Kazakhstan’s President Exposed Details of the Terrorist Threat Facing His Nation

The present piece will analyze some of the most important parts of President Tokayev’s speech in the context of the Hybrid War of Terror on Kazakhstan that prompted the Russian-led CSTO’s limited peacekeeping mission.

President Tokyaev addressed his people on Friday in a speech that exposed details of the terrorist threat facing his nation. The Saker republished the English version sourced from the ColonelCossad (Boris Rozhin) Telegram channel that can be read here. The present piece will analyze some of the most important parts of his speech in the context of the Hybrid War of Terror on Kazakhstan that prompted the Russian-led CSTO’s limited peacekeeping mission.

The first point of importance is that he authorized the army to shoot to kill without warning. This shows that the state is serious about neutralizing the terrorist threat. Previous attempts to have them surrender have largely failed since these radicals chose to fight to the death instead. Precisely because of the fact that they’re terrorists is why President Tokayev refuses to negotiate with them like he claimed some foreign forces have called upon him to do.

The next item to touch upon from his speech is how he thanked several countries in particular for their support, including Turkey. There’s been wild speculation among many in the Alt-Media Community alleging that Turkey was somehow involved in the attempted terrorist takeover of that Central Asian country. President Tokayev quashed those rumors by thanking the Turkish President among others. Those who continue to hurl baseless accusations against Turkey are therefore propagating fake news.

Another intriguing point was made when President Tokayev opined about democracy and human rights. He reminded everyone that democracy isn’t permissiveness nor incitement of illegal actions. The rule of law is the basis for all civilized states, he said. The lack of respect for the law leads to anarchy, which in turn results in the violation of citizens’ human rights. It’s for this reason why the Hybrid War of Terror on Kazakhstan can be described as threatening that country’s very statehood.

The Kazakhstani leader also blamed so-called “do-gooder activists” who’ve violated the May 2020 Law on Peaceful Assemblies of Citizens by holding unauthorized (illegal) rallies for distracting the police from dealing with their country’s urgent terrorist threat. President Tokayev said that this was one of the reasons why he temporarily shut down the internet in order to prevent those “activists” from undermining the state’s ongoing anti-terrorist operations.

Moving along, his speech then discussed the role of foreign media and domestic demagogues in catalyzing and exacerbating the current crisis. President Tokayev also declared that the government will investigate how everything happened in the first place so that attempted terrorist takeovers like the latest one never happen again. According to him, 20,000 armed and highly trained sleeper cell terrorists attacked Almaty, including some foreign ones alongside many locals.  

He concluded that this is evidence of a preplanned attack against the country. Furthermore, President Tokayev revealed that the terrorists were greatly assisted by specialists trained in what he described as ideological sabotage. This vanguard force weaponized disinformation and fake news in order to manipulate the minds of many in the run-up to the crisis and especially once it finally began to get kinetic. All of this suggests a single command center for training and guidance, he said.

President Tokayev wrapped up his speech by informing everyone that the situation has stabilized, which is why the internet was unblocked, but warned against spreading disinformation, fake news, or calls for incitement. He promised that the authorities will detect, track down, and punish all such offenders. Nevertheless, he praised the vast majority of his citizens for remaining faithful to the rule of law and resisting the terrorists’ provocations. He ended by expressing confidence for the future.

Everything that President Tokayev revealed in his speech confirms that Kazakhstan was indeed victimized by a Hybrid War of Terror. The fact that over 20,000 armed and highly trained sleeper cell terrorists, including some foreign ones, could infiltrate the country to carry out coordinated attacks all across it shows how long this campaign has been planned. It’s also important that he called out the informational component of this Hybrid War since it played a crucial role in the conflict.

Malicious perception management operations reduced some of the citizens’ confidence in their state, turned others against it, and then encouraged the aforesaid to resort to acts of terrorism against it once the preplanned Hybrid War finally went kinetic. The authorities’ long-planned removal of fuel subsidies was exploited as the “trigger event” for provoking a Color Revolution that would only serve as cover for the Unconventional War that was being plotted all along.

The subversive anti-Russian faction of the US’ permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”) might have ordered this conflict’s intensification in a desperate last-ditch attempt to sabotage the upcoming US-Russian talks on de-escalating the undeclared US-provoked missile crisis in Europe. That’s because it could have been postponed due to the authorities giving in to the originally apolitical anti-reform Color Revolution protesters’ demands to reimpose price controls.

Instead, this subversive “deep state” faction might have leveraged its extensive network of influence in Kazakhstan to force the Color Revolution’s transformation into an Unconventional War despite the “publicly plausible” pretext immediately evaporating after the protesters surprisingly got what they wanted. Whoever’s ultimately revealed to be behind it and for whatever ends they aimed to achieve, it’s clear that they’ll eventually be exposed as a result of the investigation into this conflict’s origins.

The public might not be made privy to the exact details for reasons of geopolitical sensitivity, but there shouldn’t be any doubt that an extremely powerful force commanded the Hybrid War of Terror on Kazakhstan exactly as President Tokayev concluded. That same force represents a major danger to the world since it already proved itself capable of almost capturing control of one of most geographically largest countries in the span of just a single day, which his why it must be contained as soon as possible.

The only realistic solution is for countries to actively implement their own “democratic security” policies like Russia has, which refers to counter-Hybrid Warfare tactics and strategies aimed at reinforcing national models of democracy from what are usually externally connected threats. Whatever forms this takes, which will vary based on the country and context, it must be immediately prioritized in order to preemptively safeguard all states from Kazakhstani-like terrorist takeover threats.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: OneWorld

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  1. The Khazakh (Қазақстан) government is never going to tell the true story of these happenings of the last weeks in its entirety. 1: It’s a wee bit emabarrasing, and 2: Because the Atlantis media propaganda stories are still to preponderant — and not only in the Western European Union or in the Anglosphere.
    That was always the reason why the (very competent) Chinese PR rulers did not — and still don’t — waste too much effort on debunking the (false) myth about “The Tiān’ānmén Massacre”: Most local Chinese knew after some time that they had been duped with false stories from the Chinese language broadcasts from The BBC, The Voice of America and Radio Free Asia. and that sufficed. And the CCP and the government in China find it embarrassing to tell how easily they could have been toppled. Fortunately, Dèng Xiǎopíng — that conummate Bridge player — saw what were in the cards on all sides of the table!

  2. Also: The story and history of the false narratives remain to come out in the North Atlandic shwere of news coverage. Why not gove back and tell about false nesws from before the Crimean war and until China was recognized by Nikson?

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