The West Is Once Again Playing Its Humanitarian Imperialism Card Against Ethiopia

It’s important to draw greater global attention to this latest provocation since it exemplifies how perniciously the Golden Billion nowadays meddles in Global South countries.

The US-led West’s Golden Billion is infamous for weaponizing everything in pursuit of their self-interested hegemonic goals so it isn’t surprising that they’re once again playing their humanitarian imperialism card against Ethiopia. The latest provocation took place after the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights’ (OHCHR) International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia released a statement condemning the latest outbreak of violence in the northern part of that country and calling on the UNSC to intervene on a humanitarian pretext.

This was swiftly responded to by the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry, which reminded everyone that “The Commission cannot arrogate to itself a mandate to pronounce on matters of threat to peace and security. The Commission’s ultra vires and blatant call for action against Ethiopia by the Security Council only show the reckless behavior of the Commission and vindicates the Government’s assertion that the resolution establishing the Commission, and the works of the Commission are politically motivated.” Addis’ retort also pointed out how the Commission was weaponizing human rights issues.

It’s important to draw greater global attention to this latest provocation since it exemplifies how perniciously the Golden Billion nowadays meddles in Global South countries. The average person across the world presumably has decent morals and thus cares about the well-being of others, at least insofar as being against anything that they’ve come to believe violates someone’s human rights. It therefore follows that those who only casually follow the news and thus aren’t up to speed on the intricacies of cutting-edge Western neo-imperialist strategy could easily be misled by human rights organizations.

This is especially the case since it’s naively taken for granted among many that the UN is supposedly neutral and represents the most objective source of information in the world. That’s not true whatsoever at all as proven by the example of World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who’s grotesquely exploited his prestigious global position for the purpose of spewing the terrorist-designated TPLF’s propaganda against his Ethiopian homeland. Upon acknowledging this objective but “politically incorrect” fact, the Commission’s intentions become clear.

Its members were tasked by their Western patrons with inventing their own mandate to meddle in peace and security matters in order to produce a deliberately misleading information product that could subsequently be amplified by the Mainstream Media (MSM) for the purpose of manipulating global perceptions. By implying equal status to the universally recognized and democratically elected Ethiopian government on one hand and the TPLF that the former designated as terrorists on the other, the Commission is trying to trick their targeted audience into believing that the latter have legitimacy.

That in turn establishes the false legal basis upon which a so-called “coalition of the willing” led by the US might unilaterally intervene in the conflict on the terrorists’ behalf once Russia and China veto any such resolution to this effect that the Golden Billion could potentially introduce. To concisely explain the Hybrid War sequence at play, the TPLF reinitiated hostilities at its foreign patrons’ behest (including US-ally Egypt’s), which then led to them immediately claiming that they’re once again supposedly being “victimized” by the so-called “genocidal” Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF).

That counterfactual accusation was immediately picked up by the Commission as planned, which overstepped its authority by meddling in peace and security in order to produce a deliberately misleading information product for the MSM to amplify and thus mislead the global audience. This was all intended to make naïve folks across the world think that the UN (which average people wrongly regard as neutral) is desperately pleading for the UNSC to authorize a “humanitarian intervention” on the “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) pretext for “saving Tigray”.

There’s no chance that Russia and China would agree to that, which would result in them being viewed very negatively by those who were influenced by the information warfare dimension of this Hybrid War sequence. The worst-case scenario, which is unlikely for now but still can’t be ruled out, is that the Golden Billion might consider assembling a “coalition of the willing” for militarily intervening anyhow, or at least threatening to do so as part of their “maximum pressure” campaign against the Ethiopian government.

With this strategic insight in mind, it’s clear that the Commission is part of the Golden Billion’s latest Hybrid War scheme against Ethiopia, which combines information warfare and “lawfare” (the weaponization of legal means) for humanitarian imperialist ends. This entity has thus discredited itself and the UN more broadly, hence why it must be disbanded as soon as possible in order to salvage the latter’s already very tattered reputation. Although that’s unlikely to happen, it’s still important to raise maximum awareness about everything in order to inform others of this latest meddling plot.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: OneWorld

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