Irish Media Wage War on ‘Putin’s Stooges’

Having colluded with NATO in their destruction of the Levant and the Maghreb, NATO’s Irish journalists now see themselves conducting a mopping up operation.

Though NATO’s co-option of Irish-born journalists began in earnest with the illegal invasion and destruction of Iraq, it moved up several notches with NATO’s wars against the secular governments of Libya and Syria, where Mary Fitzgerald and other cut price Irish born journalists really delivered bang for the buck for their NATO aligned paymasters in much the same way that the Irish born William Joyce, Lord Haw-Haw, delivered for Herr Goebbels.

Having colluded with NATO in their destruction of the Levant and the Maghreb, NATO’s Irish journalists now see themselves conducting a mopping up operation with only MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace, along with a few others, left to throw to the wolves. Though I previously reported on how the Irish Times paid Naomi O’Leary to spend eight months to discover that Wallace and Daly are occasionally interviewed by Chinese media, I have spent as long trying to figure out the economics of that non-story.

Luckily, the Chinese government came to my assistance. In this incisive criticism of the CIA’s National Endowment for Democracy, the Chinese explain, in their clear, blunt and pointed English, that the NED funds Yemen’s “Women Journalists Without Chains”, that the NED fabricates stories about Chinese journalists and that it is, in general, the go to place for ethically challenged journalists or media proprietors needing a financial dig out. It is only NED under-the-counter payment payments like those that can explain the obsession Norma Costello, Naomi O’Leary and their employers have to smear, rather than report on Daly and Wallace and anyone else who speaks out against NATO’s Wars of the Arab Spring.

But then maybe the fault there is mine and so, mea culpa, for believing that journalists should be in the business of news reporting and not maligning those, like Daly and Wallace, the NED wants discredited. And if, as it seems to be, smearing is the name of the game for O’Leary, Fitzgerald, Costello and Ireland’s other one dimensional journalists, then, if they cannot argue either the facts or the circumstances, NED should hire better smear artists or, better still, dismiss their Irish charlatans, go out of business altogether and leave the peoples of Eastern Europe, the Maghreb and the Levant live in the peace their blood has paid for a thousand times over.

Norma Costello‘s tweets disagree. In between attacking Wallace, with whom she is pathologically obsessed, Norma now informs us she is in Zelensky’s rump Ukrainian Reich and that “the Kurds” are the good guys in Iran, just as they are in Syria and Iraq, where these nomadic “men of the Iranian mountains” imposed themselves in days gone by. Even though the Kurds did fight Saddam Hussein’s forces decades ago, they have ever since been a very corrupt CIA Trojan Horse and oil source for Israel. Most CIA controlled Kurds in Syria owe their presence there to the fact that Syria gave them refuge from Turkey where they were most notoriously the footsoldiers of the Armenian genocide.

Though the Kurds, in other words, are a mixture of saints, sinners and refugees fleeing corrupt Kurdistan, NATO still pretends that their Kurdish satrapies who, with Clown Prince Zelensky, are the gold standard in corruption,.are purveyors of liberalism,. democracy and good old American pie in the areas they loot. The job of Norma Costello and her clones is to convey this childish NATO notion that the Kurds are the white hats and the Syrians, the Iranians, the Russians, the Armenians and anyone else opposed to NATO hegemony are the black hats. Though it is an easy gig, NATO is stymied by having to rely on hopeless Harriets like Costello to peddle it.

Though Norma is now in Kiev, Kyiv as that polyglot calls it, reviewing the troops, admiring the resilience of Kiev’s Nazis defying Putin and so on, she still finds time to rabbit on about Daly and Wallace in particular. This is a wise move on her part as the Ukrainian war and the pay checks to be had from it will most likely end in the next few months but, because the CIA’s NED will still need Daly and Wallace to be smeared for years to come, there will still be retainers to be had for those pretend journalists who try to dig up dirt on them where none exists.

And, for stenographers like Norma Costello, opportunities back home, where a very unpopular war obsessed government, backed by the opposition Sinn Féin, the “Irish Kurds” as those social climbers with guns are called, are pushing through hate crime legislation to further copper fasten NATO’s rule over the Emerald Isle. Because this legislation is designed to atomize all Irish political, religious, economic and social resistance, to make of Ireland another American controlled Syria, Iraq, Western Ukraine or northern Iran, Norma should feel quite at home in it. As long, of course, as she has Mick Wallace or anyone else with a granule of integrity to smear.

All of that said, Ireland’s Lord and Lady Haw-Haws should not count all of their chickens just yet. Not only have the Russian Armed Forces put a stop to NATO’s gallop in Eastern Europe but China’s “clear, blunt and pointed English” has set the ne plus ultra to NATO’s advances, saying to NATO, thus far shalt thou go and no further. In the case of Norma and her Nazi adulating confréres, that means that, with China’s ascendancy, smeareing Mick Wallace or any other NATO target will no longer pay their bills and that, whatever about old dogs, those young puppies might have to learn new tricks, such as “the business of news reporting and not maligning those, like Daly and Wallace, the NED wants discredited”. Costello and NATO’s other puppies should try it and, who knows, if they practice often and hard enough, they might even get good at journalism and earn an honest living out of it.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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