Discovery of Mass Grave of 215 First Nations Children Shines Spotlight Onto Uncomfortable Truths

The facts show that the injustices of the past have not disappeared, but merely changed forms over the past decades and continue to distort and traumatize in lesser understood modes through the present day.

Ugly truths which some had preferred be kept in the dark have been pulled into the light of day as a mass grave of 215 children was discovered this month in Kamloops BC using ground penetrating radar.

The controversial find has sent shockwaves through the world Community and resulted in official calls by UN human rights experts that investigations be undertaken by both the UN and Holy See into these and other atrocities committed by the Canadian government whose Catholic Church-controlled Federal Residential School processed 150 000 First Nations children in 130 schools between 1831-1970.

Many of these children were heartlessly ripped from their homes and prevented from either speaking their native languages, seeing their families or practicing their customs as part of a multi-generational assimilation program to break the “culture of the savages” as outlined in explicit detail by Canada’s founding father and arch racist John A. Macdonald.

The UN human rights experts called on June 4 for the full implementation of all recommendations of the 2008-2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) which released a 2015 final report covering the cultural genocide committed on Canada’s First Nations’ by the Federal Government and Catholic Church. During the commissions seven-year study, it was revealed that there were 3200 confirmed child fatalities (yet no records existent of causes of deaths) while former TRC Chair Murray Sinclair has concluded that the real number was closer to 6000. Among their extensive interviews with First Nations communities, the Commission found tens of thousands of reports of torture, sexual violence and other criminal abuse committed by overseers of the residential school system.

This is obviously embarrassing for a nation which has grown accustomed to “enlightened” virtue signaling often being the first to condemn alleged cases of government-sanctioned genocide and human rights abuses against nations like Libya, Syria and most recently China. The consequences of Canada’s liberal self-righteous condemnation of other nations’ bad behavior to their minority groups has resulted in Canada’s support for acts of war such as sanctions, spreading misinformation which often ignores the role of western intelligence agencies at the heart of many of the operations- especially across Africa and the Middle East- and has even led to the outright bombing of nations back to the stone age with the full backing of liberal imperialists among Canada’s power structure.

When such paragons of liberal enlightenment like Prime Minister Trudeau cry crocodile tears over the abuses committed against the First Nations over the decades- and the current mass grave situation is no exception- it is often undertaken with a fair dose of misdirection and fallacy. For instance, the language heard by virtue signalling politicians implies that these injustices are a thing of the past and the new “normal” involves a hypersensitivity and respect for First Nations.

However, evidence shows a very different story, as First Nation families continue to be ripped apart with over 52% of Canadian children in foster care being indigenous and with suicide rates among natives 3x higher than the national average.

Across Canada’s reserves, states of government-enforced stagnation and isolation have been maintained for the past 50 years which has deprived these minority groups of any genuine economic development under a modern “human flagpole” policy. This social engineering program dubbed officially the “Arctic Re-Allocation Project” was innovated between 1952-1958 and saw hundreds of First Nations family sent back to “their natural ecosystems” in the Arctic despite the fact that they had assimilated into the industrial economic paradigm for several generations and had forgotten many of their hunting-gathering skills resulting in many deaths. This program was more broadly adopted when the assimilation regime was ended in the 1970s and a new manipulative policy befitting a post-industrial paradigm was imposed which I described in a recent article on Eco Colonialism.

To this day, 61 native communities have no access to clean water and no federal regulatory protection on infrastructure.

A Human Rights Watch representative commenting: “If you are anywhere else in Canada and you turn on the tap, then you are protected by safe drinking water regulations. If you live on reserve, no such regulations exist. There are no safe drinking water protections.”

Indigenous communities find themselves often adrift with no sense of future and no economic opportunities suffering 3 times more infant mortalities than the national average, 11% of all opioid deaths (despite only accounting for 2.6% of the population), and 47% of native children living in poverty. Inuit communities suffer the worst statistics with 11 times more suicides than the national average. Up until last year, BC hospitals still maintained a “birth alert” registry to keep tabs on all native families that might be a risk to their children.

While it is nice that a $33 million registry was approved to track down other cases of abuse- much of which will be directed to families directly impacted by the Kamloops abuses, the federal government is showing its true colors by battling thousands of First Nations victims in court who are defending the Canadian Human Rights Tribunals ruling that each of the 50 000 victims are entitled to $40 000 compensation each who had been taken from their homes and did not receive welfare protection.

The facts show that the injustices of the past have not disappeared, but merely changed forms over the past decades and continue to distort and traumatize in lesser understood modes through the present day. Will the ultimate truth and justice be revealed through the UN or Vatican’s participation in a serious inquiry into the past and present crimes of the Canadian government or will blind eyes continue to be turned as past skeletons are kept in their unmarked graves?

By Matthew Ehret
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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