Democracy, NATO’s Trojan Horse

American-style democracy is all about war and conquest, no matter what serial war criminal happens to be at the helm.

The late Winston Churchill should have qualified his famous quip that democracy was the worst form of government, except for all the others, by saying that was because it best suited him and all imperialist hypocrites like him. Churchill, to take but one notorious example, sent his Black and Tan cut throats into Ireland to deny, at bayonet point, democracy to the dreary steeples of Fermanagh and South Tyrone and to force their Catholic majority, again at gunpoint, into the sectarian Northern Ireland Orange state, Churchill’s preferred form of gerrymandered democracy, where Anglican fanatics could permanently outvote Catholics and secular liberals.

We see the collateral damage of this same form of gerrymandered democracy play out in Serbia, Hungary and those areas of Eastern Ukraine that are now being given the chance, by an actual plebiscite, to rejoin Crimea and their common Russian motherland, so that they can speak their native tongues without risking a democratic bullet through their undemocratic heads for just being themselves.

What can we say about Serbia, which is not an EU member but has, like Syria after it, survived unremitting terrorist horrors from the democracies of the EU and its Anglo American masters? Serbia’s latest sin, according to the Green war mongers of the European Parliament, is that they refuse to have NATO sponsored round the clock LGBT parades but instead prefer to prepare to survive the coming winter by stocking up on Russian gas and fertilizer.

Because Serbia, a country that was criminally bombed round the clock by the EU and its Anglo American masters, that had its schools and TV stations incinerated, that had its Chinese Embassy prioritised as a legitimate target by the EU democrats, is still not compliant enough, the EU’s Green fascists are contemplating visiting more democratic hell on them, once they are finished cleansing Ukraine of its undemocratic Russophones. If you can’t catch the whiff of Herr Hitler in the Green’s democratic pronouncements, my English is obviously not up to task.

Across Serbia’s border lies Hungary, a country that does not meet the democratic benchmarks of the war mongering European Union, which is fronted by the unelected and unelectable Ursula von der Leyen, whose unelected inner circle has the sole power to promulgate legislation throughout the undemocratic European Union. Hungary’s sin is it does not want to invade Russia and slaughter Russians, not least because the last time they did that, their powerful Second Army was obliterated at the Battle of Stalingrad. Hungary’s sin is they do not want to fight any more wars to inflate the bank balances of von der Leyen, Borrell or their American bosses and for that unPavlovian response, Hungarians too must now join von der Leyen’s legion of the damned.

For let’s face it, at day’s end, American-style democracy is all about war and conquest, no matter what serial war criminal happens to be at the helm. Zelensky, the pathetic actor in charge of a kleptocratic state, is a good democrat because he is a godsend to the EU/NATO war industry. Ditto the cokehead who fronts the Finnish regime and Finland’s other warrior women, who wouldn’t fight their collective way out of a bag of coke.

Let’s not even talk about Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, which bombs Syria and Lebanon with abandon and whose treatment of the kneeling squaws of Gaza is the preferred genocidal model of the EU and allied democracies. The Armenians? Not only are they again being genocided but Nancy Pelosi, like the Grim Reaper with too many facelifts, has been to visit Yerevan. God help them and all other victims of Anglo American democracy.

The Anglo Americans? Let’s take the Americans first. Whether it is their Monroe Doctrine, Perry’s terrorist attack on Japan, their cavalier use of weapons of mass destruction on Tokyo, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, their colonization of the Philippines, Cuba, Guam, Puerto Rico and Hawaii, their Latin American death squads, their Korean and Vietnamese genocide campaigns or their most recent torture chambers in Iraq and Cuba, American democracy is lethal, no matter how benign the dosage may at first appear. The world needs American style democracy like a hole in the head, something Americans like to dispense with abandon as they know the Hague Invasion Act is their literal get out of jail card.

Joe Biden, their senile embarrassment of a leader, could not even adhere to common protocol at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth. Whereas even the Emperor of Japan had to travel by bus, the democratic Biden had to bring his cavalcade along and he could not even get to the church on time and so, to POTUS Trump’s great amusement, had to plonk his incontinent self down behind some Welsh nobody, who mows the lawn at Cardiff Castle. Trump said that, had he still been POTUS, he would have held center court, right up there sitting on Her Majesty’s coffin, her standard and her Crown jewels.

And he is probably right for this last great spectacle of Her Majesty, the Queen, harks back to the earlier pageant of the funeral of His Majesty, Edward VII, who was uncle to the Tzar, the Kaiser, most of the other European Royals and even, perhaps, to China’s Qing Emperor, whose representatives can be seen at 11:42 in the video.

Although the Great Democratic Slaughter Fest of 1914-18 did away with most of those Royal show boaters, the show, in best Broadway fashion, continued but with the crass Americans of Trump’s ilk playing an increasingly pivotal role. The Versailles Treaty delivered American style democracy to Syria, Palestine and a host of other countries, who were traded between the victorious nations, much as school children trade football cards and with no regard to those caught at the business end of Empire’s bayonets in Fermanagh, South Tyrone or any other of the victors’ other backwater killing fields.

Although I could now make a wisecrack about the late Queen, that would not only be disrespectful but tangential to points that must still be made. This excellent video makes the point that all football matches at all levels from English Premier League down to infants’ level were cancelled as a mark of respect to Her Majesty, with the exception of two matches involving Eton, the school of choice for Britain’s real rulers. The interesting thing is that almost all commentators agree that the British should have, in best British fashion, carried on with their football, as they did with their cricket and rugby, whilst treating Her Majesty’s passing with due reverence.

But there’s the rub. Although there were a few isolated protests, Ukrainian flags, Pride flags, Extinction Rebellion, Pussy Riot, Femem and ANTIFA crisis actors were nowhere to be seen because, at least for this gig, those astro turf operations were superfluous to requirements.

Just as with the Famine Queen’s send off, or Edward VII’s funeral, so also was Her Majesty’s passing a golden opportunity for Albion and her allies to put their best foot forward and to show who was in the club and who, like Xi, Putin, Assad and Pope Francis, were not; the Chinese delegation, no doubt already struggling with Albion’s cultural idiosyncrasies, were instructed that they and they alone could not clap eyes on Her Majesty’s flag draped coffin as it lay in state, as that would somehow defile the late Queen’s remains, as well as her lead lined coffin.

Although there must have been some head scratching in Beijing’s Foreign Office over that one, there would have been no such confusion in the Qing Court, or in that of France’s Sun King, Louis X1V, whose flunkeys used to duel each other for the right to buckle his shoe.

Although the days of buckling Queen Elizabeth’s shoes are now, sadly, gone, the circus continues as before. A relatively small number of flunkeys are selected to fight elections between themselves and to promulgate laws that are acceptable to those war mongers who get invited to the Queen’s funeral, even if they have to sit behind Welsh gardeners.

For all its pomp and circumstance and despite the impeccable role Her Majesty’s immaculately groomed forces and the Anglican cult she fronted played both in sending her off into the great beyond and impressing the impressionable with this Royal circus, the Queen’s funeral showed the nature of our modern democracy, which has not changed much since the Greek democrats laid waste to Troy and Odysseus went walkabout.

Although the ordinary British Tommy can watch his overpriced football as he munches his mince pies, those simple pleasures of simple people are a luxury that must play second fiddle whenever the demands of Empire require it. Given how crass Anglo America’s real rulers are, though there will be no second Troy for these savages to burn, there will be more Serbias and Syrias to destroy, more Helens to defile and many more Trojan horses, in the forms of Extinction Rebellion, LGBT “activists”, Pussy Rioters and Femem monument wreckers to undermine Mexico, Russia and all other entities that oppose NATO’s cancers.

For, even as Her Majesty’s forces were rehearsing their pageant, there was an infinitely more important drama unfolding in Mexico City, where Mexican President López Obrador undertook the El Grito cry, Mexico’s famous cry for freedom and independence, first shouted by Fr Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in 1810 and today all over the Mexico, whose President was joined on the balcony by John Shipton, Julian Assange’s father, Gabriel Shipton, Julian’s brother, and Bolivia’s great Eva Morales who, like the great Mexican people, is no stranger to the Trojan horse of democracy, Yankee style.

Though Psalm 34 tells us that the Lord hears the prayers of the poor, thanks to brave Latinos like Presidents López and Morales, brave Australian journalists like Julian Assange, currently held in the late Queen’s dungeons and these brave Russian teeny boppers who are on NATO’s Ukrainian death lists, those cries of the poor and downtrodden will never be silenced until the Anglo Americans, their Trojan horses and their entire basket of tricks are fully and forever decommissioned and buried, along with the monarchs and democratic despots, who use them to disenfranchise the rest of us.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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