NATO’s Ukrainian Order of Battle

It is time for the armies of Canada and the USA to get out, go home and play out their endless, interminable wars on their home turf. Europe has had a gut full of them.

Though the declaration of Lord Ismay, NATO’s first Secretary General, that the purpose of NATO was “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down,” remains NATO’s mission statement, its Order of Battle, the purpose of this article, is necessarily much wider and deeper than those few words.

NATO’s Order of Battle began to emerge on May 7, 1945 even as “General Alfred Jodl, Chief of Staff of the German Army, signed three other surrender documents at the same time, one each for Great Britain, Russia, and France” and “Soviet chief of staff Gen. Alexei Antonov expressed concern to SHAEF that the continued fighting in the east between Germany and the Soviet Union made the Reims surrender look like a separate peace.”

Even as General Jodl signed, NATO’s plan of keeping Germany down and Russia out was sliding neatly into place. Not only was the United States unilaterally dictating the pace, just as they would later do with Imperial Japan’s surrender, but France, which Germany had defeated and occupied five years earlier was, to the puzzlement of the Germans, ostentatiously seated in pride of place for America’s ploy. This ploy would see France, utterly defeated in 1940, command a UNSC seat and become a G7 member, along with Canada which, its docile subservience to the United States apart, is a mid tier power of little other consequence.

All of that was the United States, NATO’s suzerain, empowering its colonies to control not only Europe but the entire free (sic) world. NATO’s military, though formidable, would be a necessary but by no means sufficient tool to defeat “The Red Menace.” That hoped-for final victory would take the proper deployment of all of NATO’s darkest legions.

Order of Battle

The order of battle of an armed force participating in today’s hybrid wars shows the hierarchical organization, command structure, strength, disposition of personnel, and equipment of units and formations of the armed force. During the Cold War, the presence of legions of Soviet tank formations in Czechoslovakia meant NATO had to deploy short term nuclear warheads in Bavaria to deter them. Though that much was simple, they then had to convince Bavarians that being in the cross hairs of retaliatory Soviet nuclear strikes was their good and patriotic duty.

Though that took a lot of work on the soft war side of NATO’s ledger lessons, as they said, were learned and those lessons continue to reap dividends in, for example, Britain, where peace campaigner Jeremy Corbyn is a political pariah for not wanting to be on the business end of a barrage of thermo nuclear missiles.

The plucky British bulldog, it seems, is not even supposed to bark even if retaliatory nuclear missiles rain in on them. Even as that nation of animal lovers rescue cats and dogs from the Taliban and, as their mercenaries bring cute puppies to play with the Azov Nazis in Mariupol, the Queen, her corgis and tens of millions of her subjects, all have to be prepared to go to the great dog pound in the sky if NATO warrant it.

Though this makes it too easy to scoff at our British chums, that, folks, is what indoctrination does, even to the British who never never will be slaves. Bamboozling the Brits is why the Pentagon called in their social media influencers, their gamers and their TikTokers, to get them onboard for Battle Plan Ukraine.

There is nothing surreal, stupid or particularly Anglo-phobic about this. NATO palms us off on such obvious British fake news’ hubs as Eliot Higgins, an English university drop out (from England’s worst university), the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which got its start from the powerful British Muslim Brotherhood networks and now the Kiev Independent, which is about as independent as a new-born baby. With us befuddled by arguing with such a confederacy of NATO funded dunces, NATO’s more important deployments continue apace.

A Mosque in Munich

Ian Johnson’s A Mosque in Munich: Nazis, the CIA, and the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West is a book everyone must read. Its first half described how the Abwehr, as part of its anti-Soviet Order of Battle, utilized Muslim minorities in the Northern Caucasus to help slice open the soft underbelly of the Soviet Union to thereby aid the German Armed Forces reach the Baku oilfields.

Though the book’s less impressive second half describes how the CIA, with the help of former senior Abwehr officers, inherited that ongoing campaign, it does help us understand how NATO have been so effective integrating Islamic fifth columnists, the so-called CIA’s Arab Legion, into its own Order of Battle.

Enter the Waffen SS

The insights the Waffen SS, which somewhat ironically ended the war as Europe’s most ethnically diverse fighting force, offer into NATO’s Ukrainian Order of Battle can best be summarized through examining Paul Hausser, Felix Steiner and Sepp Dietrich. Hausser, a former general in Germany’s regular army, transformed the SS-VT into a formidable military organization. Steiner’s considerable contribution included creating small but highly effective mobile battle groups, whose camouflaged men were armed with submachine guns and grenades instead of rifles and other cumbersome weapons.

Despite being semi-literate, unable to read even a field map and having no formal staff officer training, Dietrich was, along with Hausser, the highest-ranking officer in the Waffen-SS. As the original commander of the Sonderkommando Berlin, the forerunner of the Waffen-SS, and as Hitler’s former bodyguard and chauffeur, his loyalty was beyond question. If Hitler and Himmler wanted a charismatic, street fighting bruiser who could charm his fellow semi-literate knuckle draggers, there was none better than Josef Sepp Dietrich.

Fast forward to today’s battle fields and we see NATO’s same Order of Battle being deployed in Ukraine. The post Maidan era has allowed NATO’s Haussers and Steiners transform Azov’s unthinking Dietrichs from street brawlers into formidable opponents. Just as the Waffen-SS were lavished with the best armaments Krup and other NATO affiliated firms implicated in the Holocaust could supply, so also are NATO’s major partners falling over themselves pimping weapons of mass destruction into Ukraine, where its Kiev regime has been handing them out like snuff at their own wake to soldiers and criminal gangs alike.

Not only do Zelensky’s militias lack the disciplined back bone the Waffen-SS and the Wehrmacht afforded the Third Reich but they crucially lack anything resembling the German High Command, which had been the world’s most effective High Command from Napoleon’s demise to Jodl’s unconditional surrender, from when Lord Ismay’s task of keeping them forever beholden to the Anglo American alliance came into effect.

The relative success of Zelensky’s forces in stemming Russia’s advances can, in short, be best seen as a testament to how NATO has transformed Ukraine’s militias and much of her regular forces into a modern day version of a NATO controlled and NATO run Waffen-SS.

Ukraine’s Order of Battle

Far from being a slur, it is a simple statement of how NATO has deployed its Ukrainian forces. As long ago as 2018, NATO’s Atlantic Council, with Bellingcat tagging loyally behind, was comparing Ukraine’s Azovs and C-14s to the anti-Jewish street violence Dietrich led in the Reich’s earlier years and they were not alone in seeing that Ukraine had plenty of Dietrich-like human resources that could be channelled “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down,” if only NATO’s Haussers and Steiners could mold Ukraine’s Dietrichs into an effective SS.

As NATO’s junior partners, Canada in particular, were happy to supply modern day Steiners, their Canuck trainers can take much of the credit for the fighting prowess and concomitant war crimes of Ukraine’s Nazi fighting forces. Foreign Policy, another notorious NATO outlet, had noted as early as 2014, that Russia would have its work cut out prising Mariupol free from Ukraine’s Dietrichs and, thanks to France and Canada, how right they were.

Though Westpoint’s Orwellian named Combatting Terrorism Center was all too aware of this, they also felt confident they could marshal any collateral damage synergies emanating from links between the West’s own far right extremists and Ukraine’s alphabet soup of Nazis. Ukraine, after all, was not NATO’s first rodeo.

This George Washington University paper from GNU’s Illiberalism Studies Program explains how the Herman Petro Saccharide National Army Academy (NAA), Ukraine’s premier military education institution and the major hub for NATO’s military assistance efforts, has been ruled by Centauri, an Azov-affiliated, self-described order of “European traditionalist” military officers committed to a white supremacist ideology. As Centauri has freely proselytized to Ukraine’s future military elite inside the NAA and as they have developed close links with NATO’s foremost military education and training institutions, NATO’s Ukrainian forces are as much imbued with right wing extremist ideology as were the Wehrmacht from 2 August 1934 onwards.

Ukraine’s Diaspora

Following the Third Reich’s defeat, countless Ukrainian Nazis had to quickly evacuate Dodge. Many of them found homes in the United States and Canada, which is exceptional for its very numerous and very vociferous far-right proseltyzers, who are firmly embedded in Canada’s Ukrainian minority of almost 1.5 million, the world’s third highest after those of Russia and Kazakhstan.

If NATO’s piranhas wanted a Ukrainian sea to swim in, Canada was perfect. Not only have Canadian politicians been frequent flyers to Kiev, but the Canadian military, along with Canada’s universities, have been bit players in Holocaust revisionism at the behest of Ukraine’s Nazis. The credit for these Canadian Nazi successes lies not only with Christina [Kristina] Dobrovolska and Joel Harding but with North America’s Ukrainian diaspora, who have been drafting their counter-historical narrative since Jodl’s surrender.

NATO’s Eastern Front

Ukraine’s tragedy is that it is, by definition, a border lands, a buffer between Russia to its east and NATO to its west, just as it was formerly the divide between the empires of Tsarist Russia and Austro-Hungary, which tolerated Galician and other minorities. Though all of Austro-Hungary’s many minorities deserve their due, Ukraine’s refusal to see that NATO’s reformation of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Galician) is particularly problematic, as is NATO’s efforts to incorporate Finland and Sweden and, later, perhaps, Austria and Ireland, into their criminal empire.

As Finland, which fought shoulder to shoulder with the Wehrmacht until they were allowed surrender in September 1944, thrived with neutrality, they have no earthly reason to now become vassals of NATO, just as they were once vassals of Swedish monarchs. Stockholm, in considering its options, should recall the old half truth that Norway surrendered to the Nazis in a week, Denmark in a day and Sweden by a telephone call. If Sweden wants to be at the epicenter of a nuclear war they can easily side step, they best prepare their shrouds for Valhalla.

Though UNSC show boater Simon Coveney and Ireland’s political grifters should be ignored like the irksome toadies that they are, Austria, in considering its options, should recall that their forefathers were more pro Nazi than were the Germans but that, compared to the Germans, they got off comparatively lightly because of political expediency.

Although the leaders of these NATO satellites want to cynically send others on a children’s crusade against Russia, being NATO’s cat’s paw, fighting to the last Ukrainian, is neither adult nor honorable. They must be held to account for their criminally stupid death wish.

NATO’s Western Front

Even as NATO drives ever eastwards to capture yet more natural resources, NATO’s Western front still needs attention “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.” Although the door seems firmly locked against Mother Russia, the parallel problem is with the German Fatherland, which has been militarily, demographically, sociologically and economically eviscerated. Outside of obese Bavarians in their knickerbockers guzzling down beers and stuffing their fat faces with frankfurters at Munich’s Oktoberfest, Steiner, Dietrich and Hausser would be increasingly hard put to recognise their old haunts.

Germany’s abandonment of cheap Russian resources in favor of vastly more expensive and therefore uncompetitive American alternatives seems explicable only by inputting massive NATO bribes and threats into our calculus. Either way, Germany’s demographic melt down has, coupled with this NATO madness, ensured that China will soon outstrip her at all levels of advanced engineering. As the USA has bullied France out of lucrative Australian contracts, one has to wonder if the Yanks have similarly eviscerated their French partners.

Marine Le Pen’s polls show, at least at one level, that there is substantial blow back to France and Europe being America’s toady. And the plans of British buffoon and political opportunist Boris Johnson to intern Albion’s economic refugees in Rwanda which is all of 7,000 km away from The White Cliffs of Dover, are indications of further unease the endless waves of economic refugees NATO’s endless wars, that in Ukraine included, are causing.

But NATO’s leaders can take heart in that hordes of angry European ants do not make an effective colony of angry ants. Refugees will continue to pour into Western Europe, thereby undermining both her culture and the lower tiers of her economy and thus bringing nearer to fruition The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.

Even in my own case, I must give consideration between eating and heating, not because I must now choose between one or the other but because the White House’s Orwellian named Putin’s Price Hike is making both necessities as prohibitively expensive for many ordinary Westerners, as they are for people in NATO’s other colonies; recall, for example, that the World Bank wanted to charge Bolivians 40% of their salaries for their own rainwater and you will see Europe’s bleak future.

NATO’s key weapon of choice, in this regard, is to lower our expectations and to convince us all to take one or maybe more for the team, just like Ronnie Reagan did in the All American movie. This entails most of us being low level consumers, scraping to pay our bills to keep the wheels of NATO’s dying industries turning, and to spend our down time following soul destroying pursuits, as NATO berates us to safeguard the environment and brainwashes us to hate Russia and allied targets for NATO expropriation.

The environment, you see, is all the fault of Putin and that Chinese Xi Jinping fellow and not the fault of NATO’s jet setters and gas guzzlers, who keep the fast food and throw away fashion industries buoyant. And it is not Greta Thunberg’s fault that the ungrateful child wretches in Bangladeshi sweat shops or Congolese cobalt mines have never heard of NATO’s trickle down effect.

And so, as NATO toss Ukraine, Syria and Yemen on the pyre, we must ensure shares in Big Pharma, Wall St’s sweetest sector, stays afloat, by taking our Covid jabs. We must welcome unvetted Ukrainians, Syrians and Yemeni to our shores and not begrudge Vanguard and BlackRock their arms industry profits because there is a much bigger game afoot in all of this.

NATO is fighting for our way of life, the American way of life, in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Libya, Armenia and Iraq. And no less a figure than God actually told George Bush, the butcher of millions of Afghans and Iraqis, just that.

But NATO’s God, George Bush’s God, Bill Clinton’s God, Tony Blair’s God, is more psychopathic than any of indigenous America’s gods, whose lust for child sacrifices could at least be satiated. After NATO sacrificed over 500,000 Iraqi children, NATO said it was worth it but, as NATO’s Order of Battle clearly demonstrates, it was obviously not nearly enough.

From the Gates of Moscow to the Bunkers of Berlin

Just as the Red Army chased the Wehrmacht from Moscow to the Reichstag, so also must NATO’s Nazi legions be pushed backwards from Mariupol to their Canadian spawning grounds. The peoples of Europe, from Portugal in its West to Georgia in its East, and from Norway in its North to Greece in its South do not need NATO’s endless wars of aggression and nor do they need the media, arms and Big Pharma companies that feed off their endless slaughter of innocents. The 1914-45 European Civil War is over. It is time for the armies of Canada and the USA to get out, go home and play out their endless, interminable wars on their home turf. Europe has had a gut full of them.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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