A Substantial Chunk of Taxpayers’ $40 Billion to Ukraine Will Likely Be Lost to Corruption

Far from being the so-called “shining city on a hill” when it comes to “anti-corruption”, modern-day America is more like a mutilated corpse that’s been tossed into the sewers to rot.

US President Biden recently signed legislation granting a whopping $40 billion in so-called “aid” to Ukraine, the same country that Transparency International designated as the most corrupt country in Europe last year. Granted, such organizations as that one which aspire to present themselves as “neutral authorities” in their sphere of “expertise” can’t always be trusted, but it still says a lot that a Western-friendly organization would rank this American client state so poorly.

It’s not without reason either since CNN itself questioned in late April where all of the arms being sent to Ukraine actually go. This lack of accountability is one of the reasons why Senator Paul unsuccessfully attempted to delay passage of the latest mega-tranche to that country. A former lead energy economist from the World Bank also just published a letter in the Financial Times warning about the very credible risk that a substantial chunk of taxpayer and other funds will likely be lost to corruption in Ukraine.

It’s not just that country’s oligarchs that are to blame, who themselves are actively attempting to rehabilitate their reputations through the US-led Western Mainstream Media as reported in detail earlier this month by The New Republic, but also rank-and-file bureaucrats. Corruption in Ukraine is a systemic problem that can’t be blamed on just a few people. It’s been allowed to fester for decades as part of the West’s pernicious Hybrid War campaign to capture control of this incorrigibly corrupt state.

The same heavily industrialized country that could have been a post-communist success story transformed into Europe’s greatest tragedy after its oligarchs were allowed by similarly corrupt bureaucrats to siphon tens of billions of dollars’ worth of wealth abroad. The very fact that Transparency International doesn’t think that its terrible ranking of Ukraine on its annual corruption index will scare its Western patrons away from continuing to finance it shows how well-known this problem has become.

It’s not just an open secret, but no secret at all anymore, which makes it all the more surprising to some that the US is pumping $40 billion into that country. There’s no doubt that its intelligence services are certain that a substantial chunk of those taxpayer-provided funds will be looted, but that might actually partially be the point in order to enrich those “administrators” who control Ukraine on their behalf by proxy. They’re the ones who are most directly responsible for turning it into a US client state.

Accordingly, American intelligence finds it fitting to reward them for their service, ergo why they didn’t brief Congress about the serious risk of corruption there like they otherwise would have done had they been responsible and patriotic. As the US slides deeper into economic uncertainty as its elites impose the Davos World Order onto their people exactly as Russian spy chief Naryshkin said in early April is happening right now, average folks are literally paying to fill the pockets of corrupt foreign bureaucrats.

Nevertheless, because Ukraine is the so-called “Current Thing” that’s “politically incorrect” to oppose lest one be smeared as “unpatriotic” or worse, few are likely to even countenance doing anything about it, let alone actively protesting (not that doing so will reverse the loss of their hard-earned taxpayer funds anyhow). People no longer have any power over influencing their representatives, let alone when it comes to so-called “foreign aid”, which shows how “autonomous” the state has become.

While autonomy in and of itself isn’t necessarily a negative thing, it certainly is when it comes to the behavior of politicians in the Western model of democracy when determining multibillion-dollar “aid packages”. The notion that they can be “punished” by the voters during the next election is discredited by the fact that both ruling parties are by and large in favor of the same course of action. This means that average folks literally don’t have a means of recourse for venting their political frustrations.

The secret police, which in the US are called the FBI, generally don’t care about congressional corruption connected to politicians’ speculative investments in the same companies that are slated to provide this “foreign aid”. In fact, it can be assumed that those intrepid citizen journalists who might investigate these shadowy dealings could ultimately end up being the ones who get investigated on false pretexts such as “endangering national security” or however the courts might phrase it when charging them.

It’s little wonder then that many Americans have lost faith in their country’s model of “democracy” since it actually isn’t all that “democratic” after all. The $40 billion Ukrainian slush fund that’ll feed that country’s corrupt figures as well as their own politicians is symptomatic of how far from the grace the US has fallen. Far from being the so-called “shining city on a hill” when it comes to “anti-corruption”, modern-day America is more like a mutilated corpse that’s been tossed into the sewers to rot.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: OneWorld

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