The Fourth Industrial Revolution Explained

The fourth industrial revolution is here, are you ready? Do you also wake-up in the morning with the feeling that everything is a bad dream and you have to pinch yourself but then realize that the bad dream is reality?

The developments are threatening and also grotesque and absurd. At the same time, the situation is so cluttered, it is impossible to get a good picture in order to understand the current reality of events. An overview to let you understand more of the current nightmare situation we are in, which will only get worse:

How Did It Come To Be?

Almost everyone should agree that science has failed us in every single way in the last eighteen months. In particular in the field of medical science and the discrediting of doctors and medical personnel. In the past one died of a disease, now it is called with or from a disease, the distinction is not made, a degradation of medical science. Nobel Prize holders like Luc Montagnier are banned, like so many disqualified and made conspiracy thinkers, doctors and renowned scientists fell victim. The world is led by big Institutions like the WHO, John Hopkins University, Harvard and so on, sponsored by miljardairs from all over the world. The main importance for these Organizations and Institutes are data, computer models run by  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and this is exactly why we are in the still ongoing computer AI Covid-19 health crisis. AI doesn’t look at the real things, happening on the streets or in hospitals etc..No it’s just calculating and making prognoses for the time to come and  we are ruled by AI, politicians and scientists are the communicators of it and we the people, are fighting already against the system of AI. Politicians, media and science created the polarization of the population and transformed their democracies in totalitarian states, in just eighteen months. The media and politics depend (except for independent real human journalists and writers) on AI, news is copied from each other’s news outlets, politics depends on computer models, so they have agreed to AI and are no longer there for the population, this has led to the totalitarian technocratic dictatorships around the world in the last eighteen months. AI rules, along with the  1% richest of the world, over a population of seven billion people. AI and the 1% are the leaders of the world and will plunge the world into damnation!

Financial Problem

Why has it accelerated so fast? The world, or at least as I can see, the Western world is in  big financial trouble, but really big, never seen before in mankind. The capitalist system has broken down, beyond repair and so the elite, the 1%, had to figure out how to protect their own wealth and survive AI as well. The terrible lockdowns, the destruction of the middle-class is not done by politicians, they are just the communicators, but by the 1% with help of AI, a world wide coup so to speak. The agreement on totalitarianism of nearly two hundred countries has been done by greater forces, namely artificial intelligence, otherwise it would take at least fifty years to come to an agreement between countries.

We are ruled by big companies like: Alphabet,  Apple, Amazon en Facebook (Meta), a digital AI world, who make and break the digital system, the financial system is dominated by BlackRock and Vanguard, a cartel which rules the world and we have nothing to say, they stole from us, the middle-class, nearly all of our money in the last eighteen months. They stole our data, something never happened in the world before. Data is important, they can bribe us, dictate us, tell us what to do or cut us off from the system. We live in a digital AI system, that’s why they don’t care about the real world. Frightening? Yes and it proves that we are already living in the fourth industrial revolution in a totalitarian, digital  technocratic time, based on AI, we have no voice, no say, we are ruled by something which smart people have invented but is out of control and never ever should have come like this.  Why don’t the elite and its communicators, the politicians, sit back and enjoy all their money? Because the financial world has become a casino game, digitized, the 1% of the elite, can therefore also lose their money among themselves, but also be hacked by digitization, so a totalitarian technocracy must be introduced, then the money remains and the power at the 1%.  The financial world has been in a major crisis since 2008 and finally in March 2020 the whole system collapsed, after that we got into the so-called COVID-19 health crisis ! The elite started to steal from the middle-class on a huge scale, but that didn’t help and is now completely bankrupt. So they invented the Build Back Better Society, for themselves of course and make no mistake Europe, Asia, Russia and China  are all involved, every “rich” country, every olicharg, every miljardair is involved and try to save the “world” with AI and suppression of the population, to save their money casino system.

Their ideology is to let the whole world depend on AI, smart cities, self-driving cars, a Social Credit System for every citizen, so they can control you, most important they can control their wealth, you as an ordinary citizen may  use their wonderful things in the new world, without having a say and robbed from free speech and eventually free will (transhumanism). A digital currency is created, like a computer program, the ultimate form of totalitarianism. Mass employment is imminent and around one billion people in the world will lose their jobs, who is going to look after them? Well I dare to say the fake COVID-19 crisis is part of their depopulation program, to get rid of at least 1 billion people, first the eldery, they only need to be paid and worthless. The ones who don’t comply, which they call unvaccinated, are seen as political opponents and need to be eradicated.

To conclude, the elite’s are now in the process of completely looting the existing system, creating total chaos with the help of the media, which is under their control. People are being pitted against each other and forced to take medicine in the form of vaccinations, where we now know that most of the vaccinated people in the countries with the highest vaccination rates are in hospitals. Because they don’t need medication, they are healthy but forced to use medicines.   It is a criminal act of of the 1% of the world to keep their power, as long as the people fall for it they will go on without scruple and take the most absurd measures, if the 99% stop them the world can go on living in their own system, the 1% and their supporters must be tried, just like after the 2nd world war. For those who don’t know it yet, we are in the middle of the 3rd world war, a war with the elite, who have behaved shamelessly towards the people and should be stopped at all costs, to save the world for our children and grandchildren. Totalitarian states always fall, history has learned.

By Sonja Van Den Ende
Source: OneWorld

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