Media – Russia & the Great Reset – Resistance or Complicity?

On April 1st I had the opportunity to do a panel discussion hosted by Whitney Webb of Unlimited Hangout about whether or not Russia and Vladimir Putin are controlled opposition for the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.

Myself and Matthew Ehret were on the side of sanity and Riley Waggaman and Iain Davis were going down the spy movie rabbit hole.

For links to everyone’s backgrounds and bios you can go to this post over at

On top of the many points Matt and I made during this panel one of the things that didn’t get fully explained is that there is no monolith within any of these major players on the field.

Russia isn’t a unit. China isn’t a unit. Even Davos as I’ve defined them, are not a unit (see my Podcast #75 for my views on this). To lump all of Russia’s actions vis a vis COVID-19 under the simple (and false) dichotomy of pro or con the World Economic Forum, is both disingenuous and amateurish.

Because there is no indication that Russia and China have the same expansive or aggressive posture for global domination that Riley and Iain imply. They may be building similar surveillance systems because they are inherently authoritarian governments.

But that does not imply the same borg-like ambitions of Davos and the rest of the West, who clearly do want to run their singular system worldwide.

But, that fear of sameness between their current systems is all Riley and Iain bring to the table over and over again, ignoring individual actor allegiances, histories, etc. to craft an analysis that seems plausible as long as you don’t look at it too deeply.

In my opinion, they are the worst kind of useful idiots in a time like this, allowing their personal biases and, frankly, neuroses to dominate their public work which, in the end, does nothing more than carry water for the very people they are so completely afraid of.

But, hey, everyone has to have a hobby, I guess.

I mean it when I say in the stream, however, that I have sympathy for them. We’re all scared of the future these people are pursuing. It’s horrifying.

I used to be so scared of the Federal Reserve that I began thinking they were all closet Austrians running around manipulating the real economic levers to get their way.

Guess what? I was certifiably crazy back then. I didn’t need more gold, I needed therapy and a beta-blocker.

And my fears did nothing to craft battle plans based in reason. They did nothing to help my home life, marriage or ability to be a competent father. It was nothing more than selfish and, more importantly, self-important behavior. But, sadly, we all have to go through this to find the strength to master the fear and then find our own ways to contribute CONSTRUCTIVELY.

And if we don’t identify and call out this behavior for what it is then it will split the burgeoning populist revolt against these Davos bastards at the exact moment when we’ve got them on the run and spinning.

Putin as WEF double secret agent is literally the dumbest idea I’ve been confronted with since Ishtar.

This is the last I will talk about this subject. It’s prima facia evidence of everything Dexter White and I have been saying about the quality of the information out there since the beginning of the Russia/Ukraine War. We’ve never seen it this bad and it’s literally turning the entire western world into a madhouse….

I want to thank everyone involved. It went better than I thought it would but please let’s put this stuff to bed. There are real villains to oppose here. Click the pic below to watch the event.–the-Great-Reset–Resistance-or-Complicity

Here’s hoping Viktor Orban wins in Hungary this weekend

By Tom Luongo
Source: Gold Goats ‘n Guns

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