed Forces and NATO. There is nothing, besides joining up, we can do about it. The soft war, the one Sarah Ashton-Cirillo (who holds his arms sideways), the Zelenskys and the BBC fight, is a different matter. We are duty-bound, with those who know how to handle firearms and who can differentiate truth from lies, to take them on and destroy both them and the lies they spin.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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