Washington Unleashes Biological Warfare in Syria

The US crimes in Syria have already been repeatedly reported by the Western media, the Syrian Arab News Agency SANA, as well as various international organizations. The airstrikes on Syrian cities, which were carried out by the US and the coalition led by them in violation of international law and had disastrous consequences for civilians, were repeatedly brought to the attention of the international community by Amnesty International. One of its reports in 2018 explicitly claimed that the bombing was carried out blindly and without the necessary precautions, resulting in a large number of civilian casualties in the city.

However, even with the recent US cessation of similar military attacks that have killed hundreds of civilians in Syria, Washington’s crimes in that country have not diminished. Acting as a blatant occupation force, the United States forces illegally present on Syrian soil continue to pillage Syria, removing hydrocarbons from the oil-rich north-eastern provinces of the SAR, causing economic losses to the independent Syrian state and its people.

In addition, SANA has previously repeatedly reported to the world about military trucks carrying wheat moving from Syria to Iraq through the Semalka border crossing on the Iraqi–Syrian border. Special attention was drawn to the fact that the US troops have taken such actions for a long time against the background of a large-scale food crisis caused by the war in the Syrian Arab Republic. As for the guilt of the United States for the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria, SANA provided comprehensive information about the extraction by the US military from the occupied Syrian territory in early 2021 of 38 trucks with stolen Syrian wheat, and then another 18 trucks of grain stolen from grain elevators to neighboring Iraq.

Meanwhile, as SANA reported on November 23, the Syrian Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform detected dangerous parasites in the wheat seeds supplied by the US as part of “humanitarian aid” through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID, an organization banned in Russia). Syrian authorities examined samples of those Turkish wheat seeds delivered by USAID to farms near the town of Qamishli under the control of the United States and its allies, after which a Syrian official, Saeed Hajji said that the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform in Hasakah Province sent samples of wheat seeds provided by USAID to the laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture, which found that they were not suitable for cultivation. The seeds contain a large number of parasite worm nematodes, which reached 40%. It poses a significant danger to agriculture in the region, mainly because its effects cause a lot of damage that worsens over time. The official warned farmers not to plant but destroy these seeds, whose destructive effects have been evident over the years. The Al-Hasakah Farmers Union had earlier urged farmers not to grow these seeds as they are unsuitable for agriculture and cause agricultural pests.

This sending of wheat seeds by USAID to Damascus is nothing but an attempt to carry out a biological attack on Syria, which has already suffered from US military operations.

Former US intelligence official Edward Snowden has previously said in a video message that the US has long been poisoning citizens of opposing countries with biological weapons. In particular, he pointed out that more than 80% of products, goods, fertilizers, and medicines imported from the US to Russia, for example, pose a danger to the population. According to Snowden, all products that come from the US contain a time bomb – a special kind of parasite: “There has long been large-scale research in America into the devastating effects of parasites on the human body. Subjects are infected with specially bred forms of helminths. Detecting their presence in the body is almost impossible. This is the most dangerous biomaterial, the primary purpose of which is literally to devour and destroy people from the inside!” These are special micro-species. Once in the human body, they migrate through the body. Often the accumulation of parasites in a particular human organ is detected only after autopsy. The best environment for them to live, breed, and function in is the human liver, muscle tissue, eyeballs, and, of course, the brain, which parasites reach within 10-12 years. This is an extreme degree of infection from which a person can never recover again. Destruction of the body occurs slowly, and a person does not even have time to feel it. Fatality occurs in 9 out of 10 cases.

As Snowden stated,

 “It’s useless to fight it. The mechanism is already in place. America understands the failure of its actions in the political arena and is ready to use any methods to somehow bring the opposing countries to their knees, to decompose them from within in the literal sense!”

The US is the only country in the world that still aggressively blocks the creation of a mechanism for monitoring the implementation of the 1972 Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction at official and unofficial levels.

According to a recent statement by the International Coalition to Continue the Fight and Launch the New International Movement, to Ban the Development and Proliferation of Biological Weapons, the Pentagon was forced to admit back in 2000 that secret Project 112 programs had tested biological weapons in Egypt, Liberia, South Korea, and Japan. Puerto Rico and Hawaii were also test sites. Subsequently, the US military expanded work on the modification, production, and testing of new types of deadly diseases, establishing more than 1,500 secret biological laboratories worldwide under the control of the Pentagon. Dangerous diseases modified in these laboratories are already being used to undermine agriculture and against the populations of states hostile to Washington’s policies and, in particular, against Russia, China, and Iran. And now against Syria, as evidenced by the latest incident with the sending of bio harmful seeds of Turkish wheat through the USAID, whose connection with the CIA has been repeatedly confirmed by the Western media.

By Vladimir Danilov
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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