Why’s The WHO Silent About Myanmarese Doctors Abandoning COVID-19 to Become Rebels?

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) silence about Myanmarese doctors abandoning their front line roles in fighting COVID-19 in order to pick up arms and fight against their own military instead proves that the globalist body is practicing double standards with respect to its own narrative about the pandemic in order to achieve geostrategic objectives.

I wrote back in early February that “The WHO Must Condemn The Doctors’ Protest In Myanmar Or Lose Credibility On COVID-19”, arguing that the globalist body’s silence in the face of front line medical workers abandoning their roles in fighting against the virus risked discrediting their own narrative about the pandemic. Regrettably, the World Health Organization (WHO) never said anything against this to the best of my knowledge, but recently inverted reality by blaming the Myanmarese military for allegedly occupying health facilities and arresting protesting medical professionals according to reports from its so-called “global surveillance system” and “global tracking system”. It’s already disturbing enough that an ostensibly health-focused organization somehow succeeded in establishing global surveillance and tracking systems without anyone else in the world being aware of this, but the purpose of this piece is to opine about the reasons behind its narrative double standards when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic in Myanmar.

I made most of my points in the earlier analysis that I hyperlinked to at the beginning of this one, but it’s still worthwhile to remind everyone of them just in case some readers don’t have the time to review it. Basically, there’s a clear narrative inconsistency between the WHO claiming that COVID-19 is the world’s most dangerous threat and its refusal to condemn front line healthcare worker who refuse to do their professional duty for purely political reasons. It’s one thing to ignore their protests and another entirely to not say a word about some of them nowadays taking up arms against their own military, thereby transforming into Hybrid Warriors. This isn’t so-called “fake news” either like the WHO’s most indoctrinated defenders might instinctively claim, but was reported upon by none other than CNN last week in their piece about how “At Military Camps In The Myanmar Jungle, Doctors And Students Learn How To Fire Guns”. CNN isn’t all that reputable, but its report seems credible enough, plus the outlet is held up as one of the paragons of truth by almost all WHO defenders.

As I explained at the beginning of February shortly after the military’s decision to legally implement a state of emergency in response to the civilian government’s failure to resolve alleged voter fraud issues, the emerging externally provoked Hybrid War on Myanmar has very clear dimensions of a new East-West crisis between China and the US-led Quad. In pursuit of the West’s geostrategic objectives, it’s evidently willing to temporarily sacrifice its precious COVID-19 narrative out of “political convenience” as manifested by its failure to condemn front line healthcare workers for refusing to carry out their professional duty to save lives in order to literally learn how to end the lives of their country’s servicemen. Curiously, CNN’s report is ambiguous about whether these doctors-turned-terrorists/rebels/guerrillas are also learning how to build explosives in their jungle camps. In any case, it’s obvious that a sizeable number of healthcare professionals in Myanmar abandoned their professional duty in order to voluntarily make the transition from civilian to militant life.

The WHO’s silence in the face of this dangerous transformation which risks not only exacerbating the effects of the pandemic in Myanmar but also literally worsening the next unofficial phase of its decades-long civil war is extremely hypocritical when considering that the organization is critical of mass gatherings that have taken place across the world in opposition to its epidemiological “recommendations”. The organization’s most vehement defenders loudly condemn their compatriots whenever they peacefully protest the WHO and its allied government’s adherence to the former’s policies, especially if they do so without wearing masks, yet neither they nor their political patron have anything to say about front line healthcare workers abandoning their posts in order to train for warfare against their own government in the jungle. One can only imagine the reaction if anti-lockdown protesters dared to even suggest doing the same against their own governments.

This “politically incorrect” observation suggests that either the WHO and its defenders don’t really believe their own narrative about COVID-19 supposedly being one of the most lethal threats ever known to humanity or they’re irresponsibly putting everyone else’s lives at risk by remaining silent in the Myanmarese case for self-interested geostrategic reasons. There’s no compromise between these two diametrically opposed interpretations of the facts. This silence has continued for far too long to simply be “coincidental” or due to simple ignorance of the issue. To the contrary, the WHO and CNN are lionizing those front line healthcare workers who abandon their professional duties and criticizing their country’s military instead of placing the blame squarely where it belongs, which is right in the lap of those doctors-turned-militants. This should hopefully give some folks cause to reflect on what might really be going on when it comes to World War C since it’s obvious that the official narrative has just been debunked by the Myanmarese case study.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: OneWorld

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