The Connection Between World War C & Psychological Processes Is Seriously Concerning

COVID-19 is real and it’s very deadly for at-risk members of the population, but the historically unprecedented full-spectrum paradigm-changing processes catalyzed by the world’s uncoordinated attempt to contain it have been greatly influenced by psychological processes that continue to be taken advantage of in order to politically exploit the pandemic, the observation of which should be seriously concerning for everyone.

The Connection That Few Dare To Discuss

There’s been enormous speculation swirling across the world since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year, with many people wondering whether the disease is even real, or if so, whether it was man-made or naturally occurring like the World Health Organization (WHO) claims. What they should instead be paying attention to, however, is the course of World War C, which is the author’s term for the historically unprecedented full-spectrum paradigm-changing processes catalyzed by the world’ uncoordinated attempt to contain this virus. To be absolutely clear, COVID-19 is real and it’s very deadly for at-risk members of the population, but the aforementioned processes that were unleashed have been greatly influenced by psychological processes that continue to be taken advantage of in order to politically exploit the pandemic. The purpose of this piece is to explain as clearly as possible that the connection between World War C and psychological processes should be seriously concerning for everyone.

Catalyzing The “Information Cascade”

Whatever the virus’ true origin may be (which the author believes are naturally occurring), the first COVID-19 outbreak in China brought this disease to worldwide attention. The People’s Republic is the second-largest economy in the world and wouldn’t have shut down in January unless the Communist Party of China (CPC) believed that this step was absolutely necessary to contain the pandemic. Critics claim that the CPC wanted to infect the rest of the world since it didn’t cancel international flights, but the responsibility for the virus spreading beyond its borders arguably rests with those countries which allowed such flights to land in their territory. They had the sovereign right to take precautionary measures banning those flights like the US did early on if they really wanted to, but some might have feared the economic wrath of China in response if it turned out that COVID-19 really wasn’t all that big of a deal. Others absurdly claimed not to trust the CPC ‘s explanation of the virus’ origin yet also said that they trusted its decision to keep international flights open.

China’s calculations were driven by its self-interests, just like everyone else’s as will soon be explained. The country waited until its scientists were absolutely sure about how serious COVID-19 was before they took the fateful step to shut down their economy. That decision inadvertently triggered what’s described in the behavioral and social sciences as an “information cascade”. In simple terms, this concept refers to chain reactions within and between complex systems whereby the initial decision that a key actor makes in what’s usually a binary choice ends up significantly influencing what others after it end up doing as well. In the opening stages of World War C when little was known about the virus’ lethality, China’s decision to shut down its economy unwittingly influenced the rest of the world to follow in its footsteps out of an abundance of caution related to their view that Beijing wouldn’t have made such a fateful move unless COVID-19 was an extremely serious threat to mankind.

Order Out Of Chaos

This in turn led to the EU, the US, Russia, and India shutting down their economies as well, which thus stopped globalization in its tracks. Since then, it’s been convincingly argued by some scientists and commentators (whose work can be read at Off-Guardian among other places) that COVID-19 actually isn’t as deadly as it was initially thought to be except for at-risk members of the population. It might even be that some of the major countries that followed China’s lead were even well aware of this shortly after they shut down their economies too but may have wagered that a global pandemic is the best possible pretext to radically restructure the global economy per what many now describe as “The Great Reset” strategy in response to the seemingly inevitable changes that might soon be brought about by the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (4IR). That’s not at all to say that “everyone was in on it ahead of time”, but just that the the self-interest which characterizes human nature may have kicked in and inspired some decision makers to exploit the crisis to that end and others.

To explain, many countries might have initially had sincere intentions to save their populations from what they truly believed would be the impending collapse of their healthcare systems had they not shut everything down, but political forces within them soon realized that they could advance their authoritarian ambitions to usher in what the author previously described as the COVID World Order of a techno-fascist dystopia. Still others such as the US saw a prime opportunity to “manage” the stock market crash that would have inevitably followed its record-high gains of the past year, gambling that the resultant chaos that was sweeping the world could create new opportunities to advance American interests at everyone else’s expense, especially its key competitors like China. So-called “rogue states” such as Iran might have went along with this not only for epidemiological reasons, but to virtue signal to the rest of the world that they’re “responsible” states which abide by “international norms”. Meanwhile, impoverished countries might have done so in pursuit of future debt relief.

Debunking The Ridiculous Speculation About A Secret Global Scheme

Once again, it cannot be emphasized enough just how ridiculous it is to speculate that “everyone was in on it ahead of time”, including hated rivals such as Iran and “Israel”. It might superficially seem so to cynical minds predisposed for whatever their reasons may be into believing that “secret societies” or other shadowy forces really rule the world, but the arguable reality is that these seemingly coordinated moves are actually the result of the independent assertion of various self-interests (e.g. protecting people, advancing authoritarianism, “managing” the stock market collapse, pushing forward “The Great Reset”, earning sympathy from the international community, etc.) triggered by an “information cascade” flowing throughout throughout the world’s complex supersystem. The inevitable order that’s gradually emerging out of this chaos has resulted in the natural convergence of some key players’ uncoordinated pursuit of their self-interests, which in this respect collectively manifests itself in the overarching trend pointing towards “The Great Reset”.

Politically Exploiting The Pandemic

Every country of economic significance seems to be scrambling to prepare themselves for what their leaders appear to sincerely believe is the inevitable “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, though they’re going about it in different ways. The expectation that the automation and digitalization of many jobs will lead to the large-scale replacement of many workers with AI is predicted to result in greater individual dependence on the government, which is preemptively being forced upon many of them through lockdowns and subsequent economic stimulus packages that might ultimately lead to a policy of so-called “universal basic income”. In order to enforce compliance, the authorities overexaggerate the lethality of COVID-19 so as to keep the population imprisoned in the homes out of fear, while those who dare to venture outside are forced to wear masks even though their effectiveness in preventing infection isn’t perfect like they’ve been officially portrayed. Masks also serve the purpose of psychologically reassuring the population that they can survive the pandemic.

The above-mentioned observations aren’t just the author’s “reckless speculation” like some critics might reactively claim in an attempt to discredit him, but proven by the fact that some Western countries selectively apply double standards towards the lockdown. The most perfect example of this is the US’ Democrat-led states strictly enforcing the lockdown against all members of their population except those who want to wantonly burn, loot, riot, and even murder in the name of Antifa and “Black Lives Matter”. That alone proves that even they, Trump’s harshest critics regarding his handling of the pandemic, don’t seriously think that COVID-19 is as dangerous as they make it out to be otherwise they wouldn’t dare let their supporters (and thus future voters) risk their lives carrying out such irresponsible acts just before the election. If anything, they’d have approved of Trump rallies so that his supporters would end up killing themselves en masse, but of course none of that ever happened which should make any objective observer doubt the official narrative about COVID-19’s lethality.

Conceptual Review

To review the insight that’s been shared thus far, readers should accept the existence of “information cascades” in complex systems, both concepts of which might require some googling in order to better understand. The general idea is that the world is a super complex network of interdependent systems as a result of economic and information globalization processes that one unprecedented move such as China shutting down its economy in response to COVID-19 was enough to set into motion a system-wide chain reaction. Everyone else locked down out of fear that the virus was really as deadly as it was initially thought to be, but soon thereafter many key players realized that the resultant economic devastation could be exploited to advance their interests at their competitors’ expense as well as promote what some had already previously planned would eventually be “The Great Reset” for facilitating the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Eventually, their independently asserted self-interests gradually converged in this direction, which then compelled weaker countries to fall in line.

Reflecting upon the phenomenon of “information cascades” in complex systems reveals that many countries’ publicly proclaimed distrust of China isn’t sincere. If they really thought that the CPC was as devious as they present it to be, then they wouldn’t have shut down their own economies out of an abundance of caution that maybe the party was telling the truth if it would take such a dramatic step as shutting down the world’s second-largest economy in response to a viral outbreak. Those that kept flights open from China might have done so either because they feared the country’s economic wrath if COVID-19 turned out to not be all that big of a deal and they were accused of “racism” and/or “ganging up” on China, or because they didn’t believe the CPC and simply wanted to continue profiting off of their business relations with China for as long as possible. Soon enough, however, all key players had their own separate reasons for going along with the global shutdown, though these reasons are now rapidly converging towards “The Great Reset”, World War C’s expected outcome.

Concluding Thoughts

Contemplating the connection between World War C and psychological processes leads to seriously concerning conclusions. Firstly, mankind’s so-called “collective mind” is easily influenced by systemic shocks and the resultant fear that they produce. Secondly, the global “hives’” “worker bees” (average people) are just as easily manipulated by their “queens” (the elite) into indefinitely complying with economically self-destructive demands which don’t do much to contain the contagion like is claimed. Thirdly, these selfsame demands obviously aren’t motivated by the “worker bees”” best interests, but for the “queen’s” own self-interested ones related to expanding her power over the rest of the “hive”. “The Great Reset” requires the immediate onset of massive unemployment, poverty, and government dependence in order to “succeed”, hence the regular lockdowns to that end. As a closing note, COVID-19 is real and very deadly for some, but that doesn’t mean that it’s accurately portrayed, nor that the state’s response to it is sincere and not driven by ulterior motives.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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