Africa’s Buying Russian Grain, Not America’s Lies About It Being Stolen From Ukraine

The end result is that the US-led West’s latest fake news narrative about Russia has completely flopped after Africa defied American pressure not to buy that country’s wheat.

The New York Times reported on Monday that American officials warned a handful of African countries in mid-May against buying what they claimed was grain that Russia had stolen from Ukraine. The timing of this report several weeks following that diplomatic event comes after African Union (AU) Chairman Macky Sall met with Russian President Putin in Sochi last Friday, during which time he denounced the US-led West’s anti-Russian sanctions that he said are directly contributing to food insecurity across his continent. This shattered the false narrative that Moscow is allegedly “blockading” Ukrainian ports and selling the grain that it supposedly stole from that country.

The Russian leader also explained during a TV interview later that same day how the global food crisis is artificially manufactured by the West, which summarized what the Russian Ambassador to the UN extensively elaborated on late last month.  President Putin reminded everyone that this issue is actually caused by the economic consequences of the US-led West’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ukraine’s mining of its own ports, and the anti-Russian sanctions. The AU Chairman’s endorsement of the last-mentioned cause of this crisis powerfully debunks America’s lies about it since nobody can credibly doubt the sincerity of his words when he represents the countries most directly affected by this.

It’s not a coincidence that no African country has joined the US-led West’s anti-Russian sanctions, not even those whose governments were coerced by that bloc into voting against Moscow at the UN. They all know very well that Russia supported them during their anti-colonial struggles and subsequently helped them rebuild their nations afterwards. This Eurasian Great Power never participated in the so-called “Scramble for Africa” and has always been the continent’s most reliable ally. It wouldn’t ever starve the African people nor sell them stolen grain. To the contrary, it’s absolutely integral for ensuring many of these countries’ food security, ergo why it’s urgently dispatching such supplies to them.

The US-led West, on the other hand, has a despicable history of colonialism, neo-imperialism, and warmongering all across Africa. This civilization is infamous for killing countless people across the continent over the centuries and enslaving even more. It’s not trusted whatsoever at all but is simply an “ally of convenience” for many who appreciate the relatively open market access for their exports. Others, meanwhile, are ruled by Western-backed and genuinely unpopular leaders who cling to power by force. As for those strategically autonomous states that defied the US-led West’s pressure to publicly condemn and subsequently sanction Russia, Washington’s never been more furious with them.  

That’s one of the reasons why America artificially manufactured the global food crisis and is now spreading fake news about Russia having allegedly stolen the Ukrainian grain that it’s shipping to Africa. Washington wants to punish those multipolar governments by provoking instability in their countries through the impending famine that it’s directly responsible for creating. It hopes that this will lead either to Color Revolutions and/or military coups to replace genuinely popular and independent leaders with foreign puppets, especially in West Africa which is nowadays one of the hottest fronts of the New Cold War.

In response to this Hybrid War threat, African countries are eagerly purchasing as much of Russia’s agricultural products as they can in order to avert that the American-orchestrated scenario of regime change being indirectly advanced by the artificially manufactured global food crisis. The end result is that the US-led West’s latest fake news narrative about Russia has completely flopped after Africa defied American pressure not to buy that country’s wheat. It’s for that reason why the MSM is now pushing the lie that it was stolen from Ukraine in order to discredit those states in the court of Western opinion, but they could care less since ensuring food security is understandably their top priority.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: OneWorld

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