The New Multipolar Order

By chaos we understand something unpredictable and that escapes the myopic vision that our eyes can only sketch in the face of events that are beyond known parameters, since our mind is capable of sequencing only fragments of the total sequence of the immense genome of chaos, with which inevitably we resort to the term “butterfly effect” to try to explain the vertiginous conjunction of centripetal and centrifugal forces that will end up configuring the disjointed puzzle of ordered chaos that is taking shape.

The aforementioned “butterfly effect” transferred to complex systems would have as a collateral effect the impossibility of detecting a near future in advance, since the quantum models they use would be only simulations based on previous models, with which the inclusion of only one incorrect variable or the sudden appearance of an unforeseen variable causes the margin of error of these models to amplify in each simulated unit of time until it even exceeds the stratospheric limit of one hundred percent, of what Brexit would be a paradigm, the outbreak of the COVID pandemic , the Russian operation in Ukraine and the next stock market crash.

The French biologist Jacques L. Monod in his essay “Chance and necessity” (1970) explains that the variables of the logos and the chance of human evolution would be complementary aspects of the necessary evolutionary adaptation of living beings in the face of drastic changes for ensure their reproductive success (survival) with which we would witness the emergence of a “teleonomic scenario” as opposed to the so-called “teleological scenario” in force in Western societies.

Brexit and the triumph of Trump will therefore mark the end of the “teleological scenario” in which the purpose of the creative processes was planned by finite models that could intermodel or simulate various alternative futures and in which intention, purpose and creativity prevailed. forecast and its replacement by the “teleonomic scenario”, marked by extreme doses of volatility that will especially affect complex systems such as Climate Change, Epidemic Detection and Prevention, Migratory Flows, the Stock Market and the New Geopolitical Order World.

Thus, the emergence on the world stage of a new viral pandemic was not perceived by the WHO experts because our mind is capable of sequencing only fragments of the total sequence of the immense genome of chaos in the face of events that are beyond the parameters. acquaintances. Likewise, they were unable to recognize their ignorance, since the difference between a wise man and an ignorant man is that the former is capable of recognizing that wisdom comes from the recognition of ignorance, embodied in the iconic phrase attributed to Socrates (“I only know that I do not I know nothing”).

In the economic field, the stratospheric growth of crude oil and energy prices will force countries to adopt de-growth policies with the subsequent contraction of world trade and that will cause the settlement of economic globalization, having as collateral effects the end of tourism. of masses, the return of relocated companies and the enthronement of the circular economy and ECO label products that will end up outlining the return to isolated economic compartments on the horizon of the next five years.

Likewise, after the war in Ukraine, we will witness the end of the Unipolarity of the United States and its role as world policeman and its replacement by the new doctrine of Multipolarity or Peer-to-Peer Geopolitics, formed by the US Troika, China and Russia (G3) as well as the irruption in the geopolitical scene of the new world destabilizing wave. Said involutionist wave would be caused by economic causes (the decline of the global economy); cultural (the decline of Western formal democracies due to the culture of corruption); political (loss of democratic credibility of countless governments of Western and Third World countries) and geopolitical (the emergence of a new global geopolitical scenario after the return to recurrent endemism of the Cold War between the US and Russia).

By Germán Gorráiz López
Source: Katehon think tank. Geopolitics & Tradition

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