Will Finland’s Warrior Women Cross Russia’s Kola Rubicon?

Though Ukraine still suffers the fallout from that foolish war to end all wars, the criminal stupidity over Kola of these NATO handmaidens will all but ensure that the fallout for all of them will be nuclear.

When considering Finland throwing down the nuclear gauntlet over Russia’s Kola peninsula, Finland’s metamorphosis from placid puppy to rabid war dog is best viewed by comparing Sanna Marin, Finland’s current leader, to Field Marshal Mannerheim, of the Winter War’s Mannerheim Line fame.

Being raised by her dysfunctional lesbian parents apart, Marin has gleaned nothing from the University of Life. Mannerheim, in contrast, was a general, a courtier and a spy for Tsar Nicholas; he fought in the 1904/5 Russo Japanese war, he taught the Dalai Lama how to use firearms, he was an aristocrat with a keen sense of history and duty, a key ally of Hitler and such a formidable leader in the Winter and Continuation wars that the Soviets concluded a separate peace with Finland to end the Continuation War and let the Red Army concentrate on defeating the Wehrmacht.

Mannerheim, at 193cm, was both a physical and historical colossus who lived, as the Chinese he spied on might have remarked, in interesting times. Marin, in contrast, has brought Finland to the edge of the abyss and, to put it charitably, Marin is no Mannerheim.

In surveying Kola, let’s recall the proximate reason for the Winter War, which led into the Continuation War that ended on bearable terms for Finland which had been, only a generation earlier, part of Tsarist Russia. The Soviets were acutely concerned that the Wehrmacht could attack and lay siege to Leningrad from Finland, which was only 32 km from the Finnish border.

Leningrad’s subsequent siege by both Mannerheim’s Finnish and Hitler’s German troops shows those concerns were not unfounded. The loss of Viktor Putin, the Russian President’s one-year-old brother during Leningrad’s 872 day long siege, and the cynical efforts of American war hawks to throw that in his face, shows the history of Russia’s Finnish border is, like Russia’s other extensive borders, personal, raw and immediate for Russia’s president and for tens of millions of his compatriots.

Just as the Russians could not and did not accept Finland’s Siege of Leningrad, so also Russia cannot and will not accept NATO’s siege of the Kola peninsula. It is not negotiable and if Sanna Marin cannot see that, she must either resign and retreat into the arms of her dysfunctional family or prepare for nuclear obliteration.

The Kola Peninsula, which lies almost completely inside the Arctic Circle, is pivotal to Russia’s Northern fleet. It is the crux of Russia’s military establishment in the western Arctic, and its air and maritime capabilities are essential to Russia’s homeland defense, Arctic defense, and overall defense capabilities. Because Kola’s Severomorsk-1 air base, Gadzhiyevo submarine base, and Okolnaya submarine support base are critical to Russia’s operational readiness and its ability to defend Russia’s maritime space in the Arctic, Russia cannot allow this deluded warrior woman to launch Armageddon.

The Kola Peninsula is also home to systems such as the RS-24 YARS, located at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, which are a core deterrent to U.S. and NATO attack systems. Russia’s Grom-2019 exercises showed her ability to use Kola’s arsenal of ballistic and cruise missiles to defend her position not only in the Arctic but further south along the entire Finnish border, as well in contiguous regions where Russia’s core strategic interests are at stake.

Though Mannerheim would have grasped all of that in a flash, there is no indication that Marin’s cabinet grasp that or much else besides. Perhaps her Chatham House handlers could bring her and her dysfunctional Finnish cabinet quickly up to speed before Ms Trendi has us all nuked. Marin’s recklessness in agreeing to station NATO assets in Finland means that the era of ‘Arctic exceptionalism’ – in which the region has been traditionally treated as a zone of depoliticized cooperation – is over, because this stupid marionette has chosen nuclear war over the current peaceful status quo.

Marin’s Chatham House puppeteers want to deny Russia its Kola bases, its legitimate perimeter defence of second-strike nuclear assets, its multi-layered sea denial and interdiction capabilities of NATO’s incoming nuclear missiles. They want to deny Russia’s Northern Fleet access to, and passage along, the Northern Sea Route (NSR) from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Marion’s NATO handlers want, in short, to destroy Russia and they repeatedly say so.

In threatening the Kola peninsula, Marin has summarily discarded Western military convention which was to treat the Arctic as a ‘low tension’ area. Although Marin’s madness fits into NATO’s overall plan of stretching Russia’s defense capabilities to breaking point, it also leaves Russia with no ultimate choice but to rain Kola’s nuclear missiles down on Helsinki’s popular Mannerheim Museum. And all because NATO need compliant, gender fluid bimbos as middle managers.

Let’s discuss Nordic bimboism by comparing and contrasting Magdalena Andersson, NATO’s current Swedish Prime Minister, with Margot Wallström, who was Sweden’s Foreign Minister from 2014 to 2019. Wallström hit the world’s headlines when she tried to impose a feminist world view on Sweden’s Saudi Arabian ally and thereby jeopardise Sweden’s arms’ sales to Saudi Arabia and jihadist mercenaries allied to them.

Sweden’s top thirty chief executives quickly put that bimbo to rights by signing a letter saying that breaking Sweden’s Saudi arms trade agreement “would jeopardise Sweden’s reputation as a trade and co-operation partner”. No less a figure than His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf himself hauled Wallström in to demand that she apologise to Saudi Arabia, whose fatwa against both her and all of Sweden met zero European liberal resistance, none whatsoever.

The brass tacks are that faux feminism is but a veneer, literally lipstick and French cologne on NATO’s war dogs to disguise their intent. Sweden, the land of Abba and Spotify, of Roxette and Ace of Base and of H&M and Greta Thunberg, makes all of that plain as day. Sweden has not only been an amoral arms’ exporter for over 100 years but an arrogant and hypocritical one to boot. Swedish arms still fuel the Yemeni genodice, Sweden sold arms to both Iran and Iraq during their war, even as Sweden pretended to broker a peace deal; and now Swedish arms’ manufacturers are hell bent on bringing Armageddon into their own backyard. For all their songs of Loving Me, Loving You, the name of Sweden’s game is death.

Although Sanna Marin’s “two loving moms” are probably as proud of their little sociopath as are those of Cpl. Emma Malonelord, the “little girl raised by two loving moms” who featured in the Pentagon’s recent block buster recruiting ad and who now helps target America’s Patriot Missile Systems onto Moscow’s orphanages and who is supposed to be some kind of role model for other dysfunctional, impressionable and psychotic children, those these psychopathic feminist icons condemn to death differ.

Although Maloneyard, Marin and the rest of these sexed up serial killers should still be allowed wave their LGBT flags at their corporate sponsored Pride parades, Sweden shows that it is those corporates who literally call NATO’s shots. Those Swedish corporates who fuel the Yemeni genocide and who see profits falling their way from an Arctic nuclear war are the same gangsters who armed Hitler and who sheltered Estonian and Latvian war criminals afterwards and no amount of lip stick, eye liner or mascara changes that.

Margot Wallström is Swedish Prime Minister for the same reason Sanna Marin is Finnish Prime Minister and for the same reason career politician Mette Frederiksen is Danish Prime Minister, and EU careerist Kaja Kallas is Estonian leader and Ingrida Šimonytė, who loves The Good Soldier Švejk, is Lithuanian Prime Minister.

Although NATO’s far right media call these psychotic bimbos the Warrior Women of the North, they are nothing of the sort. They are the lipstick Sweden’s King Karl Gustaf, his arms’ exporting executives and the whole of NATO’s apparatus use to cover their own culpability in the wars they profit from. These warrior women, who wouldn’t know an Armalite from a Featherlite, are no Mannerheims. They were no more promoted to prominence for their ability than were the buffoonish Austro Hungarian officers Hašek’s Good Soldier Švejk served under in The Great War.

Though Ukraine still suffers the fallout from that foolish war to end all wars, the criminal stupidity over Kola of these flat pack warrior women, these NATO handmaidens, these tormented Lady Macbeths all but ensure that the fallout for all of them will be nuclear. As the multi lingual Šimonytė cowers in her nuclear bunker brushing up her Lithuanian, English, Polish, Russian and Swedish, Šimonytė might like to learn Japanese, the language Chiune Sugihara spoke when he was rescuing Lithuania’s Jews from the clutches of her family’s buddies during the Holocaust. Mastering Japanese would allow her read Masuji Obuse’s Black Rain, which is set in Hiroshima, following America’s nuclear attack on that defenseless city. Though she might even try her hand at writing The Great Lithuanian Novel or just scribbling down her memoirs, there will be nothing left and no one to sell them to because those bimbos, even if they survive in their nuclear bat caves, will have turned the entire Baltic region into a giant Hiroshima of toxic nuclear ash with no Mannerheim to draw a line under their nuclear folly.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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