Zelensky’s Call for Nuclear War

In an emotional appeal that left some members of Congress with tears in their eyes, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky repeated his plea that U.S. officials impose a “no-fly zone” over his country. What he failed to mention during the course of his talk, is the virtual certainty that such an action would lead to nuclear war between the United States and Russia. 

Contrary to what Zelensky, President Biden, the Pentagon, the CIA, members of Congress, and other interventionists would like to believe, the war in Ukraine is not about freedom. It is about NATO, a corrupt bureaucratic entity that should have gone out of existence when the Cold War racket came to an end. 

Zelensky wanted Ukraine to join NATO. So did Biden, the Pentagon, the CIA, and other interventionists. For some 25 years, Russia has made it clear that that is a “red line” for Russia. Why? Because if Ukraine joins NATO, the Pentagon and the CIA will be able to establish their nuclear missiles, tanks, weaponry, and military bases on Russia’s border. Russia has steadfastly opposed that notion as fiercely as the U.S. government would oppose the same thing happening in Cuba or along the Mexico border.

Moreover, all the way up to the invasion, Russia made it clear that if Zelensky gave up his hopes and dreams of having Ukraine join NATO, there would be no Russian invasion of his country.

Alas, Zelensky could not let go of his love for this Cold War dinosaur. His love of NATO got the best of him. In the final analysis, he decided to sacrifice tens of thousands of his citizens in the hopes that Ukraine could defeat Russia in a war and then join NATO. He undoubtedly figured that he could induce Biden, the Pentagon, and the CIA to come to his aid. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Biden, the Pentagon, and the CIA misled Zelensky into believing that he could count on their support once Russia invaded Ukraine.

And now that Zelensky realizes that his high-stakes gamble might not pay off, he’s willing to sacrifice the American people in a nuclear war with Russia. In other words, if he’s going down, which is very possible, he wants millions of Americans to go down with him — again, not for freedom, but for NATO. He wants millions of Americans to be willing to die for NATO, just like tens of thousands of Ukrainians are now dying for NATO.

Let’s break down exactly what a “no-fly zone” is that Zelensky wants the Pentagon to establish over Ukraine. It involves U.S. fighter aircraft shooting down Russian military planes over Ukraine. Those Russian planes would contain Russian soldiers, perhaps even hundreds of Russian soldiers in transport planes.

That’s not all. From the ground, Russian forces will be firing missiles intended to shoot down American planes. Thus, it would be necessary for American planes to fire missiles at the ground with the aim of knocking out those anti-aircraft missile facilities. People near those areas would be incinerated. (In fact, when U.S. officials established a “no-fly zone” over Iraq during the 1990s, I recall one incident in which an errant U.S. missile killed a young boy tending his sheep.)

The moment one Russian plane is shot down, the United States and Russia will be in a state of war. At that point, anything can happen. All bets are off. The war might remain conventional, in which case the United States would be almost certain to win, given its vast military superiority. 

But it then becomes in Russia’s interests to employ tactical nuclear weapons. But if that’s the case, everyone know where that is going to lead. Therefore, almost immediately both sides would have to calculate whether to be the first to fire their strategic missiles. There would be little time for thought and reflection. In a nuclear war, no one wants to be firing his nuclear arsenal second. It becomes in the interests of both nations to fire their nuclear arsenal first.

That’s what Zelensky is willing to risk with his call for a Pentagon-enforced “no-fly zone” over Ukraine — the entire United States radiated — hundreds of millions of Americans suddenly and unexpectedly killed in an all-out nuclear exchange — most of our country destroyed — just so that Ukraine can join NATO. 

Statists are referring to Zelensky as a “George Washington.” But George Washington would never have been willing to sacrifice even one American or even one foreigner, much less millions of innocent people, for the sake of joining a corrupt bureaucratic entity like NATO or any other “entangling alliance.”

With friends like Zelensky, who needs enemies?

Featured image: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (centre) attends the drills of the Ministry of Internal Affairs during his working trip to the Kherson region, Ukraine, Saturday, February 12, 2022

By Jacob G. Hornberger
Source: The Future of Freedom Foundation

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