NATO’s Lies Implode… Kiev Regime Told ‘Pay Price for Peace’

The lasting damage from the crumbling lies is the eroding of presumed leadership by the United States and NATO accomplices.

The Biden administration, the Western news media (aka propaganda system) and the NATO military axis are on a head-on collision with reality. An early sign is the dialling down of gung-ho attitude and their pet Kiev regime being urged to cut its losses and do a deal with Russia.

For the past four months since Russia launched its special military operation in Ukraine, the Western public has been pumped with non-stop lies about Moscow’s “unlawful aggression”, how Russia was losing the war to “heroic defenders”, and how NATO was upholding inviolate principles of Ukraine’s sovereignty which somehow “justified” flooding the country with weapons.

Now Jens Stoltenberg, the civilian head of the U.S.-led transatlantic alliance is tentatively waving a white flag of surrender to inevitable reality. Speaking at a conference in Finland last weekend, Stoltenberg urged the Kiev regime to “pay the price for peace” by ceding territorial claims to Russia. The former Norwegian premier and comically wooden figurine that he is, is no doubt being used as a mouthpiece for more strategic planners in the transatlantic establishment.

The “price for peace” would entail the Ukrainian authorities recognizing the Crimea Peninsula as part of the Russian Federation and the independence of the Donbass republics. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that began on February 24 was launched to defend those Russian-speaking territories from offensives by the NATO-backed Kiev regime and its Nazi battalions.

This marks a stunning about-turn by the NATO bloc. Since the CIA-sponsored coup d’état in Kiev in 2014, and the secession of Crimea to join the Russian Federation, Moscow has been continually vilified for allegedly annexing the peninsula while the United States and its European Union allies have piled on round after round of economic sanctions.

The purported restoration of Ukraine’s “territorial integrity” has been a recurring rationale for growing hostility from the U.S.-led NATO axis towards Russia. Now, however, the NATO bloc’s chief is telling the Kiev regime it better get ready to cede territory for the sake of peace. So much for principle! And what was the point of all these years of increasing economic sanctions against Russia over Crimea?

The shift in thinking is a reflection of the dawning reality that Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine is actually turning out to be a success. Moscow has secured the Russian-speaking regions and severely damaged the Nazi-infested Ukrainian military. The notion of Ukraine ever joining NATO is also out of the question.

Only a few weeks ago, the Western governments and their dutiful media were full of claims that Russia was facing strategic defeat from NATO-armed Ukrainian forces. U.S. President Joe Biden and his Secretary of State Antony Blinken were full of it. So too were Britain’s premier Boris Johnson and his top foreign diplomat Liz Truss. What will they say now?

The Nazi nature of Ukraine’s forces was covered up with tales of “heroic defenders”. When Russia consolidated its combat power in the east of Ukraine to take the Donbass, the Western media gleefully reported this as a retreat. By contrast, several independent military analysts and sources on the ground were giving an opposite, more accurate view, contending that the Russian forces and their Donbass allies were doing exactly what they set out to do: liberate the Russian-speaking territory.

Now that Russia is well on the way to achieving its objectives, the Western propaganda narrative is crumbling from the lies that it always was constructed on.

There is going to be a lot of gnashing of teeth from the ultimate propaganda failure. The Afghanistan debacle will seem like a sideshow to this epic fail. Hundreds of billions of dollars and euros worth of U.S. and NATO weaponry sent to Ukraine have done nothing to “defend” the country. It has been a boon for the military-industrial complex and its politician hirelings. But the flood of weaponry has not deterred Russia from achieving its goals.

The global economic repercussions from the conflict – wholly unavoidable if the U.S. and its NATO partners had engaged with Russia in diplomacy to resolve Moscow’s long-held security concerns – have hit Western states with a vengeance. Soaring prices and energy bills are severely hurting millions of workers who see the economic calamity not as Russia’s fault (the so-called “Putin price hike”) but as a result of Washington and Brussels’ geopolitical games and elitist indifference. This is but another aspect of the reality – one of immense implications from unprecedented social upheaval – that is compelling the Western ruling class to salvage their Ukraine disaster.

The head-on collision with reality is going to create explosive reactions. The Western powers are already moving Kiev towards accepting its fate as a redundant pawn. Stoltenberg’s advice to “pay a price for peace” is the overture of Kiev being told to get real and cut its losses. The Western public is rightly going to see through this expedience and total lack of scruples and ask what all the false drama and ludicrous taxpayer-funded expense was about. An angry backlash is coming for the charlatans in office.

We can expect Western media to start looking for scapegoats to “explain” Russia’s success. Cue the reports such as this recent one from the New York Times blaming Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky for tactical mistakes. But the insufferable victimhood of the Kiev regime and its overindulged comedian-turned-president will no doubt get uppity and double down with impossible demands for American and NATO “defense”. Zelensky has a knack for naming and shaming perceived lack of indulgence. He’s been groomed to function like that and his Western celebrity status gives him a false sense of importance.

History is littered with CIA-sponsored puppets who outlive their usefulness and are hence discarded like trash. If Zelensky and his clique get uppity by not playing ball with the U.S. and its NATO partners trying to cover up their pile of lies, that is by not accepting his role as a scapegoat, then Zelensky will face a more forceful “retirement plan”.

But ultimately the lasting damage from the crumbling lies is the eroding of presumed leadership by the United States and NATO accomplices. Russian President Vladimir Putin has mocked U.S. pretensions as the “empire of lies”. That’s turning out to be an objective fate.

By Karl Haki
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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