America’s Whoops Apocalypse Is Just Not Cricket

NATO’s perpetual wars are hell, for those whose lives they destroy, and an abomination that must be ended for the rest of us.

The United States’ recent sanctioning of leading members of Ireland’s Kinahan Organized Crime Gang (KOCG), Europe’s most successful criminal mobsters, offers global insights into the tangled webs of deceit that underwrite America’s own global criminal empire. Not only are KOCG major players in the global heroin market but they are also amongst professional boxing’s major promoters through their links with Bahrain’s Royal Family and their own Dubai HQ, where disgraced former Irish President and UN HRC Mary Robinson has emerged as a passionate defender of that country’s appalling human rights’ record.

As the KOCG have also been sports washing their illicit gains in Saudi Arabia, a country whose dismal human rights’ record is, like its Yemeni genocide campaign, impervious to American opprobrium the plot, as they say, thickens. And widens to include other oil rich countries like Qatar, which is hosting this year’s World Cup to sports wash their own disgusting human rights’ track record.

Whereas football and boxing are washing criminals whiter than white, cricket, if Pakistan’s Imran Khan is our metric, is not stepping up to NATO’s plate. From a sporting point of view, that is odd as India and Pakistan do not have sporting heroes; they have cricketing gods, such is their fanaticism to that sport of Empire. And cricket gods do not come any bigger in Pakistan than Imran Khan, its recently deposed Premier, who famously led Pakistan to its first and only cricket World Cup triumph in 1992.

America’s Imran Khan dilemma is straight out of an Indian Bollywood movie. Khan, the protagonist (or antagonist if you are an American stooge), is an Oxbridge educated cricketing maestro, who is universally revered in Pakistan because of his cricketing prowess, his movie-star looks, his philanthropy, his honesty and his patriotism, all of which have helped him forge mutually beneficial relations between Pakistan and India, China and Russia. Khan overcame both Pakistan’s COVID-19 crisis and its institutionalized corruption, all while forging closer alliances with Beijing and Moscow, solidifying the Afghan peace process, and building up Pakistan’s foreign reserves to almost $20 billion. Khan, it seems, was a better politician than he was a cricketer and that is really saying something.

Although an Imran Khan blockbuster would be a Bollywood home run, the entire CIA apparatus has transformed this hero into a Hollywood cut out villain, up there with Dracula, Asma Assad and Putin. The problem, as ever, for the CIA, is that Shazbah Sharif, their money laundering Pakistani puppet, is regarded by all sentient Pakistanis as being as corrupt as any of Zelensky’s Ukrainian oligarchs. Because Pakistan, no stranger to massive protests, has never before seen anything like the huge crowds protesting in favor of Khan, the Yanks are in a pickle.

And not just in Pakistan. The Solomon Islanders are no longer content in their South Pacific Paradise. As they would like the Yanks to get off their backs and the Chinese to help evict them, there is trouble brewing in Paradise. Although it is probably nothing a few divisions of kick ass U.S. Marines cannot handle, the world is unravelling, much as it did in the Whoops Apocalypse sitcom, which was written shortly after Iran gave the American imposed Shah his marching orders. America’s whack-a-mole policy has run out of road, as there are too many moles and not enough USMC bats to beat them down with.

That said, Russian President Putin remains America’s preferred nemesis and The White House, in true Tinseltown form, has made a yet bigger fool of itself by christening the West’s rampant inflation Putin’s Price Hike, as if the Russian government is somehow forcing Western price gougers to boycott Russia and up their prices. The World Wide Wrestling Federation will soon acquire a Russian villain to play Putin’s part, complete, perhaps, with a pet polar bear instead of the sanctioned white Russian cats James Bond villains usually prefer.

Though Tinseltown’s show must go on, Putin and Khan will be nowhere near the podium when the Oscars and Nobel Peace Prizes are next doled out. Though Ukrainian comedian Zelensky should make a clean sweep of all the major trophies, fascist enablers like Łarysa Anatolijiwna Heraśko, Ukraine’s current Ambassador to Ireland, deserve to scoop up some of the smaller prizes. Having cut her diplomatic teeth at Ukraine’s Embassy in Canada and then as Consul General in Chicago, she has no doubt been thoroughly indoctrinated in Ukraine’s current Bandera doctrine, much of which was first drafted in The Windy City and amongst Ukrainian Nazi expats in Canada who, likewise, have earned their fascistic spurs.

Whatever about Chicago, Heraśko has been an unmitigated disaster and an unprecedented disgrace to the world’s diplomatic corps since landing in Ireland. She has not only led fascist mobs outside the Russian Embassy and onto Dublin’s main thoroughfare but she has also called for the arrest and expulsion of Russian and Irish peace campaigners for peacefully expressing their views at rallies that impinged on nobody. Not only is she thereby violating the Irish Constitution which guarantees the right of peaceful assembly but she is violating both the spirit and the code of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, not only in her criminally ignorant attacks on Russia’s Irish delegation but on her public attacks on Irish neutrality, which is not in her purview or in that of any other American diplomatic flunkey. And nor should she, as the state controlled BBC attest, be violating Irish law by recruiting Irish mercenaries to commit crimes in Ukraine; this criminal enabler should, instead, be booted back to Mariupol where the Azovs are badly in need of more bodies like hers to stave off their inevitable defeat.

Although NATO need over-paid puppets like Heraśko to co-ordinate the intimidation of those peaceful protesters the Saudi funded, ISIS affiliated VICE network and Bill & Melinda Gates’ funded The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) gather intelligence on, ordinary people, who are paying at the gas pump in the West and elsewhere with their lives, do not need these grubby Grim Reapers.

NATO’s perpetual wars are not some stupid Hollywood Reality TV diversion for criminal Irish, American, Pakistani and Ukrainian oligarchs to feed off. They are hell, for those whose lives they destroy, and an abomination that must be ended for the rest of us. If night is darkest just before the dawn, then there just might be rays of hope emerging from Pakistan, the Solomon Islands and Ukraine.

Whatever about Hollywood’s razzle-dazzle not fooling all of the people all of the time, even the Romans found to their cost that you cannot perpetually opiate the masses with bread and circuses. Those halcyon, American privileged days of The Captains and The Kings are gone. Now that the final stumps are being drawn, NATO have no hope of forever silencing Imran Khan and his tens of millions of followers, the Solomon Islanders or the rest of us who see the sleight of hand involved in slapping Syrian-style sanctions, instead of RICO laws on the KOCG, whose crimes, despicable as they are, pale in comparison to those of NATO, America’s own Murder Inc.

Those are the words of Major General Smedley Butler, America’s most decorated soldier, as opined in his War is a Racket opus. Though NATO’s ongoing wars are an ongoing racket and linking KOCG to sanctions instead of RICO is part of NATO’s attempt to criminalize its Russian opponents, far too many people, with the armies of Russia and China in the van, are seeing through it and rejecting it. NATO best pick up their balls and their bats from their overseas bases and take them, together with their Zelenskys, their Heraśkos and their diversionary KOCG smokescreens, and head back to Beltway’s Tinseltown. Their game is up, the sanctioned cats are out of the bag and there is no way on God’s earth NATO can ever again control their multiple home and away fronts.

And so, as the Americans play out their two and four year electoral cycles and as they scour the world for fresh Pakistanis and Pacific Islanders to bully, they best realise the world is leaving them and their electoral parlor games behind, and that leaders of the calibre of Imran Khan are bringing into play a new multi polar world order, where Syria, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan and the Solomon Islands will be shown the respect they deserve. Au revoir America. The world’s Imran Khans have bowled you and your criminal henchmen all out.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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