Whither Slava Ukraini?

If you want Ukraine to have a future, you must rid her of her oligarchic parasites and their over paid clowns.

And so, now that the evacuation (yeah, right) of Mariupol’s Azovs has passed, let’s balance the costs against the benefits, salute the brave and criticize the other. The Siege of Mariupol was nothing like Stalingrad, where the tractor factory was pulverized by the German XIV Panzer Korps, aided by over 2,000 Luftflotte sorties, before changing hands time and again in floor by floor and room by room fighting. And nor was the Siege of Mariupol anything like Aleppo’s prison siege, where heroic Syrian soldiers, warders and prisoners held off waves of American led terrorists for over a year before their compatriots evacuated them to their own lines.

This is not to deny that some of the Azovs fought as bravely as their 6th Army heroes. No doubt, they did. But, as Mariupol’s steel works was designed to withstand a nuclear attack, it was the perfect place for them to hole up until the 7th Cavalry arrived, which they did in Aleppo but did not in Mariupol or Stalingrad, from where almost all of the surviving 91,000 German soldiers were finally evacuated on February 2, 1943.

The fact of the matter is the rank and file Azovs, like the rank and file of the Wehrmacht, were led up the garden path and into Russian captivity by their corrupt leaders. And, not only that, but their wives and mistresses, many of whom are die hard Nazis themselves, are still being led up the garden path with their shattered Slava Ukraini dreams of racist conquest.

The Azov WAGS

The wives and girlfriends (WAGS) of the Azov Nazis are more serious folk than the WAGS of English footballers, who have recently been making spectacles of themselves in English courts. They visited Rome where they begged the Pope to intervene and one of their Mandarin speakers even appealed to President Xi on behalf of them all. President Xi, alas, has a full work load and has been around the block enough times not to be fooled by Katerina Prokopenko and Yulia Fedosiuk, the two pretty Nazi frauleins, who met Pope Francis and whose husbands, Arseniy Fedosiuk and Denis Prokopenko, most recently of the Mariupol steel works, are now Russia’s prisoners of war.

Although Ekaterina and Yulia told the Pope their husbands “love pets, books, and sports”, they forgot to tell them that they are senior Azov officers, who have no qualms about strapping Russian speaking families to lamp posts for children to sexually abuse. Perhaps the Pope is not interested in sordid stuff like that or the context in which their bookish husbands “went to the war 8 years ago”. Which forgotten war might that have been, Your Holiness and why has your office no comments to make on the child victims of that war of aggression?

Although we might question the Pope meeting Nazi eye candy like Katerina Prokopenko and Yulya Fedosiuk, why did he also meet Pyotr Verzilov, the CIA’s Pussy Riot coordinator, who accompanied them? Pussy Riot, recall, are a CIA fifth column in Russia, where the Cossacks of Sochi treated them much too leniently. Let’s rephrase: CIA operatives who desecrate Russian Orthodox Cathedrals should not be allowed into the Vatican and, if they do penetrate that sanctum, they should be forcibly evacuated head first by the Swiss Guard, who should demand that the Pope first vet whatever Nazi activists he chooses to meet.

And, though Pope Francis might want to get down and dirty with younger folk, meeting Verzilov, who stages sex orgies with pregnant women in museums, is not the way to do it for a Pope or for anyone else. Pope Francis must come clean on his efforts to whitewash Slava Ukraini fascism with cute Nazi chicks and CIA funded sexual deviants.

Although the actions of the Azov WAGS, like that of the relatives of Wehrmacht POWs before them, is understandable, those of the Pope are inexcusable as Verzilov belongs in prison, not in the Vatican, which he and those Cardinals and CIA agents who facilitated this “meeting of minds” has brought into eternal disrepute. Pope Francis must now take a leaf out of Pope Benedict’s book, resign and shag off back to Argentina.

But what of the eye candy, these stupid women who now admit their leaders, safe in Lvov and Kiev, played their husbands, whom they regarded as totally expendable. But that, ladies, is how it always ends, whether it be MI5’s child molesting counter gangs in Ireland, the CIA’s flesh eating Arab legion in Syria, or the CIA’s Nazis in Ukraine. You were led up the garden path, you got to take selfies as your darlings incinerated trade unionists in Odessa, as a prelude to you doing more devilish things yourselves. You are now no innocents in all of this. You made your bed and now you must lie on it.

Once they were surrounded, your husbands should have sued for peace, to cut the best deal that they could. But Zelensky got them to die on, as this tiresome clown did a 1984 Big Brother at Cannes.

Now that that your captured husbands have time on their hands, get them to read about General (later Field Marshall) Walter Model who, along with General Gotthard Heinrici, the Wehrmacht’s other defensive maestro, steadied the Wehrmacht’s retreat from the gates of Moscow all the way back to the Ruhr where, on 21 April 1945, alone save for a forest of attacking midges and Hitler’s insane rants whining out from his field radio, he put his trusty Luger pistol to his head and blew his brains out in despair at his wasted life.

The longer Ukraine’s war drags on, the more of your Azov generals there are who will get their Model moment. Though Ukraine has been described as NATO’s cat’s paw, the Ukrainians would do well to look at the rest of the NATO cat and at the Siberian tiger they are squaring up to. Like Model, whose sense of duty made him follow the rantings of a deluded painter, Ukraine’s generals have been following the rantings of a deluded comic, who has a billion dollars tucked safely away overseas. They, on the other hand, have nothing except incoming Russian ordnance to look forward to.

Nor can Ukraine’s Models expect any game changing reinforcements unless NATO escalates proceedings to nuclear war. Although many Western Nazis have rallied to their cause, they are of no consequence as the Russians pulverize them in Ukraine and the Anglo-Americans will dispose of them when their utility is spent.

So, condolences ladies. We feel your pain for buying into Zelensky’s crap as a way of escaping the excesses of your failed state. Sorry to break it to you but Volodymyr Zelensky played you all like a violin. If, as is likely, the Ukrainian Reich does collapse, where do you think that idiot will end up, the USA, Israel or France? How about your great ideologue, Olena Semenyaka, who has landed herself a cushy job as a Ukrainian MP’s personal secretary? No Russian POW camp for her or her boss.

How about you all? Will you come to Ireland, the land of a hundred thousand welcomes, where Irish men are being urged to live out rape fantasies with your Slava Ukraini sisters? Ireland, incidentally, is very worried about your Ukraine as your sisters supply so many surrogate babies there in your Slava Ukraini baby farms.

Slava Ukraini, Glory to Ukraine. What glory? What glory have baby farms brought? What glory comes from Ihor Kolomoyskyi and his Zelensky and Hunter Biden sidekicks turning you into a nation of impoverished whores? Apologies for calling you whores even though that has been one of the few career opportunities Kolomoiski, Burisma and Hunter Biden left opened for you as they plotted the theft of the massive oil, shale and mineral reserves of Donetsk and Lupinsk. Kolomoiski funded your Aryan death squads, not to create your Aryan utopia but to get his greasy paws on those resources.

If you’d followed the money instead of your Nazi flags, you would have seen that Poroshenko, Tymoshenko, Kolomoiski and Zelensky were taking you chicks for a ride, if you’ll excuse the pun. Of course, the EU lies that Poroshenko is not a war criminal but that is their job. Look how Zelensky torpedoed the peace negotiations and even had peace negotiator Denis Kireev executed. Do you really think that clown works in your interest or those of your captured husbands? Are you that stupid?

Granted, a lot of people are that stupid. Al Jazeera tells us that the Rooskies have blitzed 64 hospitals in Ukraine, 65 now I guess if we include the Mariupol steel works. Though we must ignore all the Yemeni and Gazan hospitals that NATO levelled, Russia bombed a lot more than 64 Syrian hospitals, if NATO’s media are to be believed. But they are not to be believed, in Ukraine, in Palestine, in Syria or in Yemen. They are paid to lie, period.

Sorry to say ladies but you and your Slava Ukraini husbands are extras in NATO’s latest play, which has much of the usual cast of rescued cats and dogs, cute little girls for the heart strings and Dr David Nott, surgeon at large to NATO’s proxies, for the purse strings. Whilst patching up Syrian terrorists, Nott was associated with frankly outlandish claims that Syrian Army snipers were targeting the unborn children of pregnant women in Aleppo. Though details of these claims may be read here and here, they do call into question what Nott’s true agenda is by disseminating such idiotic propaganda. This is all the more so, as NATO made broadly similar claims against Serbian snipers in Sarajevo twenty years earlier, where the state controlled BBC was also busy plugging NATO’s line.

And all of that BBC swill brings us back to your Slava Ukraini gibberish, which NATO’s oligarchs weaponized to use and abuse you all. If you want to save your husbands, you must negotiate with Russia. If you want Ukraine to have a future, you must rid her of her oligarchic parasites and their over paid clowns. There will be no glory to Ukraine in any of this, just hard work by you and your intermediaries, if you can now find any intermediaries that have not totally discredited themselves by consorting with the CIA’s degenerates.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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