General Armageddon Enters The Ring

To call the savages General Armageddon faced in Syria or the Nazis he now faces in Ukraine devils would be to libel devils, Declan Hayes writes.

General Sergey Surovikin, aka General Armageddon, the new commander of Russian air, land and sea forces serving on the Ukrainian front, is blessed to have served alongside Syria’s Brigadier General Soheil Hassan, aka The Tiger, whom the late Robert Fisk said was one of the scariest men he had ever met in his long and very colourful life. Sadly, when one is faced with hordes of jacked up jihadists or NATO funded Nazis, one needs the Tiger, General Armageddon and the Armed Forces of Syria and Russia they command to save the day, as the songs of John Lennon and George Harrison just don’t cut it.

To read NATO’s accounts of these two heroes, who can be seen photographed together in this article, one would imagine they obliterate their enemies for fun and not out of necessity. In that, NATO’s media jackals deliberately conflate these men with their enemies, NATO’s proxies in both Syria and Ukraine, whose war crimes are as well documented as they are ignored by NATO’s media and political mouthpieces.

General Hassan’s Tiger Forces, as the cutting edge of the Syrian resistance, drove NATO’s killers out of each of their bolt holes, one after the other. Their patriotic campaign was made much easier by the logistics and other practical support Iran and Russia gave them and the irregulars supporting them. At the heart of that support was General Surovikin, aka General Armageddon, a veteran of the Chechen and other campaigns.

Because it suggests that he obliterates all that stands in his way, Surovikin’s Armageddon NATO nickname is infinitely more revealing of NATO’s hypocrisy than it is of how either Surovikin or the front line Russian forces he now commands fight their wars. It is the Americans and their British and other toadies who fight like they are The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as witnessed by their shock and awe terror campaign on Iraq and how they levelled the Iraqi city of Fallujah and the Syrian city of Raqqa and all therein.

The Americans destroyed Raqqa because the combined forces of Russia and Syria, along with their gallant allies from the Fertile Belt, stood on the verge of victory. The Americans destroyed their own expendable stooges so they, in Syria’s east, in conjunction with Israel’s air force in the west and south, could continue to pulverize the women and children of Syria and steal their resources.

General Armageddon’s Russians, on the other hand, boxed differently. They brokered regional peace deals throughout Syria and even allowed NATO’s cut-throat retreat on the green evacuation buses to Idlib. But even there, NATO’s ISIS operatives could not act honorably and there were several instances of those savages murdering the drivers, with their most egregious crime being the slaughter of 120 Shias, over 80 of them being children, in the 15 April 2017 al Rashidin bus bombing, the facts of which Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney and NATO’s other morally challenged assets in Ireland and Syria are hell bent on suppressing.

To call these savages General Armageddon faced in Syria or the Nazis he now faces in Ukraine devils would be to libel devils. This is not to say that the Russian Armed Forces are cuddly creatures who spend their down time strumming John Lennon and George Harrison numbers on their ukuleles. They are not. What they are is a disciplined fighting force who give their enemies plenty of prior warnings before they take their gloves off and put their knuckle dusters on. NATO, on the other hand, knocks out civilian structure and obliterates anything that moves on day one.. That is what they did in North Korea, Raqqa, Fallujah and countless other places that need not now detain us, except to say that General Armageddon’s forces have not yet brought such apocalyptic firepower to bear in either Syria or Ukraine.

This is to bring us to the important point that we are not armchair Napoleons who can opine with any authority on what the forces of Russia, Syria or Iran’s Quds force should do on any of their various fronts. Though the Tiger likes his poetry, war is not a time of poetry books but a time of strategy, tactics and cold, hard and calculated moves with the pieces one has. It is a time for the Wagner Group, Kadyrov’s Chechens, Hassan’s Tiger Forces and General Armageddon to do what they excel at and, under General Armageddon’s command, to do it in Wagnerian harmony.

This is not to write off Lennon’s Give Peace A Chance or Harrison’s Bangladesh songs but to sing with the Byrds, that “there is a time for every purpose under heaven, a time of love, a time of hate, a time of war, a time of peace”. NATO likes a good war, as long as it can profit from the carnage and its own military aged youngsters don’t spit the dummy. That is why they expend so much resources on cross wiring our youth.

Though the time for peace is predicated on other variables we elucidate below, first see how NATO has thoroughly permeated modern culture to stop peace getting its chance. Don’t even bother looking at that Irish embarrassment Bono sucking up to Zelensky in Kiev or the Bush organized crime family in America. Instead, like the Byrds, “turn, turn, turn” and look at the BBC infiltrating Liverpool’s Kop (called after Spion Kop of Boer genocide infamy) to hijack a vibrant people’s culture they obviously knew absolutely nothing about and, like Hitler and Mussolini (forget that Duke of Wellington public schoolboy crap) before them, cared about only in so far as it could further their imperial designs, in banning Russia from Qatar 2002, as much as politically emasculating England’s gullible youth from 1964 onwards. NATO’s BBC parasites have warped the Beatles’ songs of peace not only in Liverpool and in Belmarsh Prison where, Julian Assange, the truest of today’s peace advocates, is incarcerated in a dungeon that should instead hold John Bolton, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and the other lickspittles of NATO’s evil empire.

Though it is true that the genie who is Julian Assange lies incarcerated, if the barbarians in His Majesty’s Foreign Office, in MI5 and in their equivalent American and Australian groupings reading this do not know what powers a genie possesses, let me explain. Because prophets like Assange who speak truth to power show how flimsy such power really is, if and when youth’s idols rally behind Assange’s banner of truth and follow the examples of George Harrison, John Lennon, Roger Waters, Muhammad Ali and many more like them, then NATO’s power will crumble like the ongoing ephemeral nightmare it is.

So, welcome to our Apocalypse, General Armageddon,. As Acts 2 tells us that our old men will dream dreams and our young men will see visions, let me tell thee my dream is the dream of murdered American school girl Rachel Corrie, the dream of the assassinated Martin Luther King Junior, the dream that NATO will stop their murder campaigns that drench Ukraine, Armenia and the Fertile Belt in so much innocent blood. For our young men to abandon their football terraces and X boxes to see John Lennon’s vision of giving peace a chance, the vision Rachel Corrie and so many others died for and that Julian Assange is being slowly murdered for, the entire civilized world needs you, General Armageddon, to finish your morning coffee and do what you and the Tiger do best. God speed.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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