Shehbaz Sharif’s Comparison of Pakistan to Defeated Germany & Japan Exposes His Agenda

His comparison of Pakistan with defeated Germany and Japan exposed his true agenda of having America militarily occupy his country just like it did those two former fascist states in the event that his suspected US patron successfully overthrows Prime Minister Imran Khan after tomorrow’s no-confidence vote that Washington itself engineered.

Pakistani opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif, who’s hoping to become his country’s next Prime Minister in the event that the US’ rolling regime change operation against incumbent leader Imran Khan succeeds after Sunday’s no-confidence vote, just compared Pakistan to Germany and Japan. He used their post-war economic success as an example of what he claims to have in mind for Pakistan but there’s a lot more to this comparison than just that. In reality, Sharif actually exposed his true agenda for Pakistan.  

Germany and Japan were World War II’s fascist aggressors who are nowadays US vassals after being occupied by it into the present day upon losing the global conflict that they themselves provoked. They don’t practice any independent policies, unlike Prime Minister Khan’s Pakistan. Those countries’ post-war economic success was a product of the US’ Old Cold War-era strategy to build up powerful bulwarks against its then-Soviet and Chinese rivals in Western and Eastern Eurasia.

By comparing his country to those two, Sharif is implying that Pakistan is a defeated fascist state that deserves to be forever occupied by the US. He’s also hinting that it’s a global threat to peace and security, which contradicts the so-called “super patriot” image that he’s been trying to insincerely project. By waving the carrot of claiming that Pakistan can replicate Germany and Japan’s post-war economic success, he’s hoping to convince his compatriots to sell out their country to the US.

The fact of the matter is that it’s impossible to recreate those two’s economic miracles due to the completely different situation that modern-day Pakistan finds itself in. Sustainable development can only be achieved by fulfilling the ambitious vision articulated in that country’s newly promulgated National Security Policy, especially with respect to completing February 2021’s plans to build a Pakistan-Afghanistan-Uzbekistan (PAKAFUZ) railway that would ultimately also connect to Russia.

Sharif is unlikely to allow that project to succeed considering that he’s suspected by many of being America’s top political proxy in Pakistan and that declining unipolar hegemon wants to overthrow Prime Minister Khan precisely because of the game-changing geostrategic consequences of the rapid rapprochement with Russia that he’s overseen in recent years. This opposition leader wants to return Pakistan to the post-colonial neo-imperialist chains that Prime Minister Khan just liberated it from.

Pakistan has nothing to apologize for and it certainly isn’t a defeated fascist state that deserves to be occupied by the US. It’ll never replicate the post-war economic success of Germany and Japan, not least because it’s not in the US’ interests for it to do so. If America really had Pakistan’s best interests in mind, then it would support Prime Minister Khan’s independent foreign policy that he’s practicing in pursuit of his Islamic welfare state vision for his people. Instead, it wants to replace him with Sharif because of it.

Far from being the “super patriot” that he makes himself out to be, Sharif is simply the political proxy of the same foreign power that wants to return Pakistan to its former vassal status and thus ensure that its people never experience true prosperity like Prime Minister Khan is trying his best to have happen. His comparison of Pakistan with defeated Germany and Japan exposed his true agenda of having America militarily occupy his country just like it did those two former fascist states.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: OneWorld

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