Europe, the Great Powers and the Eastern Ukraine Question

If Russians, Chinese, or even little green Martians wish to speak to the EU’s leaders, they are on the horns of a dilemma because the U.S. rules the EU.

Along with Miroslav Šedivý’s 1,000+ door stopperMetternich, the Great Powers and the Eastern Question, and a good working knowledge of Lord Palmerston’s far famed Schleswig–Holstein question, Craig Murray’s recent article on Eastern Ukraine’s referendum is an essential primer to begin to understand today’s East Ukrainian issues, which are in sore need of our own era’s Metternichs and Murrays to address them.

But only to begin to understand. Though Murray’s concepts of a Russian’s citizenship, grazhdanstvo, as distinct from his nationality, natsionalnost, would be familiar to older Irish, Iranian and Syrian citizens, because life has moved on from when the siloviki, Murray’s pantomime villains, were in their heyday, so must our tools of analysis.

Though Murray’s article was correct to draw our attention to censuses done in days gone by, Eastern Ukraine has witnessed the same sort of massive demographic movements that West Belfast did when the British and their Protestant murder gangs began their ethnic cleansing campaign in 1969. Given that Belfast 1969 witnessed Western Europe biggest demographic exodus since the end of the Second World War and Zelensky’s Eastern Ukraine terror campaign is, NATO’s media tells us, Europe’s biggest war since 1945, no doubt the demographic changes that eight year long war occasioned have led to similar changes in political allegiances and fault lines there. As people generally vote for peace instead of getting bombed by NATO’s proxies, such matters of self-preservation would no doubt have helped sway most voters towards union with Russia.

Though Murray is correct to say that the referenda were not externally controlled in accordance with NATO’s “best practices”, there are good reasons for that, some of which can be explained by the fate of Stefan Schaller, whom NATO had fired from his position of CEO of German energy provider Energie Waldeck-Frankenberg GmbH simply for observing those referenda. As the NATO/EU axis now wants to similarly persecute all other observers, just as they persecuted Alina Lipp, NATO have again doubled down on their heavy handed approach to all dissent and CNN, the authoritarian Centre for Democratic Integrity and NATO’s other frothing outlets are happy to play along with terrorizing Schaller and like minded souls with their self styled Fake Observers hit list.

Theirs is the same smug fascism waged against Julian Assange, the Dutch farmers and the truckers of Canada where Justin Trudeau’s authoritarianism continues to goose step along. Were Germany a mature democracy rather than the pathetic American satrapy that it obviously is, instead of persecuting their Lipps and their Schallers, it would have grilled them on television to get the other side, the Eastern Ukrainian side, out pure and pristine. But well polished German jackboots in suits still don’t work that way.

Not that jackboots are solely a German preserve. In England, Graham Phillips is on NATO’s hit list for interviewing a captured British assassin in a manner I criticized in this July 27th piece. And, here in Ireland, MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace remain high priority targets, lest they might get the notion to go to Eastern Ukraine to see what the people of those regions think about matters or, worse, to inspire others to go.

Not that a clutch of MEPs could make a lot of difference in and of themselves. The EU Parliament is only a gossip shop, with no power to initiate or amend legislation, which is in the hands of the unelected von der Leyen and Borrell, as well as their American handlers.

There is a genocide afoot in Eastern Ukraine, as there is in Armenia, in Syria, in Yemen and in far too many places to allow those of us with consciences to sleep well at night. In Syria, to take but one example, it was the Syrian Arab Army, helped by gallant allies from Russia, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq that stemmed that NATO imposed genocide, just as it is the Armenian Army and their Russian allies that defend all that is holy in Armenia against another Armenian holocaust.

And as in Armenia, so also in the Russia’s borderlands of Eastern Ukraine which cannot be saved by sending in the grifters and the clowns but only by diplomats like Murray, Palmerston, Lavrov and Metternich doing their diplomatic jobs.

In the realist tradition of Palmerston on Denmark and Metternich’s alliance with Tzar Nicholas over the Galician slaughter, today’s Eastern Ukrainian question revolves around its recent babushka referendum and the willingness of Russia’s Armed Forces to sacrifice their lives to defend the babushkas’ wishes to live peaceably with them and to be protected by them.

Whatever one may think of Metternich’s conservative pre-disposition, he had a grasp of the great issues of his day and the carrots and sticks available to Prussia, Russia and the other great European powers of his era. Western Europe, for all its past glories, possesses no diplomats of Metternich’s stature or, indeed, of any stature at all and that is, of course, how its American overlord wants it.

If Russians, Chinese, or even little green Martians wish to speak to the EU’s leaders, they are on the horns of a dilemma because the U.S. rules the EU. Not only has the EU surrendered her sovereignty to the U.S. over their Nord Stream terrorist attack and the money laundering scam that is Zelensky’s rump Ukraine but the EU’s political elite are simply not up to the job or any job for that matter. When, for example, diplomats of old, those like Metternich or Talleyrand, barked over the Schleswig–Holstein question or the Galician slaughter, their putative enemies, Russia and China in today’s analogy, knew that there was bite behind the bark. Now?

With the Queen safely buried, Tory support has slumped and the Labour Party, which now out-Tories the Tories, has its highest poll ratings in 20 years even though Sir Keir Starmer, its leader, has less charisma or independence than a block of wood. Because both the Tories and the Labour Party are so dreadful, the U.S. will continue to dictate the terms of that ever so special relationship which milks the Brits dry.

Then take tiny Ireland, which has fallen from gifting the international community Éamon De Valera, Frank Aiken and Seán MacBride to her current crop of leprechaun leaders spoiling for war with Russia, and threatening India, China and Afghanistan, all to impress their American owners and to land sinecures on the UNSC where the representatives of China and Russia quite rightly ignore them. In return for a pat on the back from the New York Times, the White House and the Pentagon, which uses Ireland’s Shannon Airport as a cut price aircraft carrier, the Irish regime can find accommodation in over priced Irish rather than under priced Ukrainain hotels for over 54,000 unvetted Ukrainian prostitutes, baby killers, vulnerable children, rack renters, Indian-“Ukrainians” and sundry other grifters at a time when some 122,000 households are in need of social housing and over 10,000 are homeless..And, though a minority of those economic migrants might have legitimate cause to be here, the more important point is no Western leader, big or small, is making any effort to reopen dialogue with Russia over its Ukrainian borderlands. And, whatever about Lord Palmerston’s far famed Schleswig–Holstein question or the Galician slaughter, which has sadly lost none of its relevance, the self induced redundancy and self hatred of today’s crop of EU diplomats would stump even Metternich assuming, like Lavrov, he was forced to pay these imbeciles any heed at all.

And because the von der Leyens and Borrells are no Metternichs, Lavrovs or Talleyrands, Eastern Ukraine’s killings will continue, and many more lives will be lost until the Russian Armed Forces prevail or these serial criminals switch to baiting China or some similar target.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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