Dead Hand vs. Dead Brain

NATO, apart from being a fake defense alliance and collective security system, is not only a company in the business of wars and arms sales.

In November 2019, French President Macron warned his European allies that NATO was in a state of brain death. Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, reacted quickly at the time, asserting that Macron had given a very accurate description of the situation in NATO. Although Macron, speaking of NATO’s brain death, was referring primarily to American arbitrariness and the tendency of the USA not to consult with its European and other allies, the diagnosis he gave three years ago remains completely valid to this day. NATO is a brainless monster that wastes human lives with the same ease with which it wastes the taxpayer funds of the member states of that infamous military alliance. NATO’s official budget for this year amounts to 1.7 billion dollars for military needs and an additional 328 million dollars for the operation of its civilian structures. These figures may actually, seem quite modest when compared to this year’s British and American military budgets, which amount to £48 billion and a whopping $800.85 billion, respectively. However, NATO is a tool of war in the hands of the U. S. and the UK anyway, and it is impossible to separate one from the other, so these budgets simply have to be added together and considered as a single budget.

NATO, apart from being a fake defense alliance and collective security system, is not only a company in the business of wars and arms sales. More than anything else, NATO is a tool of global terror, military pressure, coercion, and blackmail and as such, sooner or later it had to cross lines that can only be crossed once. Like an arrow that has been irreversibly shot and is flying toward Russia, NATO has shown that it does not have mechanisms for maneuvering, retreating, and stopping. In short, one gets the impression that there is no longer any moral or at least rational control over NATO, that is, that it is really brain-dead and therefore very dangerous for the survival of civilization and humanity itself. According to the official version of the interpretation of the global political reality, the democratically elected political leadership of NATO members is the one that manages this military alliance and makes decisions that are an expression of the collective will, based on the principle of consensus.

The official interpretation of the way decisions are made in NATO, unfortunately, is a sweet fairy tale that only the ignorant and naive can believe today. The countries of the European Union and other NATO members, with a few exceptions, are ruled by teams of politicians who are nothing more than ordinary American agents of influence. Today, historians know that after the end of the Second World War, the CIA rigged elections in Italy for decades in order to prevent the completely legal and democratic coming to power of left-wing political parties that were pro-Soviet and that would have led Italy out of NATO and the Western military-political bloc. If those early, initial operations of the CIA in Italy were an exception in their beginning, today they have become the rule, and there is no doubt that overseas power centers completely control the European political scene. If anyone doubts such claims, they should think for a moment and compare, for example, two British prime ministers, Winston Churchill, a top intellectual, charismatic and energetic person, and the current prime minister, Liz Truss, whose intellectual abilities and education, to be very compassionate and considerate since we are talking about a lady, incomparably more modest and beyond any doubt, far below the level required of serious statespeople.

It would be also a crime to compare a political giant like De Gaulle, who in 1966 far-sightedly and wisely withdrew France from NATO membership, and Macron, even though the latter was clever enough to set a brave and quite accurate diagnosis of the disease that NATO is suffering from. So, the USA, or rather, let’s be honest, that notorious American-British deep state, through one of its many tools of terror, that is, through the CIA, practiced the art of soft coups on the Italians, and it was such a successful endeavor that it continued to be used throughout Europe. Thus, in Europe, as well as in the rest of the world under American control, democracy has been de facto abolished. And the clearer it was to the ordinary citizens that democracy was killed, the more often and with Goebbelsian persistence it was mentioned in the empty speeches of European political quasi-leaders — the spineless American puppets. Overseas oligarchs did not want to ever again take risks with strong leaders such as De Gaulle and Churchill, people who had not only charisma but also their own strong political will and decisively acted only in accordance with the interests of their nations.

That’s why those powerful people from the darkest geopolitical shadows, those mysterious masters of our destinies who firmly rule the collective military-political West and their servants, replaced the former authentic national leaders with wretched clowns and third-rate actors. They can easily control those empty-headed puppets exactly because they finance their coming to power and maintain them in those positions for as long as necessary. Despite all the pedantry and thorough work, and such terrifying machinery as the CIA and MI6, it still happened that some people of firm convictions, determined to protect national interests at any cost, broke away from them. That is why Erdogan in Turkey and Orban in Hungary continue to defy the interests of the overseas deep state, even though their homelands are still members of NATO. Let’s remember how in 2016, a military coup was attempted against Erdogan and his legal government with the use of parts of the ground army, gendarmerie, tanks, navy and aviation, which were organized, controlled, and led by a corrupt part of the Turkish army officers. It is very possible that in the near future, similar scenarios are being prepared in Hungary, for Viktor Orban and let us believe that he will be ready to deal with them. Despite those two exceptions to the rule, the truth remains that the control of all other members of the European Union and NATO by the elites for the U. S. and the UK is complete.

This leads us to the simple conclusion that there is no control of the democratically elected leadership of the NATO member states over the largest military alliance in the history of mankind, just as after all, there is no democracy in those countries with a few mentioned exceptions. Macron was right; NATO is an organization without a functional brain. But if that is so, the question arises, who in that case has all this terrifying military power at his disposal? Is American President Biden, as the head of the most powerful state of that alliance, the person who can decide on peace and war, on the continuation of life, or on the increasingly certain nuclear Armageddon that he himself warned about a few days ago? If it is true that Biden is the strongman we are looking for, then Macron’s diagnosis of NATO’s brain death would find a more than appropriate tragicomic coincidence in the evident deterioration of Biden’s mental health. The signs of his illness from Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of degenerative neurological disease followed by advanced dementia are more than noticeable and clear to everyone, both his political opponents and allies. Because of his deplorable mental state, the Republican camp is increasingly announcing that Biden will be impeached at the first opportunity.

However, Biden is not that dark lord of NATO, because such great power could never be in the hands of a politician completely deprived of not only health but also the strength of character, ideological consistency, political will, and charisma. No, Sleeping Joe is just a helpless figurehead in the hands of the really powerful people, which we will unhesitatingly expose in this article. Of course, he is neither the first nor the last American president who only pretends to be that. The last American president who actually exercised all the powers given to him by the U. S. Constitution, who served until the end of his term, and left the White House alive, was Dwight Eisenhower. The next man to try to be the real president of the USA, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was assassinated before the end of his first term. So, American presidents long ago became puppets with no real power in the hands of the infamous American deep state. That state within the state was created for their needs by the alienated plutocratic elites, which is made up of the crème de la crème of the Jewish business lobby, joined with a subordinate partner, the Anglo-Saxon business lobby, and a multitude of smaller partners.

So, we can safely say that the circles dominated by the Zionist and WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) powers have real and full control over NATO. Oh, thank God, you’ll say, if only it wasn’t a demented Biden who could push the red buttons by mistake, and you’d be dead wrong. The ruling clan is not an association of young, cheerful and energetic people full of life, but rather a gerontocratic club. They are mostly people who, despite having powers worthy of demigods, have of course, not been able to defeat their own transience and mortality. In order to better understand the psychology of these gerontocrats, you need to abstract for a moment and imagine how you lived a life full of seductive excitements in which everything was always within your reach; from the most glamorous sexual partners, mansions with swimming pools and heavenly gardens, garages full of the most expensive sports cars and private jets to the ownership of companies weighing billions of dollars.

Imagine that you had everything, and that driven by pure greed, you were destroying entire countries and nations with the same ease with which children destroy aliens in video games, but that you face the end of your own life, that you have been prolonging by all possible means for decades, but you are aware that you can cheat death no longer, even though you have billions of dollars at your bank accounts. Unfortunately, in the hands of such people are the doomsday weapons at NATO’s disposal. You will easily conclude for yourself that these people are capable of dragging us all into the abyss of nuclear war because their minds are disturbed by a toxic combination of enormous power and fear of their own transience before which we are all equally powerless. Ordinary people would find solace and the meaning of their existence in peace of religion and dedication to God. However, these people are used to being worshiped by other people all their lives, convinced that with their endless wealth they themselves have risen among the gods and immortals. People overwhelmed by that kind of pain and anger should never be in control of NATO but unfortunately, they are.

NATO is truly brain-dead because there is no control over it by any moral or rational force. Not only NATO but the entire so-called collective political West with all its vassals and pets such as Israel, a conglomerate that we could call Sodom of the modern age, is in the hands of dying old men with a perverted psyche — that is finally, the dead brain we were looking for! The awareness that the future of all of us is in the hands of such people must be deeply disturbing for any enlightened and intelligent person. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try to deceive and lull ourselves into sweet dreams of security offered by the non-existent Western democracy; this truth remains undeniable and can no longer be ignored. NATO is not led by thinking and moral people, but by a council of old men whose characters have been eaten away by a life of wealth, privileges, and abundance. The armies of officials, officers, and employees of NATO are not actually in charge and they only have the option of applauding catastrophically bad and every day worse decisions. How did the brain-dead NATO bring humanity to the brink of destruction?

A whole series of fundamental mistakes were made when making decisions to start the project of expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance towards Siberia. One of the most fatal decisions was made at the NATO summit in Bucharest in 2008, when the desire of Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO was welcomed and approved. For decades, the people who manage NATO have completely wrongly analyzed and predicted Russia’s possible reactions and its future moves in relation to their increasingly aggressive expansion towards Moscow. Russia’s reaction after that summit was seemingly absent, but in reality, Russia secretly began preparing for an inevitable military conflict with NATO that same year. And if you think that the Russians did not prepare well for this war, it is only because the Russians do not show their cards too early. Let’s recall the shock experienced by the Nazis when they saw the Soviet T-34 tanks in action, which they did not even know existed. The Kremlin is now saving its best and most powerful weapons and tactics for the inevitable full conflict with NATO armies and it is quite certain that Russians will give them a very unpleasant surprise.

Fatal mistakes were also made when creating psychological profiles of Vladimir Putin and his closest associates. Seeing through a former experienced intelligence officer and hardened politician like the Russian president proved to be too difficult a task, but the Anglo-Saxon mind is such that it tries to satisfy the form and do the job as best it can. Vladimir Putin has been profiled as a politician who, guided by the highest religious and moral principles, will never reach for weapons of mass destruction. That is why NATO, with that stupid and arrogant self-confidence so characteristic of the Anglo-Saxons, continued its expansion towards the Urals and the desired prize — Siberia.

The same teams of analysts and experts tremble in fear of North Korea, which has from 20 to a maximum of 55 nuclear warheads compared to Russia’s 6,000 because they estimated that North Korean leader Kim Il-Jong would use his most formidable arsenal and wipe the American military bases in South Korea and Japan off the face of the earth without any hesitation. If Western analysts were a bit wiser, more professional, and less arrogant, they would have realized that under Putin’s inscrutable poker face, there is a strong and old-fashioned, steel-willed Soviet man who is fanatically consistent and determined to preserve the integrity and safety of Russia at all costs — even at the cost of being forced to order Russian forces to use weapons of mass destruction. Only recently, politicians in the West are slowly beginning to realize that Putin is not bluffing at all. Among the first to realize this was former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who at the end of September warned her colleagues to take Putin’s warnings very seriously.

Much earlier, speaking on October 18, 2018, at the 15th meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi, Putin touched on the topic of a possible nuclear war between Russia and NATO, but then the collective West did not listen to him carefully enough. Putin then said that the Russians, as victims of a nuclear attack, would go straight to heaven as martyrs, while the aggressors would simply drop dead because they would not even have time to repent for their sins. Although on that occasion he emphasized that Russia would never be the first to carry out nuclear strikes on NATO countries and their allies, Putin was severely criticized in the West precisely because of this statement, which was assessed as very aggressive, threatening, and intimidating. Maybe then some light bulbs in the dead brain turned on for the first time, but as I said, NATO does not have any strategy for getting out of situations that lead to armed conflict because it is used to easy victories that do not require withdrawal and regrouping, let alone giving up aggression.

Only in the last few weeks has NATO realized that they may have gone too far with the pressure on Russia and that no matter how confident they were before, there is a more than real possibility of a total nuclear war and the realization of Putin’s warning from four years ago. The computer simulations that NATO uses to practice various war strategies and tactics and their combinations completely lack algorithms that could take into account the famous Russian soul because it cannot be represented simply as a series of numerical parameters. The ability of the Russians to make merciless sacrifices for their motherland, despite having been proven so many times in the past, is still something unfathomable to the mind of Western man, and that is why it has also not been included in the calculations. That is why it is not surprising that the mass special psychological operations of disinformation, deception, and the attempt to manipulate Russian public opinion, whose implementers were mostly Ukrainian operatives who speak Russian perfectly, experienced total failure.

Not only has Putin not been overthrown in the color revolution that Western intelligence agencies have been trying to foment in Russia for two decades, but the Russian president is more popular than ever before. The response to the mobilization, much to the regret of Western analysts, was several times larger than necessary, and this is a fact that the Western mainstream media persistently tries to hide. Instead of the required 300,000 reserve soldiers, over a million applied already, so that the Russian military enlistment offices will have the opportunity to choose the people with the most experience and knowledge among those who already served in the Russian armed forces. Therefore, all the assessments on the basis of which NATO de facto declared war on Russia, which is currently being waged in former parts of Ukraine, that is in Donbas and Novorossiya, were completely wrong. There was no color revolution, Putin has not lost his popularity, the sanctions against Russia are not working and worst of all for NATO, things in Russia itself are slowly moving towards full mobilization. NATO is now in a position where it needs a healthy and functioning brain more than ever before, but it just doesn’t have it. NATO needs an exit strategy from its participation in the war in Ukraine, Donbas and Novorossiya, but the council of dying elders wants one last rush of adrenaline in their blood, and their pride won’t let them to back down as they should.

What kind of country is this Ukraine, when because of it and its supposed sovereignty, because it is in fact just an American blindly obedient vassal, we have come to the very edge of a thermonuclear war? The American business magnate and investor, Elon Musk, has asked himself that question these days — still a young man who wants to live and enjoy the fruits of his labor and therefore, the exact opposite of plutocrats and gerontocrats for whom NATO is just a toy and a doomsday weapon at the same time. And after Musk decided to inform himself better, he was suddenly presented with a picture of Ukraine that is very different from the one portrayed in the Western mainstream media. Suddenly, Musk became aware of all the lies about Russia that the Western public is being poisoned by their mainstream media literally from the end of World War II until today. His proposal to cede Crimea to Russia and to hold another referendum in the four regions that joined Russia, this time under the control of the United Nations, drove the Ukrainian leadership and nationalists into frenzy.

Historically, Ukraine is just a Russian border province, which is the correct translation of its name from the Russian language. As such, it is in fact a part of the glorious and at the same time, often tragic Russian history. However, as a state within a state, it was created by the Bolsheviks after their October Revolution because part of their ideology was the destruction of all nations, in this case, the Russian people. Today, absurdly, it is led by Zionist Jews closely connected to Washington and Israel, like Zelensky himself, even if he is just a mere puppet and a bad actor, while the most hardened Nazis are bleeding and dying for it. Built on Bolshevik, Zionist and Nazi foundations and traditions, this kind of country was predestined to internal discord and ruin.

Until 2014 and the coup in Kiev directed by the CIA and MI6, known as Euromaidan, Russia had cordial relations with its western neighbor if for no other reason, then because of the 8 million ethnic Russians and 18 million inhabitants of Ukraine whose native language was Russian. However, Ukraine stood in the way of NATO’s expansion toward the Urals and Siberia and had to be turned into anti-Russia by all possible means, and used as a weapon against the Russian Federation. In fact, Americans, as we have all realized, simply buy the people they need and their services and it was quite easy for them to find corrupt people in Ukraine. That’s how the American intelligence laboratories created that monster with the body of a pig and the head of a chimpanzee. This mindless beast immediately pounced on defenseless Russian civilians and began a slaughter that was supposed to provoke Russia into a reaction at a time when it was still unprepared for a war that it knew would inevitably mean a full military confrontation with NATO.

Yes, Russia always knew that its eventual military intervention in Ukraine, and former Ukrainian regions, would very quickly, but without any doubt, lead to a full conflict with NATO. The only question is whether the people who really run the North Atlantic Alliance were aware of it. However, after almost eight years of trying to solve the problems diplomatically, in the autumn of 2021, Russia became aware of the accumulation of Ukrainian troops toward Crimea and Donbas and was forced to intervene and that was the beginning of the Special Military Operation that is still ongoing. The relatively small Russian expeditionary forces, far fewer than the Ukrainian ones, lured a large part of the Ukrainian forces into the defense of the capital with a phony blitzkrieg toward Kiev. In the meanwhile, Russian forces made key territorial gains in the south, which was actually their main goal. Instead of attacking and suffering heavy losses, which, according to military theory, would be 3 to 4 times higher than the Ukrainian ones, the Russian generals chose to defend themselves and in that way slowly destroyed the Ukrainian army, forcing them to suffer huge losses as attackers, which in the opinion of military experts, are almost ten times higher than the Russian ones. Now, four former Ukrainian regions: Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, and Kherson decided to join Russia in a referendum, thus in a completely legal and democratic way. It is a decision that is irrevocable and that the Russian Federation will defend with all possible means.

However, despite being very intelligently designed, Russia’s Special Military Operation is running out of time. By the time this article is published, the Special Military Operation may evolve into the Special Anti-Terrorist Operation not only in Donbas and Novorusiya but in Ukraine itself. However, if we take into account the recently stated personal position of the Deputy President of the National Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, it is not impossible that Russia will enter into a full military conflict with Ukraine. Namely, Medvedev asserted that Ukraine with the current Nazi political regime represents a constant, direct, and clear threat to Russia. Much earlier, it has become clear to the Kremlin that the Ukrainian leadership does not have its own political will, which is an expression of the will of the people, and that peace negotiations with them are impossible or at best lead absolutely nowhere.

The goal of the Russian Special Military Operation, however, was originally nothing more than to force the Ukrainian leadership to negotiate and conclude a favorable peace for Russia. And indeed, in March, the Ukrainian delegation was ready to reach a peace agreement that would satisfy both sides and which implied Ukraine’s permanent withdrawal from intention to join NATO. The peace agreement was not signed solely because of Washington’s direct and energetic intervention, and immediate and strong political pressure on Kiev. The overseas power centers insisted on continuing the war. Hand on heart, even if a peace agreement was reached with Ukraine, Russia could not really rely on it.

By violating the Minsk agreements, Ukraine has shown that it cannot be trusted. Quite simply, Ukraine is a typical puppet state that is governed primarily from Washington and London, just as its army is commanded by NATO generals and other officers. Finally, the September Ukrainian offensive exposed the presence of tens of thousands of NATO troops in Ukrainian uniforms. This is not about mercenaries-adventurers who came to kill Russians for money, excitement, or out of pure hatred. We talk about top professional soldiers from Western countries, most of whom have rich and long-term combat experience from other wars. About five thousand professional NATO soldiers from Poland fought in the Ukrainian offensive near Krasny Liman alone. The Polish leadership in Warsaw, die-hard national-chauvinists, for some reason have not yet realized what terrible and fatal consequences the fact that Polish soldiers are killing Russian soldiers and civilians at this moment, will have on their country and them. There won’t be much time for regrets.

All this means that Russia will have to abandon the format imposed on it by the Special Military Operation very soon indeed because it seems that only a complete occupation of Ukraine can bring an end to the war. Second, Russia faced not only the fact that it is now de facto at war with the North Atlantic Alliance, but also that an official and completely open military conflict with it can no longer be avoided. Leaders and spokesmen of NATO, such as Jens Stoltenberg, the 13th Secretary General of NATO, persistently denied that they are at war with Russia, but irrefutable facts speak against them. First of all, the crews of advanced systems such as M142 HIMARS, or the crews of German and other NATO tanks, armored vehicles, anti-aircraft, and missile systems, require experienced crews composed of professional NATO soldiers.

There are reports that NATO outside the borders of Ukraine is currently rapidly training Ukrainian pilots on F-16 and F-15 fighter jets, and that the Ukrainian squadrons of mixed national composition will appear over Ukraine very soon. The markings on the planes will be Ukrainian, but the pilots will not only be Ukrainians but experienced professionals from NATO countries, primarily Americans. Therefore, it is an irrefutable fact that NATO is already in a military conflict with Russia, because not only does it arm Ukraine, but it also provides support in terms of personnel, including command staff and combat troops, especially special units, as well as financial, logistical, and intelligence support and assistance to its war efforts. NATO, of course, knows that it is at war with Russia and that is exactly what it wanted, but it is in no hurry to declare it a factual situation until it uses all the Ukrainians, and after them perhaps also all the Poles, Romanians, Latvians, Lithuanians, and Estonians and other members of second-rate Europeans who, after all, exist only to serve as cheap labor and cannon fodder for the more “noble” Westerners. Also, by avoiding an official war with Russia, NATO wants to keep its military bases and offensive potential intact as long as possible. Because of all this, Russia may be forced to design this new, far more complex war operation in such a way as to pull NATO out of the hole in which it is hiding and to completely expose its undoubted participation in the war against Russia.

Ukraine and NATO cannot defeat Russia. There is not a single outcome of the military conflict between Ukraine and NATO on one side and Russia on the other, which leads to the defeat of Russia and the victory of NATO and their vassal Ukraine. American and NATO officials are warning Russia these days that they will react harshly and by all means, that is, with nuclear strikes on Russia, if it carries out tactical nuclear attacks on Kiev or other targets in Ukraine. Such accusations are absolutely meaningless. Kiev is a holy city for Russians, the Russian capital of the medieval Russian state — Kievan Rus, and besides, Ukraine is simply too close to the Russian borders and Russia’s ally Belarus. Radioactive particles would spread in all directions and kill not only the Ukrainians but also the Russian and Belarusian soldiers and civilians. The Russians will certainly not carry out nuclear strikes without an absolute necessity, but if the Americans bring missile systems that could carry nuclear warheads and if such missiles are fired at Russian forces and territories, that could, of course, be a reason for an immediate Russian nuclear response. This is the biggest danger of the Russian-Ukrainian military conflict.

Misinterpreted Ukrainian missiles flying toward Russian forces or territories could instantly trigger a massive Russian nuclear attack on all NATO countries as well as other hostile countries. At the same time, NATO is seriously dealing with the absolutely insane and inadmissible idea of finding any pretext under which, in accordance with the American nuclear doctrine, preventive nuclear strikes on Russia would be carried out. That is why the mainstream media in the West are slowly preparing the ground for such a decision, persistently insisting that the Russians bomb the Energodar nuclear power plant in the Zaporozhye region, which is under the control of none other than the Russian forces themselves. Anyone who doubts this should independently check on the maps whether this area is under the control of Russian forces or not. In other words, the Western mainstream media claim that the Russians are persistently bombing themselves! The goal of Ukraine’s heavy bombing of the nuclear power plant is not to destroy the Russian forces that secure it. Contrary to common sense, Ukrainians are bombing the power plant itself with the aim of causing the leakage of radioactive materials into the atmosphere. Russian forces would be blamed for that very dangerous nuclear incident, and that would give NATO the desired excuse to launch tactical nuclear strikes against Russian forces or to even carry out strategic nuclear strikes deep into Russian territory.

Unlike the American military doctrine, Russian military doctrine does not foresee any preventive nuclear strikes. If Russia ever really decides to use nuclear weapons, it will most certainly not be in Ukraine because, as we have already established, that would be pure suicide. Even if Russia really wants the destruction of Kiev and other large Ukrainian cities, it has more than devastating conventional means at its disposal for such a goal, which it has never used so far. So far, the Russians have not used their most powerful conventional bomb ATBIP (Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power), also known as the “Father of All Bombs” (FOAB), in Ukraine, which in terms of strength is in the range of smaller tactical nuclear weapons that it replaced in the Russian arsenal. Before the Russians would reach for tactical nuclear weapons, which is an extremely unlikely scenario, they would most certainly try to attack Ukrainian troops, command centers, and fortified military facilities with their most powerful thermobaric weapons, and they have not done that even once.

What might actually happen, and might make sense from a military point of view, is that if Russia is provoked by NATO’s undeniable direct involvement in a war against its own military forces and civilians, it will launch nuclear strikes with its unstoppable weapons on the decision-making centers that they are not really in Kiev, which the Russian leadership knows very well, but in Washington, London, Brussels, and other large cities of the Western Hemisphere. This is a very real threat to the NATO aggressor that they should finally become aware of. Russian President Putin, speaking in his recent speech about possible Russian nuclear strikes on the decision-making centers, most certainly did not mean Kiev or any other Ukrainian city because real decisions are not made there, just as it is well known that Zelensky is only an actor who does who obeys American orders.

Therefore, those hypocrites from the West can immediately stop “caring” for Ukraine, which, as the poorest country in Europe, for the sake of their megalomaniac goals, they pushed into a war against the largest country in the world, which also has the largest nuclear arsenal. The responsible gentlemen from Washington, London, Brussels, and other big American and European cities should very seriously start worrying about themselves because Russia is not bluffing at all by threatening with its nuclear weapons. On the contrary, considering that not only its territorial integrity is threatened, but its very survival itself, Russia issues one of the last warnings before realizing its threats. Russian nuclear weapons are unstoppable! NATO has no way to stop Russian missiles such as RS-28 Sarmat (NATO reporting names: SS-X-29, SS-X-30, Satan II), 3M22 Zircon (NATO reporting name SS-N-33), or Kh −47M2 Kinzhal (NATO reporting name Killjoy) and they know it very well. An even more dangerous Russian weapon against which there is absolutely no defense is the Poseidon, an underwater unmanned vehicle, which is powered by nuclear propulsion and has nuclear warheads with a power of 10 megatons (667 times more destructive than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima). Just one Russian nuclear submarine can completely destroy the entire U. S. East Coast. People who, like an arrow, shot NATO irreversibly towards Russia should be extremely worried about all this.

Finally, even if NATO could surprise Russia as it wishes, and completely unhindered, with practically no resistance, in ideal conditions, extremely effectively attack all Russian command centers, military bases, nuclear-armed facilities, mobile units with a nuclear arsenal, and major cities, Russia’s formidable Perimeter system, known in the West by the picturesque name “Dead Hand” would ensure the total destruction of all NATO countries in return. This Doomsday system was designed in Soviet times but has been constantly upgraded and modernized. It is fully automated and if for some reason communication with the Russian command centers were to be interrupted, it would assume that the Russian leadership had been destroyed and would completely independently launch all nuclear warheads and destroy all those states that the Russian Federation considered hostile. “Dead Hand” itself, is completely resistant to nuclear strikes, electronic jamming, or any other means at NATO’s disposal. So, even if Russia were to be completely destroyed, NATO still could not win but would also disappear in the unstoppable, retaliatory nuclear strikes of a dead Russia.

So what is brain-dead NATO trying to do in Ukraine? Obviously, NATO’s tactics are such that they want to wage war against Russia, cowardly, today hiding behind Ukrainian backs while there are still Ukrainians ready to fight for them, and tomorrow hiding behind Poles and Romanians and so on. It exposes all the cynicism of the Judeo-Anglo-Saxon gerontocrats and plutocrats. They look at the terrible bloodshed and enormous human tragedоssiya as an exciting gladiatorial match to the death, in which they recline in comfortable armchairs on the other side of the English Channel and the Atlantic, snacking on popcorn, eating hamburgers, drinking beer and whiskey as if it is about a sports competition or a Hollywood super-spectacle movie.

They don’t realize that Russia can easily cross all those water barriers and make them answer for all the crimes they committed. NATO’s main goal is to make the war last as long as possible, not only in order to exhaust Russia financially, militarily, and morally but above all in order to destroy Europe and its economic power. The Judeo-Anglo-Saxon elites have no friends, but only servants and slaves, and they never really liked the fact that Europe was strengthening economically. First of all, the destruction of Germany and its economic power and the influence it achieves is a priority of the power centers in Washington and London. It could be said that the destruction of Germany, but also France is just as important to the overseas power centers as the destruction of Russia.

All this NATO play on the brink of nuclear war could prove fatal for all of humanity. Russia is slowly but surely losing patience, but it seems that its increasingly harsh warnings will not be taken seriously by the dead brains of NATO until volleys of missiles with nuclear warheads are finally fired at them. The best evidence that Russia has decided to take off its gloves is the appointment of a very brave, determined, energetic, and aggressive general, as General Surovikin undoubtedly is, to the post of commander-in-chief of Russian forces in the former and current territories of Ukraine. From the first day of his command, General Surovikin announced to Ukraine, which at that moment was celebrating the damage to the Kerch (Crimean) bridge for which it took responsibility, that it was threatened with a total disaster, for which they owe thanks to their mentors from the West who dragged them into a conflict they cannot possibly win. It is difficult to understand the amount of irresponsibility and complete lack of intelligence of those people who consciously and deliberately chose to provoke a nuclear superpower such as Russia and force it to intervene militarily in Ukraine and in now former Ukrainian territories. It is difficult to understand the inability of NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, who is in fact only the spokesperson of that criminal organization, to understand that Russia has launched a counter-offensive which, if the Western hawks do not come to their senses, could, according to the old tradition, end up in European capitals, while London and Washington would end up as radioactive wastelands.

Admittedly, we must be grateful to Stoltenberg, who came forward these days and clumsily admitted that NATO is, as Russia claims, a direct participant in the conflict in former Ukraine. First of all, even if the Russian army begins to suffer a series of devastating defeats against the Ukrainian forces, as Stoltenberg hopes, this should be the worst possible news for NATO, as this would significantly increase the probability of Russian nuclear strikes on the decision-making centers, i. e. on Washington, London, Brussels, NATO military bases, and large cities of the Western Hemisphere. How is it possible, then, that such simple logical equations and algorithms do not reach the minds of responsible people in the West? Both in the Russian army and in the Kremlin, the influence of the fierce hardliners, which ask Putin to conduct the war far more brutally and mercilessly, is growing more and more every day.

The position of Putin himself in Russian society is of course unassailable, but the same cannot be said for all of his closest associates. Putin will not be able to refuse not only support but also the demands of the hard Russian line for a long time, because he needs these people as much as they need him. That’s why it could happen that overnight the Kremlin will be left without those few people who had some sort of inclination towards the West, and the willingness to negotiate from somewhat softer positions. Therefore, the longer the war in Ukraine and on the territories of the four areas that are now forever united with Russia lasts, the stronger will be the influence of fierce patriots and hardliners in the Kremlin and the Russian army. This is what NATO leaders and their masters need to know. Prolonging the war, contrary to the original calculation, does not benefit them at all. Russia will not be weaker and weaker every day, but on the contrary, it will be an increasingly fierce and formidable opponent. The Russian bear has been awakened from his sleep and is getting angrier every day.

The calculation that those notorious elites from the West had at the beginning of the conflict on the territory of former Ukraine, that is, to weaken and ultimately destroy Russia and Europe through war, has become unsustainable. The potential damage to the ideologues of this insane project now far outweighs the potential benefit. At the same time, the anger of ordinary people who are finally becoming aware of all the lies and deceptions of their political leaders is growing throughout Europe. In fact, subordinate European elites proved to be just agencies of Judeo-Anglo-Saxon overseas elites and their interests.

That dissatisfaction is growing stronger every day and threatens to turn into a revolution that will engulf the entire continent. Europeans now fully understand that their “leaders” such as Macron and Scholz do not lead their states and nations according to their best interests, but act exclusively in favor of the interests of Washington, London, and Brussels. In the consciousness of the average European, the belief is growing that false those national leaders, who are in fact nothing more than traitors, American and British agents are leading them to a total disaster and nuclear war, and that they can only defend their interests and bare lives through revolutions and popular uprisings.

All this finally leads us to the conclusion that NATO has already suffered a terrible defeat in Ukraine, which it is still not aware of because it does not look at things in the long term. For the first time since its existence, NATO will have to withdraw and admit defeat. Just as Hitler, at the end of 1942, in his Wolf’s Lair headquarters near Rastenburg (now Kętrzyn), loudly lamented and openly regretted the attack on the USSR, even though at that time he was still far from total defeat, so today the real masters of NATO realize that they have made a fatal mistake by involving themselves directly into a military conflict with Russia, thinking that it could go unnoticed and unpunished.

However, unlike Hitler, NATO was given a final warning and an opportunity to withdraw, save its honor and survive as an organization. If the leaders of NATO and the collective West, above all representatives of the USA, do not sit down at the negotiating table with Russia and accept the right of the Russian people in the former parts of Ukraine to self-determination, renounce the Nazi regime in Kiev and give up from the further expansion of NATO, we can expect the imminent start of a total nuclear war that will most certainly lead to the complete annihilation of the Western Hemisphere. All responsibility for the tragedy on the territory of the former and current Ukraine lies with the people who have the real power to manage NATO. The fate of all humanity is now in the hands of the elites in Washington and London and we all must stand up together, raise our voices and let them know that we want to live!

By Davor Slobodanovich Vuyachich
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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