Censorship Is Bad News

If you are over the age of reason, you should dispense with NATO’s human tinsel, who are perpetually pepper sprayed across our airwaves.

The Ghost of Kiev was deliberate, if not deliberately stupid, disinformation. Ditto The Last Stand at Snake Island. Likewise the inflammatory lies the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador spewed out to Capitol Hill about babies being ripped from incubators in Kuwait. George Bush lied that America’s torture of Iraqi prisoners was not widespread, systematic and brutal.

George Bush 1 simply stated that America is always right and need never apologize, even when its air force blasts passenger airlines out of the sky. Arch war criminal John McCain, when faced with the testimony of a Syrian Christian, could only snigger that the ISIS criminals he met were nice guys, moderate savages.

Then we have Bana, who was not only a pint sized Syrian fraud but a very transparent one, who was given the run of NATO’s media to wish nuclear war on Syria in a language she could not even grunt in. Although lies come more naturally than truth to Tony Blair, the entire Bush and Clinton families, Colin Powell and the armies of Beltway warmongers and their media flunkeys, their lying never stops.

Although libraries have been written documenting their lies, we need a more systematic framework to tie NATO’s tissues of lies together and to make sense of them and their purpose. Because all these lies, mistruths and half truths are geared to serve NATO’s ongoing and ever evolving needs and interests, they may best be seen within a Darwinian evolutionary framework, where NATO’s flunkeys adapt their behavior to suit and shape our common environment.

Words, Word, Words

Words, words, words. This was Hamlet’s self-serving reply to Polonius’ question, “What do you read, my lord?” But words, Humpty Dumpty informs us, are the most pliable of tools, all the more so when embellished with rhetoric and arguments of one sort or another into a thesis, a book, a newspaper, a magazine, or a portfolio of one or more of them.

Words and essays, when sliced and diced, chopped, changed and collated by editors and sub-editors playing to the various acquired biases of their audience, can encourage their marks along almost any road, NATO’s road to war included, if they so choose. That is what propaganda does and the BBC and the Economist, to take two important examples, have been very clear ab ovo about their subversive missions. Looking for virginal truth or objectivity in those organs is like looking for love in a brothel; it ain’t gonna happen.

Jud Süß

Lion Feuchtwanger is one of the world’s very best ever (Jewish) authors. Jud Süß, one of his many great works, tells the story of Joseph Süß Oppenheimer, an 18th-century court Jew in the employ of Duke Karl Alexander of Württemberg in Stuttgart. The excellent and highly recommended book was the subject of two movies, the first of which was a forgettable 1934 British effort and the second of which was the most infamous and scurrilous anti-Semitic effort ever to emerge from the Third Reich.

The Third Reich’s relevance to us is that, in the wrong pair of hands, propaganda can turn the most benign and innocent piece of work, Jud Süß for example, into its direct opposite. We see the same in the famous statement of Cardinal Richelieu, the founder of modern France, that “If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him”. We see it in Hollywood’s Depp v Heard defamation trial, where cross examination is designed to make the acceptable rather than the unacceptable version of the truth emerge. We can even see it in such a banal setting as that of auditors who sign off to “a true and accurate version of the accounts” and not to “the true and fair version” because there is no one, true, fair and absolute version of accounts.

We see it in the most recent British sex scandal where “a laddish culture” rather than an arrogant rape culture has members of Parliament watching porno in the Chamber when they are supposed to be making laws banning children bringing phones into the class room. The BBC, The Economist and the rest of them will make us feel annoyed, enraged, enraptured or whatever it is they want to to feel. That is their job. We are their putty.

Full Spectrum Censorship

Although the history of censorship has been the history of emasculating dissidents to conform to the diktats of the strong in times of war and of peace, the citizen journalism opportunities the Internet and related developments offer has meant a change of tactics to control the medium and therefore the message. The incredible saga of Philip Cross, an obsessive Wikipedia editor in league with some very dark NATO forces, shows how NATO’s intelligence services strive for full spectrum censorship of even the Internet’s remotest and least visited corners. NATO seeks to hunt out the lowliest truth teller even as their ancestors did the priests, witches and other dissidents of bygone days. Although there is undoubtedly a sociopathical motive for NATO’s psychoses, that is of little succor to their victims.

Paypal banning not only the entire Russian nation but even very marginal Western commentators from essential funding-raising shows the importance NATO attach to erasing dissent, to ensure that their lies about Snake Island, Kuwaiti incubators, The Ghost of Kiev and Hunter Biden’s very incriminating laptop are the accepted and unchallenged truth. Though crude and blunt, it is an effective caveman’s cudgel.

Just as if you want to hunt elephants you have to go to elephant country, so also must you go to the well of truth to draw from it. But, when NATO poisons the well, cements it in and blocks it off, you cannot find enlightenment and truth itself risks being transformed into NATO’s perversion of a practical, theoretical and unrealisable negation of itself. Although many of the sites Biden’s Grand Inquisitors wish to ban would be no great loss there is, as evidenced in articles like this on Ukraine’s Borderlands and, as acknowledged in this balanced article, a much greater information to noise ratio to be found in those sites than one could hope to find in any of the so-called papers of record. But, as against that, Joe Biden and Boris Johnson want us to be be as ill informed as they are.

Heart of Darkness

America’s Vietnamese extermination campaign cost the modern equivalent of $1.3 trillion. Some 40% of all U.S. university research during that period was funded by the U.S. military, all to kill Vietnamese men, women and children more efficiently and in ever greater numbers. If you wanted to get tenure and grants, you had to get with NATO’s genocidal program. Little changes.

Apocalypse Now, one of the few Hollywood blockbusters the Pentagon would not collaborate with, was recently re-released to exclude the scene where American soldiers, who slaughtered over one million Vietnamese men, women and children, traded aviation fuel for sex with American prostitutes as that suggested that American soldiers, who are primarily responsible for initiating South East Asia’s massive child sex tourism industry, would stoop so low as to pay women for sex.

We must respect women, American women, like Cpl. Emma Malonelord’s who primes Raytheon‘s ethical and environmentally friendly bombs to murder Syrian, Russian, Yemeni and Iraqi women in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. That is if we accept the prevailing logic, NATO’s logic and if, of course, we use the correct pronouns because to do anything else would be disrespectful.

Then we have Iraq, land of the repulsive American Sniper, who notches up Iraqi civilians he murdered to his kill tally. Iraq, land of war crimes Julian Assange exposed and the NYT exploits. Abu Ghraib’s systematic torture, which were developments of the five torture techniques America’s British side kicks used on Catholic human guinea pigs in Ireland. And Somalia, land of Black Hawk Down, where America’s finest, convicted child molesters, having destroyed Mogadishu, are the heroes of the hour.

Apocalypse Now was based on Conrad’s novel, which brings us into the heart of the Belgian Congo, whose abuses Anglo-Irish Fabian and notorious child sex abuser Sir Roger Casement is credited with exposing. Sven Lindqvist’s Exterminate All the Brutes fails to mention Casement because, as Lindqvist explains, the barbaric Belgians were doing nothing the barbaric British were not doing and the whole point of using Casement to expose the Belgians’ Congo atrocities was to wrest gallant little Belgium away from Germany and to give the Hunnish Krauts a black eye in the war to end all wars that the British High Command were already meticulously planning for.

Beyond the Pale

My comments, I guess, are beyond the Pale, not quite cricket, as they suggest that the real barbarians are not the Vietnamese gooks or even wogs but the NATO war lords whose media stenographers have been spewing forth this bile from time immemorial. These are the brutes who lie that Africans contracted HIV-AIDS by having sex with monkeys and also that Tarzan can talk to the animals but Africans, who have lived there since Adam and Eve were in diapers, cannot.

Although we have no Tarzans, Audie Murphys, Batmen and Spidermen in Ireland’s Hollywood, we do have American assets, who claim to be experts on Ireland, something no Irish person would claim to be, as chutzpah is not one of our inherited traits. As regards defaming Africans by linking them to bestiality, what would the reaction be if Africans had the same platform to make similarly misinformed and uninformed accusations against Americans to explain away their own high STI and HIV rates?

Not very nice if Gary Webb or Joe McAnthony are our metrics. Webb’s sin was that he exposed that the CIA was behind America’s crack cocaine epidemic. McAnthony’s sin was that he exposed how corrupt the Irish Sweepstakes and the Irish political elite it bribed were.

Catechism of Cliches

Though Webb was suicided and McAnthony was forced to flee to Canada, because they play the game, few of today’s stenographers run such risks. Just like their colleagues on the sports’ or entertainments’ pages, all they must do is navigate between the accepted signifiers and their copy will almost write itself.

Beyond NATO’s Pale, places like Gaza, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Libya are the lairs of barbarians, who must be NATO’s vassals if they are to live and woe betide those who think or write otherwise. Saddam Hussein, Vladimir Putin, Asma Assad, Gaddafi, Noriega and anyone else I missed are each, in their turn, the new Hitler and all refusals to bomb, lacerate and obliterate their schools, orphanages and sewage systems are a 1938 Munich moment, a Vichy-like refusal to confront evil by Jeremy Corbyn and our other rethreaded Neville Chamberlains. All, who demur, are fringe thinkers, conspiracy theorists (sic), controversial, Putin/Assad/Saddam/Xi/Messi/Ronaldo apologists and on and on.

And then we have Putin’s price hike, where America’s senile President blames Russia’s President for Irish inflation. If Irish Joe Biden and his media stenographers were not serial liars, they would know that increases in Ireland’s consumer price index are caused by a number of factors, none of which can be attributed to Russia’s President. The price increase in chicken Kiev and related foods stuffs is caused by supply line disruptions, in particular, by a number of food multinationals hoovering up whatever fertilizer and feed that can be extracted from Ukraine as inputs into their Polish-based mega farms. Although gym rats, who cannot get their chicken fillets and food junkies who cannot get their sunflower oil, should blame NATO, not Xi, Putin or Assad for disrupting all of that, they will have to search far beyond NATO’s stenographers to find an accusatory finger pointing in the right direction.

High rental prices are due to American Silicon Valley companies distorting the Irish market, to Ireland having unfettered immigration as part of their economic development (sic) policies and the Irish tax payer being forced to subsidise almost everyone who rents. Irish utility prices are high because those American firms, who have colonized Dublin, have an insatiable appetite for electricity and the Irish consumers are left to ration out whatever is left, even while Ireland’s NATO controlled trade unions demand much needed Russian oil tankers are denied access to Irish ports.

Although this website shows how NATO’s Nazi shibboleths are tweaked over time, it should be read in conjunction with the infinitely more polished The Economist, whose mission has always been to flatter Irish trade unionists and its other narcissistic readers into supporting NATO’s gun boat policy of free trade, of Anglo American economic and military hegemony in other words. Its unequivocal support for the Kiev Independent (sic) and similar NATO funded fake media outlets is part of that mission statement. If you wish to discover the truth, you must dispense with all such media and the trade unionists who swear by them.

The Diana Factor

I watched the entirety of the funeral of Princess Diana, the Queen of Hearts aka the Queen of Tarts. I was shocked by the hundreds of tonnes of flowers that were flown in from Kenya and Peru, only to be thrown at her passing casket as it was driven back to her family’s estate.

The public grieving over Diana’s passing set a new standard in public hypocrisy that the Pentagon harnesses when its killers return home to their families, having slaughtered innocent families in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. It is the same hypocrisy that saw POTUS Obama get the Nobel Peace Prize for being a self serving black opportunist and that will most likely see Ukraine’s President Zelensky, the world’s richest and most corrupt comedian, whose speciality is playing the piano with his penis in the nude, be likewise rewarded.

Princess Diana, Angela Jolie, Bob Hope, Zelensky, Sir Jimmy Savile, Barak Obama and Amber Heard are media darlings because they support NATO’s forces incinerating Iraqi and Yemeni children; if those purest of angels are on Team NATO, so should we. If they support Tony Blair, Edward Heath, Prince Charles and Elon Musk, then we can rest assured that all God’s children, our own included, are safe. We can also rest assured that if there was anything amiss with what Heath and Savile were up to with little orphans and dead bodies, the BBC, Savile’s employer, would have unearthed it, can’t we?

Just look at Angela Jolie pretend to run from Russian bombs in Kiev and let your heart melt at the staged event, just as it melted when legless Iraqi children were brought to London to kick ball with their prosthetic legs with the world’s best footballers. Lucky them. After all, for children that age, “Does it matter? Losing your legs?” when the hand of Royalty pats their tormented heads like these victims of NATO terrorism were circus props.

For every Punch, there is a Judy. For every angelic Jimmy Savile or Jeffrey Epstein, there is a demon and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is today’s resident Hitler. Though Bruno Ganz is my favorite Hitler, Putin falls down on two key points. Russia’s peacekeeping forces are not replicating Hitler’s idiotic Hold Fast order but NATO’s Azov Nazi are, most infamously in the Mariupol steel works. Secondly, and equally importantly, Russia’s Ukrainian military efforts are in the hands of Russia’s own experts, to such an extent that Valery Gerasimov, the chief of staff of the Russian army, was wounded in fighting there. Whatever the wisdom of Russia having such an experienced and high ranking officer so near to the front, it shows that, unlike in the Reich, the army and not their political leaders are calling the shots, which are based on received and evolving Russian military wisdom.

Leaving to one side NATO’s puerile and irrelevant remarks about Putin’s demeanor, the key driver is Russia’s military, whose doctrines are based on something more credible than Karl May’s cowboy novels, which led Hitler to his doom and which seem to be doing something similar to Zelensky’s corrupt regime. To argue otherwise, as NATO’s media do, is to succumb to their black hats white hats narrative which likewise owes so much to Karl May, Angela Jolie, Amber Heard and NATO’s East European Pussy Riot and Femem witches.

If you are over the age of reason, you should dispense with NATO’s human tinsel, who are perpetually pepper sprayed across our airwaves for NATO’s reasons, not for your enlightenment.

The Goldfish Factor

Talleyrand, the Lavrov of his day, said of the Bourbons: “They learned nothing and forgot nothing.” That no longer applies as folk are being conditioned to forget everything, to have the attention spans of goldfish. Yesterday’s news is so yesterday and we must (always) move on and not look for any patterns in the various wars of extermination Tony Blair, the Bush Family, Princess Diana’s in laws and the whole stinking lot of them have been involved in.

Anyway, didn’t some of those Iraqi kids who got their legs blown off get to kick ball in Chelsea? Should they not be grateful for that? Weren’t their legs and their future a small price to pay for freedom, democracy and American hegemony? What’s their problem?

NATO’s overthrow of democratically elected governments in Indonesia, Guatemala, the Congo, Iran and Chile (where the CIA oversaw the assassination of the commander-in-chief of the army, General René Schneider, and President Salvador Allende), the Bay of Pigs, the atrocities and war crimes that defined the wars in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, even the manufactured wars of the Arab Spring, have disappeared into the black void of their collective historical amnesia. It is as if they never happened and were just a figment of Joe Biden’s long gone memory.

American global domination is benign, a force for good, “benevolent hegemony” and, as their leaders assure us, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children is worth it. Of course, the price is worth it to amoral hirelings like Tony Blair, the Bush and Clinton gangs, Samantha Power, Chrystia Freeland as they take no personal or even reputational risk and they benefit immensely from such slaughter. The pack rape of American nuns and the assassination of archbishops in El Salvador, My Lai, Abu Ghraib, Australia’s complicity in east Timor’s genocide, the turkey shoots of Gaza and the slave markets of Libya can all be laid at their door to name and shame them if they ever did shame. But NATO’s media will never call them out and their tens of millions of victims are in no position to do so. If you want to be a NATO journalist, it is best you live in a fish bowl and pout out of it as stupidly as all the other NATO goldfish.

The Moral Factor

In a sane non-NATO world, it would beggar belief that George Bush was not certified for claiming God told him to massacre millions of Iraqis, to systematically torture Iraqis and to destroy their country and them. It would also beggar belief that America, with its track record of lying about its serial war crimes, would establish an Orwellian Ministry of Truth under the control of a man who believes he is a woman but that is NATO’s Humpty Dumpty reality we live with. As Nina Jankowicz, Biden’s new head of the Disinformation Governance Board, spent all of 2017 in Ukraine working with the Pinnochios of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, she should be well acquainted with disinformation. And, as her brief has been Russia and Belarus, she will be looking there rather than at NATO’s own disinformation factories to justify her role and dove tailing it into NATO’s war aims.

NATO has spent decades whittling its narrative down to the over arching mantra that the Bush, Cheney, McCain and Clinton families, aided by Sir Jimmy Savile, Jeffrey Epstein and the world’s most corrupt politicians and depraved militias are virtuous angels. The Hague Invasion Act, whereby the USA will occupy the Netherlands if any of their war criminals is ever held to account, best exemplifies how their rape and brigandage is codified to make it appear to be moral. Object to American fascism, pay with your life, simple as.

Although Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and other NATO lightweights enriched themselves by regurgitating criticisms of the Bible, no one will ever get rich pot shotting at NATO’s stenographers. If you want to succeed as a Hollywood stenographer, stick to the handfull of acceptable plots, remember NATO are always the white hats, gooks are fucking savages, cliches and media sweethearts make good plot fillers. God, as all Mormons and most other Americans can tell you, is not only American but quite rightly proud of it too.

The Lolita Factor

The recent resignation of British government MP Neil Parish for watching porno during a Parliamentary debate is the latest in a long line of such events that go all the way back to the Kray gangsters and MI5 organising rent boys to sodomize Lord Boothby and Labour MP Tom Driberg. Although Labour MP Chris Bryant’s claim that fellow MPs regularly sexually molested him shows the same criminally warped character of NATO’s law makers, it also shows how Edward Heath, Sir Jimmy Savile and their type could keep Britain’s MPs on NATO’s straight and narrow. These Senator Pat Gearys, these elected representatives, these servants of the people have a lot of secrets they, their Chief Whips and their handlers would prefer to stay hidden unless their hands were forced and nobody wants that for those politicians their NATO Godfather carries around in his pocket like so much loose change.

NATO’s Irish peace process owes much to such sexual deviants and to the MI5 field officers who control them. The IRA’s child brothels, as well as the pick up joints for child prostitutes outside Dublin’s main newspaper offices and within Dublin’s Trinity College offered MI5 many chances to directly recruit agents, sideline dissidents and promote the criminally minded. That is how politics works and, if you want to write about it, best not to mention the processes by which so much sordidness by so many politicians went unseen by so many of your fellow journalists for so long.

Jungle Book

Wear a poppy and be hired. Tread on powerful toes and be fired. Enjoy watching the Amber Heard versus Johnny Depp court circus but don’t ask Bill Gates, Bill Clinton or Tony Blair why Ghislaine Maxwell‘s trial did not get a similar airing. Call Putin Hitler and Kissinger an elder statesman. Remember that those we incinerate envy us our freedoms, our Freedom Fries and our right to murder and rob them.

Go along to get along. Buy NATO’s stupid newspapers and listen to their talk shows and news bulletins with Angela Jolie, Jimmy Savile and other Angels of NATO’s Light. Follow your football, fly your Ukrainian and LGBT flags, get stoned, get drunk, lie down like a Dane and stay exactly where NATO wants you to be.

That, a bag of smack and a slab of beer, is the easier option. The harder option and the road less travelled is to be like this little American school girl, the late Rachel Corrie. The problem with Rachel’s road is that, once one knows the nature of the NATO beast, one cannot unknow. And knowing and caring, as Rachel did, lowers your career prospects, but raises you towards the moral pantheons NATO’s minions can never breach.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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