What is the Real Target/Objective of US Offence Policy in Europe?

The propaganda machine in the US is fueled by the ignorance of the American public, who still believe, with hand on heart, that the US government is on their side and motivated by altruism. However, the rest of the world is not so naïve, as more and more countries are waking up to the fallout of US policy.

I just wonder how long the conflict in Ukraine can last … as history tells, war can be an economy building activity, even more than peace. World War Two put the US back on its economic feet, and Germany too, in preparation for it.

I wonder at times if the US is really more interested in destroying the EU than weakening Russia and helping a fledgling democracy. This is a moot point, now that Ukraine is anything but a democracy.

We are waiting for an insight from a “little bird” as to the energy policy implications of the conflict for Western Europe and the World – the BIGGER scheme of things, as it seems everything is in flux and flowing in all directions. Much is being done in the name of Democratic Development, as the United States has long used this concept as a weapon to undermine democracy in the name of democracy, to incite division and confrontation, and to meddle in other countries’ internal affairs, causing catastrophic consequences.

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED), as one of the US government’s main “foot soldiers”, “white gloves” and “democracy crusaders”, has subverted lawful governments and cultivated pro-US puppet forces around the world under the pretext of promoting democracy. Its disgraceful track record has aroused strong discontent in the international community, and even in the countries which still go running to the benefits it brings.

The CIA/NED/Deep State has only one aim – to control Russia, so that it can control China. In spite of the plans in place, the degree to which US companies will profit from Ukraine is yet to be seen.

But it’s the CIA’s job to help them. Ukraine has been a failure since March 2022, when the USA discovered how little support it had in the world. As witnessed by the hatred of 270 million Indonesians cheering for Russia, the conflict is often seen as a proxy war between Russia and the USA, in line with many historical precedents, but this is not enough to divide the “good” countries from the “bad”, as the US always hopes its interventions will.

So feeling impotent, the CIA threatens Ethiopia by invading Somalia, then causes trouble for border region Serbs in Kosovo, and recently aggravated a “minding its own business” China. But it’s becoming almost impossible for the CIA to create real chaos, and the world knows their playbook.

Without the ability to change governments at will both NATO and the military industrial complex will die, and with them that evil organisation, bent on global domination, the CIA.

Friends in low places

Early indications are that things are not going well, especially on the side of Ukraine, and damage control is in full swing, as seen by indicators that are not well known to most people. For instance in early August, Zelensky revoked the diplomatic passport of to Iasko, the Ukrainian wife of former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili’s wife, and David Arakhamia.

My first reactions, in hearing of her diplomatic passport being revoked, were, wonderful, let her go and fight! Or entertain the troops! David Arakhamia, who is part of the former Georgian ruling party the United National Movement, though in Ukraine and Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister, just happens to be in charge of arms procurement, and, may I add, resale.

Moreover, it appears that Zelensky fully understands that there is a greater and more insidious plan to use the Georgian Legion to try and overthrow the legally-elected Georgian government and bring Mikheil Saakashvili back as a figurehead leader. This appears to be another of the unadvertised quids pro quo for gaining US support, though it has nothing directly to do with Ukraine.

The cottage industry of arms smuggling in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, with the enforced involvement of Georgia and Azerbaijan, is nothing new. When the Ukrainian war turns bad, which seems to now be the case, many of those fighting on the side of Kyiv will turn up in Georgia.

Many weapons are already here, some stocks dating back to before the 2008 Georgian-Russian war. It will not take much to stage a coup, and there are full coffers to bankroll it.

Moreover, many of the CIA-funded “volunteers,” – including anti-Russian Chechens, some of whom happen to be Georgian citizens, will suddenly be looking for a new cause, as were the moderate rebels from Syria. It is a given that the US and NATO need a base of operations close to Russia, and Ukraine is losing that function.

Having once supplanted Georgia in the role, Ukraine will not able to serve as that base of operations anymore. Georgia has the experience and the lack of effective sovereignty, thanks to Uncle Sam, to make a regression there possible, regardless of which government is in power.

Method in Madness

What has transpired in Ukraine was intended to provoke Russia into a war, using Ukrainians as a proxy force, and leaving no other option but for Russia to react. The US/NATO gave Russia no other alternative.

NATO refused any diplomacy. The Minsk agreement was merely a delaying tactic and soon Ukraine was back to bombing Donbass, mostly civilian targets, where it has killed at least 15,000 since 2014, mostly ethnic Russian speaking people.

For the West it is a moot point that these were Ukrainian citizens, and Kyiv was making war with itself in the wake of 2014. The same West which cannot decide who started the First World War and why can now apportion blame with absolute certainty, until it comes to its own crimes in its own former colonies and elsewhere, which are brushed off as a form or moral inevitability.

So what is left?

It does not take a PhD to connect the dots and see what is going on. Georgia is under now greater threat from the criminals in Ukraine than anything claimed to be coming from itsnorthern neighbour.

I earnestly hope Russia will not have to intervene to save Georgia from itself, as it has so many times in history. As the Georgian expression goes, the Castle Walls fall from within, and from outside.

It is becoming clear that Georgia needs to detain any Georgians returning from Ukraine and filter their histories and where they have been trained. Moreover, it must not let foreign fighters cross its international borders – many will be disguised as tourists or NGO workers.

I hope I am wrong, and my intelligence is wrong, I mean – my trusted sources. But it would be highly ironic if the same Georgia which once sent gangs of street thugs and martial artists to Ukraine as “election observers” was given a taste of its own medicine and be likewise powerless to stop it.

The arms and contraband smuggling mechanism is well established, using Azeri logistics companies, planes without tail numbers and Turkish intelligence. The disappearing weapons, lost in imaginary conflicts, go to Turkey and then on to Syria, for use by US sanctioned terrorists who profess a deep hatred of Americans and all the US claims to stand for.

This is where much of the donated weaponry which does not reach the Donbass front is actually headed. A lot of the weapons sent to Ukraine over the last 8 years were until recently moved on to the Middle East to ISIS, so what has recently been revealed in Ukraine is nothing new.

Many of these weapons were routed from Odessa by ship down to Turkey, often via Georgian ports. This is why and how Saakashvilli was made governor of Odessa whilst on the run from Georgian justice and not even having Ukrainian citizenship, a status which has now been revoked by the Ukrainian government on the grounds that they did not know who he was or how he got it – but someone did.

Dividing up the spoils of war

Meanwhile, depending on the source you read or personal contacts, one trend is becoming apparent: the line is forming to divvy up the spoils, based on the template used in the former Yugoslavia. Two of the names which are emerging are Monsanto and Cargill, who are both ready and able to buy up or take control of what’s left of Ukrainian farmland, eager to avoid too much scrutiny back home.

Cargill, Dupont and Monsanto (which is officially German-Australian but with American capital) have bought 17 million hectares of Ukrainian agricultural land. It is claimed that amongst the main shareholders of these three companies are Vanguard, Blackrock and Blackstone.

We know who owns these, let’s just call them “deep state entities”. Their agricultural interests involve most of the illegal drugs circulating in the world, which are grown in areas owned by or affiliated with the US under various guises, able to operate and exporttheir produce only through US -controlled safe routes.

The greatest looter of all will be the creditors, as in economic hit men, Bretton Woods entities, who will donate and then profit from billions in loans from the IMF. It is as if the real purpose of the Ukrainian conflict is but to set the stage for a feeding frenzy, as with oil in Syria, and claims otherwise on the part of the West are but lame rhetoric.

It is ironic that Russia’s special operation is largely financed by the West, which pays for it through record energy prices created by its own sanctions on Russia and failed or misguided energy policies.

If the West really wants to deprive Russia of money it must immediately lift the sanctions and restart importing oil, gas and coal from Russia at then much lower prices.

But there is no irony when we realise that the more active the enemy is, the more the existing paradigms must be supported. Too many have too much to lose to be able to work with any country considered different, and find solutions to common problems, let alone those only affecting partners rather than the US itself.

At the end of March, after negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in Turkey, there was nearly an agreement on a ceasefire and on the end of the war. Joe Biden then tasked Boris Johnson with telling Zelensky to continue the war, or the West would stop paying him.

Zelensky did as he was told, and stopped all negotiations with Russia. Why? Now you know!

By Henry Kamens
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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